If you plan on going for a mountain hike, there are various essentials you may need to carry around to ensure you do not lack, and they include food, water, and sleeping gear; if you want to spend a few days on the mountain.

Carrying fresh water in your backpack may be tiresome, especially camping or with a group. You may drink water from the river or lakes, which may look clean but contain several microorganisms. Drinking pure water is important to avoid getting ill while you are far away from medical practitioners. Here are five amazing techniques for water purification for survival on mountain tracks.

1. Using Water Purification Drops

If you are looking for a simple survival water purification system, water purification drops may be a suitable solution. They consist of Iodine which is an effective bacterial and virus killer. You only need to place a few drops on your water and let it rest for a few minutes before using it.

You can leave the water at a specific position for effective results and ensure no disturbance. Notably, the drops do not interfere with the taste of water, making it easier to drink plenty of it. Also, it dissolves fast and has no side effects on the human body. You can use the drops to ensure you have large water storage by dissolving it in several bottles at your campsite, and this will ensure you always have enough water to drink.

2. UV Light Devices

With the advancements in technology, plenty of innovations have made it easier for you to stay in the wilderness for a long time with a constant water supply. The UV water purifiers work by penetrating the cell walls of microorganisms and interfering with their DNA, preventing them from reproducing.

Notably, the cleaner requires a power source to destroy the bacteria; hence you may need to carry a pack of batteries. It will be best to ensure the water is warm since cold water may drain a lot of power, which may inconvenience you.

Also, you can only purify small amounts of water and ensure no solid particles are present since the device cannot destroy it. The device does not alter the taste of your water; hence you do not have to worry about getting a weird taste while drinking it. Besides, it does not use chemicals, making it safe for children and adults to consume.

Plenty of portable cleaners enable you to move around with them. Also, you can use it as a flashlight, adding it to your list of hiking tools.

3. Boiling Water

Another simple way to ensure your water is pure is by boiling it. While at the mountain tracks, you can easily look for a source of heat or light up a fire to keep yourself warm and heat your water. It would help if you covered it when heating. This will ensure that no dirt gets into your water. You can purify large amounts of water quickly without changing its taste. Also, the method is reliable and safe, ensuring you get enough water supply.

4. Distillation

Distillation is an easy way to ensure your water is pure and removes any remaining bacteria during boiling. You need to boil the water until it turns into the air and then condenses. Notably, while in the wilderness, you may need a source of heat, and you can create a small fireplace and have a pot.

The distillation process is easy and takes a few minutes. After heating, you only need to place a tube in your pot to ensure all the dirt sticks on it. It will help if you repeat the process severally to ensure no microorganisms are left. Afterward, you should cover the water to ensure no bacteria or insects enter it.

5. Water Filter and Pump

You can easily get a water filler system that has a simple design. The water flows through different fillers to remove dirt or bacteria. Besides, the fillers come with a charcoal element that ensures no bad smell or taste. 

The filtering process is mechanical just like municipal water pumps since water is forced into different filters that contain bacteria and viruses. Afterward, it goes into the final stage, where there is activated carbon that helps destroy any bacteria that may be remaining. Notably, there are many places where you can get a personal filter to carry around during your hikes.


Staying hydrated at all times is essential for your body to function properly. If you are going on a trip, you must ensure everything is in place to prevent any last-minute problems. It will be best to carry a first aid kit if you get injured or fall ill while on the mountain. You can also research other things you can do to ensure you have clean water during your trail.


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