Advanced cardiac life support is a common certification that is required for several medical professionals. Obtaining an ACLS online certification requires you to know several subjects, including CPR and the use of an AED while identifying cardiac emergencies. CPR is responsible for saving up to 200,000 lives a year. ACLS is crucial, especially in hospital settings. When a cardiac arrest occurs, you must be ready to immediately take action.

Things to know about recertifying ACLS online:

Here are things to know before recertifying ACLS online:

  1. What is a recertification procedure? Recertification is a process that ensures that healthcare professionals stay updated with the latest industry guidelines. If you are up for recertification, consider seeking an ACLS renewal course to boost your chances of passing. It is crucial to renew the certification every two years. If you take your recertification course online, it will be time-saving for you. It takes as little as 3–4 hours to complete the course.
  2. Each year, 475,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately, 400,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. By making ACLS more accessible, you can reduce this figure. More than half of cardiac arrests take place in non-hospital settings. This means individuals must jump into action as soon as possible. This is why you must obtain ACLS certification, even if the job does not require you to do so.
  3. Why is recertification required? When you receive certification in ACLS, it means that you are trained in the latest practices. This helps assess a patient during cardiac emergencies. It does not have age or education restrictions, enabling everybody to participate in the course. All you need is to have taken an ACLS course in the past.
  4. What is the interval period to recertify? The industry suggests that you recertify for your ACLS certification every two years. This means that it is a good idea to pre-plan and book your calendars. This will help you plan and have everything scheduled
  5. Hospitals accept online ACLS certifications: Are online ACLS certifications valid? This is one of the most common questions asked. Online ACLS certifications are accepted worldwide. So if you are looking for jobs in hospitals, rest assured that the certification will be accepted there.

What are the advantages of ACLS recertification?

Online ACLS renewal is convenient, flexible, and simple. Here are the major advantages of ACLS recertification:

  1. Use your time efficiently: This is one of the biggest advantages as you can work at your own pace. A convenient online course can be easily completed in only 3–4 hours. Hence, it saves you time, and you can complete it even in the early hours or after wrapping up your work
  2. Easy to complete: Enrolling in an online ACLS course involves three simple steps:
  • Study the course materials.
  • Take the examination.
  • Pass the quiz.
  • Download the digital certificate.
  1. Flexible learning: The learning procedure is simple. You can complete the course anytime and from anywhere. Set your schedule and work at your own pace. It does not have any time constraints, and thus you can work according to your convenience.
  2. Unlimited exam retakes: Take as many retakes as you want. Review the guidelines and algorithms each time you have mastered the learning materials. If you fail on your first try, take the examination again.

 How to get ACLS recertification?

ACLS certification is required by healthcare providers working in emergency settings. Here are the steps to get ACLS certification:

  • The safest way to obtain ACLS certification is by attending a class in your local area. You can check the leading certification providers in your nearby area.
  • When looking for a course nearby, ensure that the certification is nationally accepted.
  • Check the skills of the instructors.

What does the ACLS recertification course cover?

The ACLS recertification course covers the following:

  • BLS primary survey and ACLS secondary survey with critical actions
  • Essential elements of effective resuscitation team dynamics
  • Recognizing VF and VT on the ECG
  • Clinical situations where the following airway adjustments are used for managing airways.
  • Indications, doses, and administration routes for drugs that are recommended for refractory VF/pulseless VT.
  • Assessment and management recommendations in the ACLS algorithms
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of stroke.

What happens if you let ACLS expire?

The timeline does not matter. What matters is that you are not updated with the latest guidelines of the industry. This limits your knowledge and skills while making it difficult for you to help during emergencies.

Can you renew ACLS after it expires?

You can renew ACLS even after it expires. However, it is recommended to renew ACLS before it expires. The certificate is valid for two years. Hence, rectify it on time to refresh your skills with the latest guidelines.


Thus, ACLS recertification is a simple and user-friendly procedure that you must perform within the first two years of your certification. Enroll with a reputed ACLS online certification provider, and rectify to refresh your skills and stay updated. This will help you learn the latest insights and manage cardiac emergencies.

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