Homeownership is a big thing. It’s an achievement. But this prized possession needs adequate care to continue to serve your interests and comfort. Any neglect can prove costly for its health. You don’t want to see it suffer. Right? Occasional or regular cosmetic changes like painting or decorations are worth it. The home feels fresh and vibrant. However, it requires more than this sometimes to function correctly. For instance, replace anything that causes dampness or mold issues. Leaky faucets in the bathroom can promote the growth of mold spores. Replace them immediately or fix them if possible.

When doing that, you can make some aesthetic tweaks, also. For instance, you can replace the old sink with a bathroom vessel sink material you want to buy. It will be convenient because you already need help fixing the tap. But some tasks, such as repairing termite damage, are complex. They demand costly repairs urgently. Otherwise, they threaten your home’s well-being beyond repair. Getting rid of termites is challenging. Only professionals can tackle them. On average, the cost of termite damage repair can be around USD $1800. It can be USD $600 on the lower and USD $3k on the upper sides. Why is it expensive work? There are multiple factors.

Termite colony

When you call the experts, they thoroughly inspect your house to determine the termite species. Although all of them are harmful, some subterranean termites like Formosan that thrive in the soil can be catastrophic. They can cause severe damage in just about two years. Those termites need aggressive treatment. Dampwood and dry-wood termites are also risky, but they cause slower destruction. The process also helps to figure out how bad the colony is. You can feel a little relieved if it has affected only a smaller area. Localized treatment can be sufficient. But anything covering walls doesn’t bode well.

Damage type and extent

As hinted, the professionals will investigate whether the termite has caused structural or cosmetic damage. Most cosmetic damages remain limited to surface levels. You can remove these nasty pests for a few dollars for every square foot. You can expect it to be around USD $25. However, this covers just a smaller area. Structural damage means significant expensive bills if these little pests have damaged the siding and supporting beams. The repairing and replacement cost can run into thousands of dollars. Sometimes, you may wait, though it’s better not to keep things pending.

As such, minor corrections, including just repairs, cost about USD $250-1000. Medium-level challenges consisting of replacing walls, certain parts of framing, and flooring can be manageable within the budget of USD $1-3k. It accounts for labor and materials. On the other hand, anything involving structural parts will make you spend around USD $3-6k. It can shoot up too.

Types of damage repair

Only those who faced this issue know how much termite infestation hurt their savings, mental peace, and home safety. They pray that it’s just cosmetic damage. Cosmetic repair is also pricey, but it’s nothing compared to rectifying structural damage. Suppose the pesky organisms have caused wall and floor discoloration. One can fix it with spot replacement or deep cleaning. For every square foot of flooring, you may have to spend USD $1-3. Handling walls is slightly more costly; the price range varies from USD $2-6 for every square foot. The cost of replacing curled or buckled flooring will be around USD $5-25. If it’s a case of damaged paint, expect an agency to charge anywhere around USD $4-8 per sq ft.

Let’s consider the most dreaded part – structural damage repair or replacement. Termites eat into beams, siding, and walls, all of which indicate extensive repair work to make your house livable and safe. Some people add new beams to older ones or wood hardeners to increase the structure’s support and strength. But be ready to bear the cost of replacing the load-bearing elements. If they damaged drywall, the technicians can remove the afflicted portion and patch it. Such work may be achievable within a budget of USD $50-75 per hole. Affected wood siding requires replacing damaged parts, including underlayment, which costs USD $50-75 per sq ft.

The experts say that mildly damaged support beams can be easy to fix with sistering beams, as hinted above. But it depends on the extent of the damage. If it poses risks to structural strength, you must replace them. You can estimate your cost to be around USD$ 1500-3000 per beam. Before you take a deep breath, you must also know that this project will be more expensive if it requires fixing the rim joist or sill plate.

Signs of termite damage

As a homeowner, you may wonder how to contain this problem before it takes such a gigantic form and shape that one has to spend thousands of dollars to save their home from termites. Please don’t worry. Look around for termite droppings resembling wood shavings or sawdust. After all, they feed on wood. Their droppings are a hint of an active colony in the house. During mating, termites shed their wings. You can suspect their presence if you come across discarded wings without a body around doors or windowsills. Even if you find mud tubes resembling brown veins or vines, termites are there. Termites build such highways for their daily movement. You can check the foundation and wall for this type of formation.

Some simple incidents can also guide you. For instance, termites usually discard feces after chewing on their favorite surfaces, like wood and walls. Due to chewing, the wall’s structure changes and affects the coverings. Do you notice paint and wallpaper have developed bubbles even though the place is dry? Tiny holes, chipping, and flaking in paint or wallpaper should alert you. Warped windows and doors also give a cue about them.

Once the damage occurs, you want to fix them early, even when it’s expensive. However, you can prevent such situations through some regular cleanliness and maintenance habits. Get rid of dampness from everywhere. Seal walls and exteriors occasionally. The more you care for your house, the better its health will be.

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