Even until a decade ago, exercise and sports were pursued without much thought about metrics. They were subjective experiences. But this tech-driven world places a strong emphasis on quantifying every facet of fitness. In light of this newfound awareness, fitness apps have become essential for Apple Watch users. These apps transform your device into the ultimate health companion. Here, we check out the nine of the finest apps to boost your fitness journey.

  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch. The Watch version of this app focuses on calorie intake vs. calories burned through exercise. It has a massive database of over 14 million foods. MyFitnessPal also covers water intake. This combined with calorie tracking allows you to create a detailed dietary profile for yourself.

It’s a great idea to have some cool apps on your watch and smartphone. However, most of the premium apps offer limited features on apps. To enjoy the entire range of features, you need premium subscriptions. This does not cost much but there are times when you don’t use an app anymore but still remain subscribed to it. In such cases, you need to know how to cancel Apple app subscriptions or it will cost you dearly. Paying for something that you do not use really does not make sense. So while you are busy meeting your fitness goals, it is important to keep an eye on all the app subscriptions. Learn how to check Apple subscriptions on iPhone, Watch, Mac, and other devices and cancel iOS subscriptions whenever needed.

  1. Liftr

Liftr is for you if you are passionate about strength training, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface. It has a database of over 240 exercises. Many of these include animations to show you proper form and technique.

Liftr excels in performance tracking with detailed visualizations that break down your workouts.

  1. AllTrails

If you are drawn to the great outdoors, AllTrails is a must-have. AllTrails offers an extensive compilation of hiking trails and routes. All these are suitable for all experience and fitness levels. These routes are presented on over 200,000 terrain maps.

It enables quick access to trail maps. This means you can make real-time decision-making during outdoor activities. It also grants offline access to maps and routes with which you can navigate areas with limited cell reception.

  1. Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit is a unique iWatch workout app. The app uses the inherent humor in pushing ourselves through physical challenges. The app’s tracking feature adds a humorous and somewhat judgmental twist.

  1. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is an excellent choice for diversifying your workout routine. Apple health tracker stands out for its wide range of:

  • available workouts
  • spanning cardio
  • strength training
  • dance
  • rowing
  • meditation
  • HIIT
  • and much more

The app also allows friends and family who use Apple Watches to share results and challenge each other.

  1. Future

Future, a unique app, combines the benefits of one-on-one personal training. Future matches you with a real personal trainer who will create a personalized workout regimen. Workouts include videos with pre-recorded guidance from your trainer.

  1. MySwimPro

If you enjoy swimming, MySwimPro is the best app for you. It will help you manage your aquatic workouts like a pro. The app includes videos that explain the reason behind the workout recommended to you. And based on that, it shows you the right swimming techniques.

MySwimPro tracks a range of metrics using the Apple Watch like standard biometrics and strokes per lap. This means you can focus on your swimming targets more professionally.

  1. Strava

If you’re a runner or cyclist, here is one of the best fitness apps that work with Apple Watch. It will change your experience forever. Strava is a popular choice for tracking distances and connecting with other athletes to make your goals more enjoyable. The app allows you to track activities, sync data, and provide pace monitoring and split times.

  1. Nike Run Club

Nike is the champion in sportswear and Apple in the tech sector. There is a close relationship between Nike’s running app and the Apple Watch. When it’s about fitness apps, Nike Run Club is a top choice for runners. So if you want to make the most of the Apple Watch’s functions during their training sessions, go for this app.

Nike Run Club offers a wide range of training plans. These span from a first 5K run to marathon preparation.


These Apple watch trackers stand out in every regard. Thinking that it is difficult to meet your fitness goals is not the ideal thing. With such wonderful apps around, you just need to install the best one. Once you have it on your Apple watch, you’ll be able to enjoy your fitness regimen like never before.

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