How does Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits You?

The air conditioning unit is considered to be the lifeline of your home. Not to mention, airflow issues arising from a faulty air conditioner can make your experience miserable. Especially when you reside in Dubai and have to withstand extreme heat and humidity during summers. Therefore, you would like to keep your home atmosphere pleasant by maintaining your air conditioner well.

Air conditioner maintenance is the key to a comfortable and hygienic home. Without aircon maintenance, your air conditioning unit might fail to filter the surrounding air. In addition, you might not feel even cooling in all the rooms.

Moreover, an AC that lacks maintenance can suffer from malfunctions of the compressor and other counterparts. This might lead to more energy consumption, and you might get shocked after witnessing your energy bills.

However, air conditioner maintenance can keep all these hassles away for years. You have to be proactive when it comes to air conditioning maintenance. Let’s check out why air conditioner maintenance matters in detail and how to proceed with it.

8 Reasons Why Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important

Ignoring air conditioner maintenance is a mistake. Mostly, homeowners don’t pay attention to air conditioners until it is something breathtaking. You might be occupied, but it’s equally important to look at your air conditioner’s health. According to Chiller Maintenance Dubai, you can add years of life to your AC unit through regular maintenance.

Additionally, it would save you energy as well as money. Here’s why you should focus on air conditioner maintenance:

Consistent Efficiency

Every appliance will wear and tear after years since you have started using it. The air conditioner is no exception, but a little maintenance can extend the shelf life of the appliance. As reported by experts, air conditioning units of an HVAC system can last up to 15 years with a regular maintenance regime.

The AC unit might be working too hard, and it might be damaging its parts. Professional maintenance will definitely help the appliance reverse the damage. Air conditioner maintenance can eliminate them all. As a consequence, your AC unit’s efficiency will be restored.

Maintaining Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturers encourage air conditioner maintenance for reliable services. Generally, air conditioner manufacturers include maintenance terms and conditions. These are mandatory to accomplish if you want to avail warranty policies from the manufacturer.

Regular maintenance is the elementary support to protect your air conditioner from a sudden or unexpected breakdown. Additionally, it will help you to maintain the well-being of the air conditioner. Hence, it will qualify for warranty support from the manufacturer. The warranty policy should cover your air conditioner’s condition if it’s under routine maintenance.

Less Repair Instances

Like any other appliance, air conditioners deal with mechanical problems. Timely maintenance and inspection will help you to avoid such complicated problems. For example, AC maintenance experts lubricate movable parts of an air conditioner. The right lubrication procedure helps the moving parts to cause less resistance and friction to the motor.

Otherwise, movable parts might undergo wear and tear more easily compared to the instance where they were lubricated. Therefore, routine maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit out of frequent repair possibilities. And, it refrains you from spending more money on AC repairs and replacements.

Cooling and Comforting Home

Your air conditioner is responsible for maintaining the indoor air quality apart from conditioning it. Whether it’s a centralised air conditioner or an individual unit, air filters should be clean enough. On the other hand, AC ducts and vents should remain free from debris.

Otherwise, your air conditioner will start leaking dirt and dust into your home. It might invoke respiratory problems due to pollen, dust, and other allergens in the air. The air conditioner might face difficulty in cooling down the air, and you might experience non-uniform cooling.

Whereas regular air conditioner maintenance can assist you to keep your home comfortable. Professionals will clean every necessary part, be it inside or outside the appliance, to ensure the AC runs efficiently. Reports claim that cleaning your AC parts increases its efficiency up to 15%.

Savings on Energy and Money

Since air conditioner maintenance is integral to its efficiency, you can save real money on it. A defective air conditioner might face issues with compression and condensation. Meanwhile, the motor might have to work more in order to come across the fault.

This definitely relates to the energy consumption of the air conditioner. The more the motor has to work, the air conditioner draws more power. However, it results in a hike in energy expenses or electricity utility bills. Therefore, you can keep such unnecessary expenses away from your air conditioner maintenance.

Air conditioner maintenance experts look at the status of the motor, condenser, and other components. Additionally, they refill the refrigerant if your AC is low on that. The appliance will run without any obligation, and you don’t have to spend extra bucks on electricity bills.

More Life Expectancy of the Air Conditioner

It’s not a secret anymore how air conditioner maintenance enhances its performance and efficiency. In addition to this, your air conditioner becomes immune to normal day-to-day issues, and routine maintenance makes your air conditioner more durable.

Tuning your air conditioner with preventive maintenance can mitigate real problems before they become expensive repairs. Air conditioner maintenance keeps your appliance in its top-notch condition. Not to mention, air conditioner maintenance will contribute an additional 3 to 5 years to the appliance’s expected lifespan.

Keep Your Premises Ready for Summer

Homeowners generally think of air conditioner maintenance during summers. However, the truth is that you should pursue air conditioner maintenance before summer approaches. Tuning up your AC during spring prepares your appliance for the upcoming summer.

Summer would be the time when your AC should be running in full-fledged. Air conditioner maintenance preps up the appliance for a hectic summer. On the other hand, a prior checkup would be beneficial for your air conditioner’s journey throughout the summer.

It will ensure that you don’t suffer from any AC breakdowns during summer peak times. Air-con maintenance keeps you steps ahead in combating the extremities of summer.

Recommended by Experts

Finally, air conditioner experts suggest maintenance for keeping your AC’s condition uncompromised. Departments of energy, leading AC manufacturers, and additional institutes emphasise air conditioner maintenance.

It’s essential to maintain your AC units whether it’s your home, business premises, or commercial store. Generally, twice or thrice a year is recommended for air conditioner maintenance. You might tune up the maintenance frequency as per your need.

How can You Pursue Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Air conditioner maintenance can be handled to a considerable extent by homeowners. A few tips associated with air conditioner maintenance can go a long way. Here are 5 tips that can maintain your AC besides expert intervention:

Renewing Air Filters

Air filters are installed all along ducts and vents of an HVAC system to capture dirt and debris. The prime responsibility of air filters is to keep the air free from pollutants, allergens, pet hair, and so on. These should not interfere with the air conditioner’s operation due to air filters.

Hence, air filters are more likely to clog up easily. Dirty and congested air filters can cause the aircon system different problems. The air conditioning unit might have to push harder than it’s needed. Cleaning or replacing air filters regularly can help your air conditioner maintenance.

Get Rid of Debris from the Unit

You might have noticed that leaves, grass clippings, grass, and dirt might accumulate outside the air conditioner unit. The outdoor unit is equally important as the AC’s indoor equipment. Thus, you should keep the outdoor unit clean.

Otherwise, it might disturb the airflow of the air conditioner, and this indulges the air conditioner working harder than required. So, trim plants and bushes around the AC unit. Ensure that the area near the outdoor unit remains clean. Now, the air conditioning unit can get sufficient air.

Clean Up Air Conditioner’s Coils

Any air conditioner has two major coils: condenser and evaporator. Over time, these two coils tend to collect dirt and dust, which triggers reduced airflow. Additionally, it insulates the coil, and the coil becomes unable to absorb heat.

On the other hand, outdoor condenser coils can get dirty due to the dusty outdoor ambience. Hire a professional air conditioner technician to clean up air conditioner coils. This will make sure that your AC coils are neat; therefore, the appliance will run swiftly.

Inspect the Drainage

Air conditioners drain excessive mixture from the condenser coils. The drain line can indulge in algae growth if not supervised properly. Well, this requires preventive air conditioner maintenance.

Flushing the drain can help – You can also add a cup of bleach through the drain carefully. If you don’t feel confident in this process, then you can try a dry/wet vacuum cleaning to eliminate the obstruction from the drainage line.

Observe Air Conditioner’s Fins

Fins are attached to the evaporator and condenser inside an air conditioner. As days pass, the fins might bend. Bent fins can trigger insufficient airflow. Keep checking the air conditioner’s fins to make sure that they are not bent.

In case the fins start bending, you have to take preventive measures. Purchasing a fin comb can assist you in this situation. If you can’t control it, call in professional help.

Go for Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

Needless to say, you are already occupied with your occupational and family responsibilities. You might not be available to take care of your air conditioner. Meanwhile, you might not know about all the air conditioner counterparts.

An air conditioner needs quality maintenance for all the benefits listed above. Professional technicians from denver air conditioning repair clean and inspect the air conditioner thoroughly. Additionally, they tune up and lubricate the aircon wherever necessary. They can also get to know if anything is wrong with the appliance. Schedule a professional and trusted air conditioner maintenance to strengthen your aircon’s efficiency and secure your investment.

How is Air Conditioner Maintenance beneficial?

Your air conditioner requires more than cleaning the air filters, coils, and drainage lines. That’s why you should consider hiring a professional technician for aircon maintenance. A skilled and experienced technician can easily handle the overall maintenance.

Additionally, the technician will look out for existing problems and fix them. Here’s how a technician handles a top-notch aircon maintenance task:

Replace the Filter

Dirty and clogged air filters are a threat to the air conditioning unit. The air conditioner has to work harder than required. The expert will clean or change the filters to improve the system.

Clean the Appliance’s Condenser Coil

An air conditioner’s coils should be clean enough. Otherwise, the device has to overwork, and your electricity bill will only increase. The professional technician will clean out the coils. In addition, the specialist will brush the fins, so they don’t bend.

Program the Thermostat

Most households now have a programmable thermostat for better cooling. The maintenance expert will set the thermostat to ensure your maximum comfort. Additionally, the technician takes care of your utility charges throughout the year.

Check the Ductwork

A leak in the ductwork can result in deterioration of air conditioning. Thus, a trained technician should check the ductwork and look for leaks. They would seal the ductwork appropriately to ensure that everything is fine. Otherwise, cool air can escape, and your air conditioning system must work harder.

Inspect Electric Connections

It’s another unskippable part of air conditioner maintenance. The experts should check and test all the electrical connections that your air conditioner has.

Take a Look at the Refrigerant Level

The system won’t work efficiently if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant or cooling agents. To keep everything under control, the air conditioner maintenance specialist will check if the coolant requires a refill. In addition, there can be a leak that needs to be repaired promptly. Otherwise, it can damage the appliance’s compressor.

Clear out Condensate Drain

Mould and algae buildup is quite natural with the aircon’s condensate drain. A clogged drain line can shut down the entire air conditioning unit. The technician eliminates the risk by properly cleaning the drain.

Lubricate Bearings and Motors

An air conditioner is full of bearings and motors. Lubricators, such as grease, are a necessity for every bearing and motor. It helps in avoiding friction between metal contacts. Technicians lubricate motors and bearings to extend their life expectancy.

Check the Blower Motor

If the blower motor draws too much electricity or power, it might break down at any time. The technician has to perform an amp-test to ensure it’s within safe limits.

What else do Air Conditioner Experts Take Care of?

Believe it or not, the outdoor AC unit can threaten the entire system if ignored. The air conditioner maintenance professional checks out the exterior AC unit. The expert removes the shrubs, plants, and other debris to make the airflow fluent. Thus, reliable air conditioner maintenance will keep your appliance top-notch and long-lasting. Additionally, it will save you money as maintenance is cheaper than repairs.


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