Losing a loved one is painful, more so if the death is caused by negligence. While it can’t bring them back, suing for wrongful death will hold the liable party responsible. It will also provide some compensation to meet financial obligations, especially if the deceased person was a breadwinner who left dependents behind. The city of New York, home to several million people from around the world, witnesses the deaths of many innocent people due to negligence every year.

The City Department of Health released reports indicating the analysis of vital statistics for the year 2019 reveals a concerning trend. It was found that the number of fatalities in the five boroughs of New York exceeded those recorded in any year since the 1970s.

If your loved one faced wrongful death due to an incident that happened in New York, you would need the services of legal professionals to pursue justice and compensation. Going by their reputation and track record, the best choice you can make is to contact a reputable New York personal injury attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer will look at your case and find the best option to navigate the legal waters. Keep reading to learn more about how lawyers help in wrongful death cases. 

Types Of Wrongful Death Cases

They include:

  • Fatal accidents caused by reckless driving or motorcycle riding
  • Death caused by defective products 
  • Defective construction and design, such as of roads and bridges that cause a fatal accident
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical negligence

7 Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer For A Wrongful Death

Once it emerges that your loved one’s death was caused by negligence, you need to hire a competent lawyer who handles this type of case. Doing so will offer the following benefits:

1) Giving You Time To Mourn 

The truth about the cause of death being negligence will be found shortly afterward. The grief will be fresh, and there will be funeral arrangements to make. Engaging a lawyer to deal with the case while dealing with this will make it possible to focus on the arrangements and commiserating with family and friends. 

2) Uncovering The Truth

Though there may be suspicions about the actual cause of death of your loved one, it may not be clear. With a wrongful death lawyer working on the case, the truth will come out. Apart from gathering evidence to claim compensation, knowing what really happened will be helpful compared to living with unproven suspicions and not getting justice for them.

3) Protecting The Family’s Financial Interests

Another benefit is that it will protect the financial interests of those who are left behind. This is especially significant if they were earning an income and had dependents who might be minors or elderly parents. Perhaps there will also be medical bills to pay as well as funeral costs. Filing a wrongful death claim makes it possible to recover these costs as well as others, such as lost income.

4) Protecting The Case

The expertise and experience of a competent wrongful death lawyer will ensure you are on the right track with the case. They will know where to look for evidence. This will include documents like medical records that illustrate the actual cause of death and financial records that verify that income has been lost and how much.

Another big advantage of engaging a wrongful death attorney is that they can prepare the claimant. For instance, they can anticipate how the defendant will counter their claims and be prepared. Also, something that is said in innocence can be used by an insurance company or the defendant to avoid taking responsibility. This can compromise the case. If they have to go through a lawyer, they are not likely to try and pull off any tricks to undermine the case. If the defendant is willing to settle, they will also be less likely to offer an unsatisfactory offer because your lawyer will not stand for it even if you might.

5) Accurate Calculation Of Damages

Another thing a lawyer will do is take into account several factors to come up with an amount that will provide fair and adequate compensation. Apart from economic or financial damages, there are also non-economic ones. Your personal injury lawyers will know what to take into account to arrive at a fair amount. 

6) Holding Settlement Talks

Even if the defendant is unwilling to pay damages and your lawyer files a case in court, settlement talks may still be going on. In fact, most cases don’t go to court but are settled out of court. As new evidence is unearthed and a defendant realizes they are very likely to lose the case, they may reach out with an offer. This will be to save their reputation and the cost and time of a trial. Your lawyer will ensure you understand the implications of the offer before you agree to it. They will also ensure you will get it within a given timeframe.

7) Taking Care Of Other Matters

When you get the compensation you deserve, there will be related matters to resolve. This would be matters to do with the distribution of the estate of the deceased, including the damages awarded. Your lawyer will be well-placed to refer you to an estate lawyer.

Bottom Line

With reputable lawyers on the case, you have the best chance of getting the damages you deserve for the wrongful death of your loved one. You only need to get the ball rolling by filling out a form with your case details so that they can do a free evaluation (if applicable). They will take it from there and work their way to a successful and satisfactory conclusion on the matter. 

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