Whether you are leaving Singapore for good or going for an extended vacation somewhere, you may worry about what to do with your pet if you have one or more at home. These animals become emotionally attached to their owners with time. It will be heart-breaking to imagine living a life, even briefly, without them and their unconditional snuggles. Hence, an ideal solution will be to take them with you to that country. Exporting a pet from Singapore to another country requires proper documentation and arrangements to eliminate travel hiccups.

To make this experience less hassle and more enjoyable, seek help from a local pet moving company and learn about all the requirements at https://shilohanimalex.com/pet-export-from-singapore. Before this, read a few details here to understand how this process works.

  • Destination country’s legal policies around pets from Singapore

Whether you send a dog or cat from Singapore to another place, check what it takes to allow entry to a pet in the destination country. Countries usually ask for the latest veterinary-approved health certificates that ensure your pet is healthy and fit for travel. Then, some countries only trust government-approved vet assessments, while others can be okay with the reports of private veterinarians. Planning all these things is necessary, even before booking your tickets. Your entire effort will be well-spent if you get your vet’s appointment on time. 

In Singapore, you need an AVS-approved health certificate for your pet. AVS stands for the Animal and Veterinary Service. This certificate endorses that your pet meets all the import rules of the destination country. An AVS-approved vet can do this for you after examining your beloved furry friend and administering vaccination as needed. Besides this, you require an export licence to make your pet’s transition from Singapore to another country legal. Online services are available for this, but keep the timing of your travel in mind. 

The licence should be active. If you use express services due to unavoidable delays, these can cost around S$100. Standard export licenses can be obtained for S$50. 

Some countries demand prior examination of the pets before they are exported. Such appointments should happen 4 hours before the departure. Sometimes, you must also have pet passports per the importing country’s regulations. Your pet will be kept in the destination country’s quarantine facility without such crucial documents.

  • Does it look like a lot of work?

Strict exporting regulations and processes can seem daunting to navigate. However, everything can be handled well if you hire a pet moving agency with expertise and experience in this field. They will help you with documentation, crate choices, and flight ticket booking. While your involvement will be there in every step, it will still be smooth and hassle-free. You will get the best options to select and consolidate all your papers. 

Like other pet parents, you may want your pet to travel with you in the cabin. However, it can be challenging due to airline restrictions. However, you can send your dog in a pet-friendly airline’s cargo for their safe journey. The specialised services provide all the necessary care to pets during layovers. Your pet mover will be able to assist you in this aspect.

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