Every kid is born with potential, but hard work and study set them apart. Studying has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. However, your kids might prefer entertaining activities rather than study, causing them to struggle more in the study.

Who doesn’t prefer playing games over studying? But as a parent, this is your responsibility to motivate your kids to study and do their assigned homework on time. While certificates and records are valuable, knowledge is a natural essence behind an education that kids learn through study.

Early behaviors shape adult life. Similarly, an early practice of studying will influence and establish a habit of studying. Don’t neglect your kid’s habits; instead, model a learning behavior that will encourage your kids to study independently without your help.

Why Does Your Kid Avoid Studies?

Sometimes you may wonder that your kid is brilliant in making an excuse? I don’t know how but they find and create different ideas just to avoid study. Kids love avoiding study, but before we look at how to get your youngins to learn, let’s look at why your kid isn’t interested.

1. Find study as a dull and forced activity

Usually, Kids love entertaining activities such as watching movies, television, and using the internet. Although your kids might enjoy reading story books, they find study boring. Why? The simple reason is kids have difficulty connecting with their studies.

The kid’s brain cannot relate the study in a real-life situation and often depicts study as a loss of time and when someone forces them to study that further to dislike. Unfortunately, due to this, many kids have developed a hate relationship with the study.

2. Lack of suitable environment

Effective studying must always be done in an appropriate environment. Environment such as a peaceful, calm environment helps a brain motivate. In contrast, distracting sounds such as the barking of dogs, arguing voices, and even a slight conversation between people can demotivate a kid’s brain.

Kids are not sensitive only to sounds but the lighting, color, and the sitting position of a chair. Some kids cannot learn in a challenging environment, making it harder to concentrate and absorb study. A suitable environment is a must for a kid who wishes to study.

3. Addiction to the online world

The online world is one of the most disturbing platforms for a student. Online gaming, social media, and other forms of entertaining activities are hard to resist, and your kids might become addicted to it already. When kids become addicted, they cannot concentrate on studying.

A kid’s brain constantly thinks about the internet every time and frequently, which doesn’t open ways for other activities such as study. A study found that there is a negative relationship between the internet and study in kids.  

4. Lack of proper understanding of concepts

Naturally, kids want to avoid studying when they cannot understand the concept. When your kid is trying hard, their effort does not show they will automatically be unmotivated to study. And the reasons behind it may occur due to proper understanding of concepts.

In most cases, a youngster makes a mistake while learning; they believe memorization and observation to be part of the learning process. And when they put effort into memorizing but don’t see the results of that work, they lose motivation to study.

5. Health often causes challenges

As we all know, health is wealth. Good health typically brings luck, as a kid will study without difficulty and have a clear and positive attitude. In contrast, bad health deteriorates the body and mind, causing a lack of clarity in thinking.

Physical health and mental health are both important factors that need to be considered in the study. You cannot motivate your kid to study until they are physically and mentally healthier.

Secrets to Motivate Kids to Study

Parents always know what is best for a kid. However, your kid might ignore and give up on study. You cannot give up so quickly; there are many ways where you can make your kid motivated to study. Some of these techniques are listed below.

1. Help them understand and remember.

Memorization is one of the issues that kids face. Everyone does not have the same capacity to memorize, which is normal because a kid’s brain is still developing, which frequently tends to forget. 

Suppose your child is one of the kids who find difficulties memorizing. Then one of the first things you can do is ensure that they fully understand all of the concepts. Understanding helps you gain deep insights about a topic that remains for a longer duration.

But again, some things need to be memorized, such as long mathematical formulas or any historical events. Here, you can take the help of visual cards and color-coded formulas.

And still, this is not enough for your kids; you can take the help of online platforms. Today, youtube is considered a great platform to study. Make sure your youngins see these tutorials, or you can watch the tutorials and teach them.

2. Praise and rewards are the best temptations

Who wouldn’t love rewards? Rewards and praise are the great temptations to bring out the best in kids. When you see your kid trying hard in the study, praise and encourage them. And frequently praise them whenever you see their effort and remember an effort will take time to be visible.

Rewards such as giving permission to play or watching movies or television after they complete study are effective ways to encourage your kid. Other rewards such as buying them clothes, foods, or taking them to a restaurant also help bring a good result.

Although your kid tries hard, sometimes they may not bring good marks in the exam. So, here don’t go on scolding them or giving any punishments. These can give a wrong impression or negative impacts on a kid’s brain.

3. Make learning enjoyable and fun

Today we are facing a covid-19 crisis, and online study has created challenges for parents and kids. How can we make online learning fun? Learning can be fun. When it’s fun, one can stop your kid. Take advantage of bright graphics, arts, and, more recently, memes to entertain and push students to learn. Check out this dry erase table selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces

Some films, documentaries, and videos may prove to be valuable tools for visual learners. What are you waiting for if you know which movies and documentaries would help you with your studies? Why don’t you join them as a co-conspirator and watch alongside them?

Learning has gotten much simpler in recent years, thanks to technological advancements that have brought various options. One of them is gaming, gaming, and playing, which is an excellent method to learn and have fun.

Gaming-based learning introduces new ideas, grammar, concepts, and knowledge. Games such as the Prodigy math game and  Kahoot!encourage new ways of learning.

Similarly, you can use tools and applications to make learning more engaging and enjoyable. Some games, such as Duolingo and Dragonbox, make learning and studying more enjoyable for kids.

4. Cut down all the distraction

As I told you earlier, although your kid might be motivated to study, due to all the distractions around them, they cannot concentrate and study. So, remove all the distractions around them. Make their study room free of noise, put comfortable sitting and desk, put a fan or warmer around them and create a suitable environment.

One thing that you must get rid of is all the smartphones and the internet. The Internet has made learning difficult; although you can get a fun learning experience, your kid is attracted more to negative facets of the internet such as social media rather than positive aspects.

Make sure you stick out to routine and schedule and control their online behavior. If you cannot monitor them constantly, then you can take the help of monitoring software too.

5. Stick out to routines and schedules

A routine and schedule are excellent tools for controlling your kid’s behavior. A kid’s activity is uncontrollable; whenever they enjoy something, they tend to become addicted; thus, you must establish a routine and schedule to keep them indulge in their studies.

Make a study schedule and plan it with your kids. Sit down with your kids and discuss and plan the proper schedule with them together. Set a time for homework, study, and don’t forget to make regular breaks on a study schedule. Make them clear that you cannot ignore the schedule later on.

6. Limit stress

Stress is the biggest enemy for kids who want to study. You may wonder what causes stress to a kid when they have nothing to worry about. Your kid, on the other hand, might have a lot to deal with. Academics, family, friends, relationships, social media, and the internet are all sources of stress for your kid.

Take your kid on a stroll or take them outdoors regularly to refresh their brains. Music will also help calm and relax their mind and body, so encourage your kid to listen to music regularly. If possible, take them to the homes of relatives or friends regularly and allow them to have fun.

7. Encourage exercise and yoga

A study can lead to pent-up energy and frustration towards study and family. And the easiest way to get rid of it is to engage in relaxation, such as yoga or exercise. Exercise is well-known for calming and relaxing the body and mind, as well as reducing tension.

Yoga is the right choice for your kid if you want them to be emotionally and psychologically healthier and happier. You should exercise and do yoga together, which can help you and your kid form a strong bond.

8. Use best learning techniques

Each kid has a unique learning style and process. And you may not be aware of which techniques are appropriate for them. Remember, there is no wrong technique. So, why don’t we try out every learning style to strategy to see which one works best for your kids?

Let’s know some of the fundamental learning styles such as Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical (mathematical), Social, and Solitary. When visual learning doesn’t work, try out for auditory or social learning styles. Similarly, know what is better for your kid.

9. Provide a balanced diet

Food affects a person’s mood. You may have seen your kid’s irritability and lack of motivation when you don’t feed them well. But kids prefer to enjoy tastier and junk food rather than healthier food. Nutritious food is a must for them because of the amount of energy they exhibit.

Increase the number of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Whole grains, eggs, oats, low-fat cheese, almonds, and lean meats are the right foods for them. A diet like this will help them generate enough energy for academics and extracurricular activities while also keeping them healthier. Don’t forget plenty of water as well.

10. Increase communication and provide support

Communication is an excellent way to make a kid know the importance of education. Pour out all the benefits of learning and introduce them to how learning can affect their future or dream work. And equally, provide your support to them.

Don’t pressurize them, make plans to speak with our kid’s teacher, and don’t reveal them. Giving support such as lending an ear to your kid’s worries and stress can often give your kid the courage they need to face any challenges and obstacles.


Use the approaches mentioned above to encourage your kids to learn. When your kids begin to lose confidence in themselves, you must continue to believe in them and never lose faith in them as a parent. Keep your faith because beautiful things take time to happen.

Use the above technique to motivate your kids in the study. And please feel free to leave a message in the box below if you have any feedback or personal knowledge to share.

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