With most of our time being spent indoors—whether at home or in the office—indoor air quality has become a crucial part of our health and overall well-being. This concern is mostly addressed by our air conditioners and HVAC systems that have taken up a major role in circulating the indoor air and removing all the possible contaminants and impurities from the outside air. 

While this may seem like a perfectly sound solution to maintain the best indoor air quality possible, most people often don’t pay enough attention to the regular maintenance and cleaning of these systems—especially the system’s air filters—to enjoy these benefits for extended periods of time. This kind of neglect can actually lead to a wide range of health issues as dirt, dust, and other debris infiltrate indoor air without you knowing about it.

Here are some of the consequences of overlooking the hygiene and maintenance of your unit’s air filter.

Reduced Airflow and Ventilation

Every system comes with an air filter that is designed to trap all impurities and pollutants in the air such as dust, dirt, pollen, dander, allergens, and much more. These filters are meant to remove these from the air and prevent them from circulating in enclosed spaces, but they can’t exactly perform these functions properly when they’re clogged with accumulated contaminants.

Not only does a dirty air filter restrict airflow into your living spaces, but it also compromises the circulation of fresh outdoor air and stale indoor air, leading to stagnated air and inefficient ventilation. 

Increased Risk of Respiratory Issues

When air filters get clogged, they also lose their effectiveness in trapping allergens and other respiratory irritants and preventing them from flowing into your space. When air filters aren’t regularly checked, you actually risk these particles recirculating into the indoor air, which can trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate existing respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. 

Dust and Dirt Accumulation

With all the impurities building up in your system’s air filter, some of these can also spread inside your cooling system. As the system continues to circulate air in your living space, these contaminants are not only distributed throughout the internal parts of your system but are also carried with the air and can be scattered across the entire area, leading to dusty surfaces and a higher demand for frequent cleaning.

Reduced Cooling Efficiency

Apart from reduced air quality and ineffective air filtration, dirty air filters can also force your cooling system to work harder to maintain your desired indoor temperature. This increased effort and strain results in higher electrical bills, as well as accelerated wear and tear of the system that could lead to premature breakdowns and expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Stay Healthy and Comfortable with Luce Aircon

Dirty air filters can severely impact the indoor air quality of your space, but Luce Aircon is here to help you maintain a healthy and happy environment. Our professional HVAC technicians offer a wide range of services that include air conditioner installations, cleanings, maintenance, and repairs so that you and your loved ones can continue feeling cool and refreshed.

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