Are you looking for a divorce soon? In this case, you need to find out how the process is done and what difficulties you can face on the way to a legally single life. Unless you have a degree in law, marriage dissolution can seem complicated and vague to you. To remove your worries and doubts regarding where to start, the frequently asked divorce questions and answers post was created. Here, the most popular tips and explanations are gathered for you to check and keep in mind. 

Can I qualify for a divorce?

To be eligible for divorce, each couple has to meet the requirements of the state divorce laws where they live. Most of the time, either of the spouses has to spend up to 6 months living in a state and/or a county where they want to file for divorce. Since the periods of living are different for every state, you’ll need to check this on the governmental websites of your state or the website of the nearest court. 

How to complete divorce papers without mistakes?

This is one of the most important divorce questions that people ask. For the majority of them, preparing the divorce package of documents seems difficult; however, it’s possible to get done on your own. To be sure that everything is completed right, you can turn to divorce in DeKalb county services for help: they prepare papers for divorce in a matter of days and do that properly. Your court will 100% accept the divorce petition and other forms prepared online.

Where should I submit my divorce petition? 

Once your documents are ready, you will need to file them with the local clerk’s office. Some counties and states require applicants to submit their petitions directly to the courts where the investigation will be done. The terms of papers’ filing are outlined online on the respective websites that you can find with a simple Google search.

What is an uncontested divorce? 

This is a simplified procedure of terminating a marriage that is done without court hearings. This is due to the agreement between spouses: they decide to find a common language and define the way they will split their property, finances, and other things after divorce, so that the court doesn’t need to do that for them. That’s why this divorce is called ‘uncontested’ – wife and husband refuse to fight over kids or other things in the courtroom. 

How does a settlement agreement simplify the divorce process? 

A written settlement agreement demonstrates that a couple is ready to go their separate ways yet they show how they will carry out their responsibilities towards each other and their children after a divorce. Therefore, a judge doesn’t have to spend time on settling these issues but just check the agreement and issue a divorce decree. 

What can I do if I can’t agree with my partner?

In this case, we suggest that you try any possible means to find a solution. It can be mediation, attending family therapy to learn to hear each other, etc. Any of these ways will be beneficial in the long run if you manage to agree with your spouse and avoid contesting in the court.

Why should I wait before the decision on my divorce is made? 

Every state has laws regarding the waiting period for reviewing and issuing the divorce certificate. This is done to provide judges with enough time to look into cases and make the right decision. As they have a lot of cases going on simultaneously, a waiting period allows them to conduct a thorough review of each of them and avoid mistakes. 

Is there any way to get sole kids’ custody? 

It’s one of the common divorce questions of couples with children. In case your partner is dangerous or cruel to your kids, the court may limit their access to them. However, it doesn’t mean that they can avoid child support since it’s their responsibility as a parent. Therefore, they may be forbidden to see your kids but providing the necessary financial assistance is a must. 

Can my partner take away all the property as a result of the divorce? 

No, they can’t. Of course, the details of each case are different but the general rule is that the property bought in marriage is separated equally between a wife and a husband. You shouldn’t worry about your partner taking away all you purchased during your family life. At the same time, if you and your partner bought anything before marriage, it would belong to the owner fully after divorce. 

How quickly can I expect my divorce to be finalized? 

Depending on the laws of every state, you can expect to get divorced within weeks up to 6 months. This is the time from the moment of filing till the day of receiving your confirmation of divorce. 

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