First Drug for Peanut-Allergy Palforzia (AR101)

The FDA in the United States has just approved a drug for severe peanut allergies for children and adolescents.

What is Palforzia?

This new drug uses oral immunotherapy in the patient.

The methods of treatment of this drug are extraordinary. The patient receives a minimum dose of peanut protein over an extended period. About six months of treatment are expected.

What does Palforzia?

After starting treatment, the ingest dose of peanut protein increases little by little to make the person tolerable to peanuts. It should not be confused with a miracle cure, the risks of allergies are always present.

After treatment, the child or patient should continue to take peanut protein on a daily basis to tolerate accidental exposure to peanuts.

Although specified by the manufacturer, Plaforzia is not a miracle treatment or a remedy. Even if the patient takes this medication, there is still a risk of a severe or even fatal allergic reaction.

Anyone who is allergic and taking AR101 should still ban all peanuts from their diet because they still have an allergy risk.

Several scientists have tested several peanut allergy medications in the past. None of them had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. This drug (AR101) is still not approved by our neighbors overseas.

This medication is prescribed for people between the ages of four and seventeen at the moment.

Statistics About Peanut Allergies

According to the FDA, peanut allergies affect more than 1 million children across the United States. There is no cure to date for people allergic to this protein. All allergy sufferers should avoid and ban prolonged exposure to peanuts without medication.

During an allergic reaction to peanuts, its effects can be felt within the next second. The most common and severe case is that the throat is dangerously swelling and can block this person’s airway.

Treatment Phases of Palforzia AR101

For treatment with Palforzia, there are 3 phases treatment. We call it the first phase of climbing. A minimal dose is administered for a single day.

The second step, also call the dose of the update consists of 11 different doses of Palforzia which is growing. This phase takes place over several months. The dosages of this medication change depending on the age and weight of the patient.

Each step should be under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner, as there is still a risk of a severe allergic reaction.

The third phase, otherwise called the daily dose, can be done at home without problems.

Some patients have had no choice but to stop treatment because they have had certain allergic reactions to Palforzia. AR101 is a powder in a capsule made from peanuts. This medication is prescription only.

Its effectiveness has been confirmed by two studies conducted in Canada, the United States, and Europe. No less than 500 people have been tested.

Palforzia AR101 was approved by the FDA on January 31, 2020. The manufacturer of this medication is Aimmune Therapeutics.

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