Dynavap are a leading company in the world of Dry Herb Vaporizers, especially since their products are battery free, which allows the user to apply heat in numerous different ways, and at different temperatures ensuring that the user is able to get that ‘perfect hit’ quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

The idea behind dry herb vaporizers is pretty simple. Weed needs heat to activate the THC before you consume it, in order to give you the ‘high’ feeling (decarboxylation). Dry herb vaporizers heat up your weed so that it is decarboxylated, however not so hot that the weed combusts (around 400 deg celcius) and the user inhales the pure THC oils now in a vapor form, along with the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavinoids (which are all destroyed at combustion point).

Almost all portable dry herb vaporizers have a heating element built into the vaporizer, and batteries are used to operate the heating element. Desktop vaporizers require the electricity directly from a wall socket, meaning the vaporizer must be plugged in, to operate the heating element.

When it comes to the Dynavap weed vape range, there are no batteries or electronics in the vaporizer, and so the heat can come from a range of different sources. You can use a normal cigarette lighter, or a blow torch, or even an induction heater like the Ispire Wand to heat your herbs. You can also attach your Dynavap to a glass bubbler to enhance the vaping experience.

If using a blow torch or cigarette lighter, pack the end of your Dynavap vaporizer with your crushed, ground or chopped weed, not so tightly packed that you cannot get airflow through it, but not so loose that you have weed floating around in the cap. You want it packed full just lightly packed so you can get enough hot air through it.

Once packed, simply apply the flame directly to the cap, whilst you continuously rotate the cap, spreading the heat as evenly as possible all over the cap. You will hear 1, then 2 clicks. Once you hear the second click, remove the heat, and inhale through the mouthpiece, covering the air intake holes, or uncovering as desired. Please note, if you use a blow torch, it will heat up much faster than a conventional cigarette lighter as the flame is much hotter.

You also need to be careful and make sure that you remove the heat as soon as you hear the second click. If you hold the heat on past the 2 clicks, you can easily combust the material, and you won’t know till you cop a lungful of smoke, which is horrible.

The other option to heat your Dynavap is using an induction heater such as the Ispire Wand. These devices are absolutely fantastic, and in my opinion this is the best option to use to heat your Dynavap.

Simply turn on the ispire wand, and set the temp anywhere between 0 and 1000 deg fahrenheit and insert the cap section of your Dynavap. The light will activate showing you that the wand is heating whilst the dynavap is inserted. You do not need to rotate the dyanvap in the wand. Just hold it there till you hear the second click. Obviously the hotter you have the wand set to, the faster it will take to click, however I have found that the wand set at 750deg fahrenheit works a treat. Once you hear the second click remove from the wand and put to your lips and inhale. I have found that the heat penetration via the wand is far far superior to the heat applied with a blow torch or lighter. The clouds are huge and for some reason I find that the wand seems to heat much better than other options I have tried. Huge clouds every time!

Dynavap have a huge range of vaporizers such as: The ‘M’ Edition, Azurium, Verdium or steel colour, The Omni, The Vong and the B range. They also make a huge range of spare parts so that you can keep your vaporizer clean and working efficiently all the time.

Be sure to check out www.SYDNEYVAPORIZERS.com.au to see their huge range of Dynavap vaporizers and Dynavap spare parts.

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