Challenge coins started back in World War I.

They have been part of the military tradition for over a century to honor the dedication and hard work of those who serve.

And because of that, it is much more than just a coin. If you have been thinking about making and creating a custom challenge coin, you may wonder how to get started. You want it to mean a lot to you, so take your time to complete the challenge coin design.

Here are a few tips to follow when creating custom coins.

Consider the Purpose of the Coin

One of the first things you should do when designing your own custom coins is to determine the purpose of the coin.

There should be a reason why it is significant to you. Does it recognize a specific date or act of service? What is the purpose of it?

With this purpose in mind, you can better design marine corps challenge coins or military challenge coins to suit your needs.

Explore the Challenge Coin Concept

Once you figure out the idea that you’re going for, you can explore more with that idea by coming up with a few different variations of what you are thinking about before you send it in for production.

This way you can mess around with the colors and text. You can incorporate different images and imagery into the coins.

Draw the Design to Scale

If you want a quote for the actual design that you want, you are going to need to draw the design to scale.

This also allows you to ensure that all details are going to be shown how you want them to come out in the coin. You will be getting a sneak preview into the final coin’s design.

Consider Plating Options

When it comes to designing your challenge coin, you are able to decide which coin plating you want to go with. You can choose from gold or silver and polished or antiqued.

Each plating option is going to give you a slightly different vibe to the coin. For instance, if you want a warmer tone, you should go with gold and make it antiqued rather than polished.

Localize It

As great as a challenge coin is when it comes to the meaning behind it, it’s more than that. It is also a symbol of the location of the organization you are in, whether it is a military unit or something else.

Add personality to your coin by incorporating the location into it as well.

This will increase the impact that you feel from it as well.

Making a Custom Challenge Coin

If you want to make a custom challenge coin, following these steps will help you get there.

From visioning the final product to drawing it to scale and everything in between, your challenge coin needs to have a purpose to you.

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