All your expenditure on the luxurious interior design will go in vain if your home fails to shine. Its interior design and aesthetics remain unnoticed and unappreciated if the corners are not clean enough. However, you might get minimal time out of your tight schedule, and it’s not worth cleaning your household.

Yet, the advanced cleaning technology seems to be a blessing for all the homeowners. With the advent of the latest cleaning gadgets, household cleaning has become way easier and less stressful. The days of endless hustle appear to end, and the credit goes to the latest tools and technologies.

Keeping your space well-maintained is simpler than you think when you have the right cleaning product. Whether it’s your daily chore or welcoming surprising guests, you can quickly pursue a cleaning regime. And, these tools will give you a refreshing feel all-around your home.

If you hate tedious cleaning, then these cleaning devices are a must-have. Even professional cleaning experts swear by them. Additionally, these products will free you from pesky cleaning schedules. As a result, you will get more time to rest, and your home will be squeaky clean.

11 Cool & Professional Cleaning Gadgets for Household

The best part about cleaning gadgets is that they are time-saving. Moreover, they are great for occasional cleaning as well as handling the daily cleaning routine. From cleaning your floors and countertops to purifying the air surrounding you, a capable cleaning gadget can amuse you.

Let’s have a look at what professionals from Maid Service Dubai recommend as technical cleaning devices:

1.    Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have been in the industry for almost two decades. However, their popularity and efficiency seem to be non-diminishing. Over the years, vacuum cleaners have evolved too much. They have become more compact and more mobile.

If you consider smart cleaning of your household, then you should go for a cordless vacuum cleaner. It gets its power from its installed battery. Obviously, you have to charge the vacuum cleaner for a suggested amount of time before you dive into your cleaning adventure.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are more methodical as you can move them freely. Additionally, you can reach hard-to-get places and clean accordingly. They might be available with different attachments for swift cleaning. However, you might have to change its filter from time to time. Otherwise, it might get clogged and not work properly.

2.    Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming can be accomplished automatically. Thanks to the innovation of the robot vacuum, you need not engage yourself in any kind of physical labour. A robot vacuum usually connects to the home network or Wi-Fi connection. Once you schedule its cleaning, it keeps moving throughout your home.

A robot vacuum is a brilliant invention when cleaning floors and carpets concerns you the most. Most robot vacuums have a powerful suction technology that collects even the tiniest bit of particles while cleaning the house. Additionally, they can provide you with either dry or both dry/wet cleaning.

On the other hand, robot vacuum cleaners are extremely smart about power. If its battery runs low, then it will reach its charging station for a quick fueling up. It joins the cleaning adventure again when it restores its power to complete the household cleaning. The artificial intelligence infused in the gadget helps it to sense objects and map the house for an excellent cleaning experience.

3.    Window Vacuum

Are you tired of glass cleaners, microfiber cloths, and wipers? And, still, you are getting streaks on your window glass. If you want to experience a streak and smudge-free window glass, then you should have a window vacuum.

Window vacuums are quite handy, and they glide over the window’s flat surface smoothly. This is an electric squeegee that deals with dust and dirt. In addition to this, handling moisture or a window after rain is not a challenge for window vacuums.

They can easily suck up moisture from window glasses. They can even tackle the water spots on window glasses. Grab such a life-changing product and have streak-free windows with minimum effort.

4.    Air Purifier

The cleanliness of your home isn’t only tested by how clean its floors are. Indoor pollution is a real thing and the current pandemic situation has taught us its importance. That’s why it’s wise to invest in an air purifier if you don’t want to take risks with your family’s health.

Air purifiers keep your indoor air refreshing and breathable. These gadgets work by removing ultrafine particles from the air. What are ultrafine particles, by the way? They are microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and dust.

On an interesting note, air purifiers deal with dust which means that you have to clean less, and you get clearer air. Most air purifiers come with smart voice assistant compatibility. You can connect the air purifier to any suitable voice assistant and command it to regulate your air purifier.

5.    Window Cleaning Robot

Window cleaning can’t be more innovative and interesting than having a window cleaning robot. If you want an alternative to a window vacuum, then a window cleaning robot is more elegant equipment. It doesn’t matter how much you scrub and wipe, and streaks tend to stay on window glasses.

However, you can bid goodbye to window streaks with a window cleaning robot. Seeing such a cleaning robot doing its job is oddly satisfying. On the other hand, you need to just set the robot and it will automatically clean the window.

To experience its magic, you have to pour some water or a dedicated window cleaner into its particular compartment. Adhere the robot to a window that you want to clean, and it will start squeaking your window. Additionally, these robots can be very fast, and they can clean up to a square metre of a window in just 3 minutes.

6.    Small-Sized Pressure Washer

Needless to say, how hard it is to get rid of the toughest stain and dirt from solid surfaces. Scrubbing that solid and rigid surface might not help in removing the stain. So, a compact pressure washer can assist you in cleaning your home, especially the exterior.

A full-sized pressure washer can be devastating and damage your property. After all, you are looking for a technology that can be efficient and delicate at the same time. And, nothing would be more suitable than a compact or handy pressure washer.

Such pressure washing equipment might stun you by removing dirt and moss from your exterior surfaces. You can use it on brickwork, stone, and wooden decking. Surprisingly, they are appropriate for washing away dirt and dust from your car, too.

You can refill the washer with suitable car washing or any compatible cleaning agent. We think that every household must have a pressure washer to tackle deep yet sensitive cleaning on rigid surfaces. Concrete scrubbers and floor machines help achieve cleaner floors, and ultimately, a cleaner building.

7.    Bacteria and Mite-Eliminating Robot

Vacuum cleaners can eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces and even from mattresses. But, it doesn’t ensure that your mattresses or bedsheets are free from deadly microorganisms. Neither an air purifier would be able to remove all the bacteria and mites from your bedsheets.

For more professional cleaning, a bacteria-eliminating robot is the only option. Clean bedsheets are essential for healthy living. You might not be aware that your bed sheets might be a hotbed for germs and mites. The cleaning robot can move around your bed, and its UV-C light technology eliminates mites and bacteria.

Well, this cleaning robot is equally efficient when you consider cleaning countertops. The robot can navigate independently, and the credit goes to its infused AI sensors. You can even wirelessly charge your smartphone with such a bacteria-eliminating robot.

Make sure that both the devices are capable of wireless charging or not. Moreover, every robot or smartphone does not come with a wireless charging feature.

8.    Power Scrubbing Brush for Wash Basins

Scrubbing your wash basins can be frustrating. It takes a lot of effort, time, and not to mention, a ton of equipment. Rather than wearing gloves and arranging lime and baking soda for cleaning a wash basin, you can move steps ahead with technical inventions.

A power scrubbing brush will definitely assist you in dealing with arrogant stains. Generally, scrub brushes oscillate their heads up to 60 times faster than you can scrub. As a consequence, you can get a cleaner sink with minimal effort.

On the other hand, these scrubbing brushes are really compact and flexible. You can clean those places of the sink, stove, tiles, and other appliances where it was difficult to reach and clean. Therefore, you can easily eliminate that unwanted rust around your sink’s faucet.

Washing a scrubbing brush is not a difficult job, either. You can simply remove the brush attachment from the tool. Simply throw the attachment into the dishwasher and run a cycle while washing your dishes.

9.    Bathroom Floor Scrubber

Dealing with bathroom floor tiles and cleaning them is a menace if you don’t have the right equipment. If not done properly, the bathroom can be slippery and become prone to other accidents. And, a robot vacuum can’t be the right tool to clean your bathroom tiles.

Grimy tiles can be an aesthetic disturbance. Additionally, they can trigger health hazards. That’s why you need a powerful scrubber. A handheld bathroom floor scrubber can efficiently clean the bathroom tiles. This scrubber spins on its own, so you can skip physical effort.

All you have to do is use soap water, or a cleaner along with the scrubber. Apart from scrubbing tiles, you can use the same scrubber to clean the sink, bathtub, and shower glass. Generally, they come with different attachments to clean different spots. They can be multi-tasking and definitely a professional way to handle bathroom cleaning.

10.                   UV Sanitiser Box

Have you thought about how to get rid of germs? An alcohol wipe might not be enough to restrict the spread of deadly germs. That’s why you should consider a more effective technology to keep the small items in your house hygienic.

A UV-C sanitiser or steriliser box should work great for items like smartphones, table mats, flower vases, keys, small toys, etc. This gadget can remove up to 99.9% of germs from any surface. The use of the UV light sanitiser box will get rid of any germ within 10 minutes.

Most UV light steriliser boxes are capable of holding items of up to 6 inches. You can simply place the items inside the sanitiser box and connect them to the USB charger to power it up. Some sanitisers come with an essential oil diffuser for a more pleasant cleaning.

11.                   Toilet Cleaning Robot

The worst part of household cleaning chores is cleaning the toilet. Fortunately, you can now avail robotic help to deal with toilet menace. A smart toilet cleaning robot can make your job easy.

You just have to install the toilet cleaning robot on the toilet seat when you want to clean the toilet. Plug its power plug into an electric source and press the Start button. The robot will start moving across the toilet in a wavy motion.

Meanwhile, all its attached scrubbers will scrub everywhere starting from the rim to the bowl. Thus, the results will be outstanding, indeed.

Traditional Way of Cleaning Your House – Additional Tips

Deep cleaning is possible with the right choice of professional, traditional, and handy cleaning equipment. Are you looking for traditional yet not outdated tools to clean your house? Here are a few original cleaning products that can be your cleaning saviour.

Broom & Dust Pan

Switching on a robot vacuum is not necessary when you have to clean a smaller area. A broom and a dustpan duo can help you collect the dust and debris faster compared to a robot vacuum. After analysis, the vacuum might take longer to detect and clean the target area.

Multi-Purpose Duster

No robot vacuum can reach your fan blades when they have cobwebs. Additionally, you must get the right attachment to your vacuum cleaner to reach the fan and remove the cobweb. Well, a multi-purpose duster might prove to be useful to dust difficult-to-reach nooks and corners.

A Squeegee

If you like to keep your shower glass tip-top, nothing can be more compact than a squeegee. You can easily include a squeegee cleaning in your daily routine rather than turning to a window vacuum cleaner every time.

Spray Bottle

Cleaning without cleansers is almost impossible. Every household has dedicated cleaners for toilets, sinks, kitchen tiles, countertops, electronics, glasses, and much more. Spray bottles help in disbursing the cleaning liquid evenly. Therefore, it will be easy for you to clean up any surface thoroughly. Additionally, you can label each spray bottle according to the cleaning liquid and its use.

Scrub Brush

You can go for an ordinary scrub brush as an alternative to an automatic scrubbing brush. The power of the automatic scrubbing brush might have a fixed value, and that might harm your fixtures. Hence, an ordinary and manual scrub brush will be a convenient addition to your house cleaning regime.

Before You Purchase….

All the cleaning gadgets for professional household cleaning sound stunning. They can help you to live a stress-free life, especially when you have a time limit. A handful of manufacturers produce the same smart gadgets. Therefore, carefully go through their features to grab the best cleaning products in the market. In addition, don’t forget to check power consumption for ultimate savings.

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