Contrary to popular belief, the key to fulfilling a woman’s desires doesn’t lie in going ballistic between the bedsheets. 

Instead, it’s all about figuring out what turns her on in the first place. If you can turn her on, you can get her fired up….and the rest all falls into place naturally.

But here’s what most men seem to be blissfully unaware of – female turn-ons are not only quite consistent, but fairly straightforward. It’s really not as difficult to turn on a woman as some men think. 

True, women aren’t quite as easy as men when getting horny. The average man can become insatiably aroused at the slightest glance of cheeky hemline, calling for quick relief the moment privacy allows. With women, it’s more about good old-fashioned romance and chivalry.

In addition, some leading relationship therapists have identified three categories of ‘cues’ that can greatly impact how attractive a woman finds a man, aside from the more obvious erotic or explicit cues, such as webcam sex

These are as follows:

·       Emotional bonding

Emotional bonding cues are signals, behaviors, or actions that people use to establish and deepen emotional connections with others. These cues can be verbal or nonverbal, and they are often subtle.

Some examples of emotional bonding cues include:

  1. Eye contact: Making eye contact with someone shows that you are engaged and present at the moment with them.
  2. Active listening: Paying attention to what someone is saying and responding thoughtfully shows that you value their thoughts and opinions.
  3. Affectionate touch: Physical touch, such as holding hands, hugging, or cuddling, can create a sense of intimacy and closeness.
  4. Shared experiences: Doing activities together, such as travelling, trying new things, or sharing a hobby, can create positive memories and deepen emotional connections.
  5. Emotional support: Being there for someone during a difficult time, offering encouragement, or simply listening without judgment can create a strong emotional bond.
  6. Shared laughter: Sharing moments of humor and joy can help create a positive emotional connection.

·       Visual/proximity cues

Visual/proximity cues are signals, behaviors, or actions that people use to communicate their interests or availability to others. These cues can be visual, such as body language or appearance, or proximity-based, such as physical distance or proximity to someone.

Some examples of visual/proximity cues include:

  1. Smiling: A genuine smile can indicate friendliness and approachability.
  2. Body posture: Leaning towards someone or facing them directly can indicate interest and engagement.
  3. Appearance: Dressing well and grooming oneself can communicate attention to detail and self-care.
  4. Touch: Lightly touching someone’s arm or shoulder can indicate interest and comfort.
  5. Physical proximity: Standing or sitting close to someone can indicate interest and comfort, while standing or sitting far away can indicate disinterest or discomfort.

·       Romantic/implicit cues

Romantic/implicit cues are signals, behaviors, or actions that people use to indicate their romantic interest or attraction to someone else. These subtle or indirect cues are often conveyed through nonverbal communication or actions.

Some examples of romantic/implicit cues include:

  1. Flirting: Engaging in playful banter, teasing, or complimenting someone can indicate romantic interest.
  2. Mirroring: Subtly mimicking someone’s body language or behavior can indicate attraction and a desire to connect.
  3. Blushing: A physiological response to feeling embarrassed or nervous that can indicate attraction or interest.
  4. Touch: Physical touches, such as brushing against someone’s hand or arm, can convey interest and attraction.
  5. Laughing and smiling: Laughing at someone’s jokes or smiling at them frequently can indicate attraction and a desire to connect.
  6. Initiating contact: Taking the initiative to reach out and start conversations, make plans, or otherwise make an effort to connect can indicate romantic interest.

These kinds of simple yet highly effective behaviors and gestures can make any man more attractive to pretty much any woman. From conventional dates in the real world to webcam sex with long-distance partners, the key to driving women wild almost always lies in returning to basics.

Sure, how you look and conduct yourself between the sheets will always play a role. But when it comes to turning her on in such a way as to make yourself as desirable as possible, the same rules apply, as they always have.

Something to bear in mind next time you’re out to woo someone special when you wonder why your cheesy pick-up lines simply aren’t working!

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