There are many problems in everyday life or in today’s modern and fast-paced life, there are also hair related problems such as hair fall, thinning hair, and other hair problems caused by pollution, stress, treatment (such as through chemotherapy). can be caused by cancer). . treatment) etc. and one of them is hair wig which makes the hair wig beautiful, happy, sexy and full of life to overcome all the above mentioned problems. Here are some of the wigs discussed for your reference:

V part wig

Basically a v part wig, there is a V shaped opening on the top or side of the wig, these wigs stick on the back and the side sticks to your head, so you have to use glue to attach it. not required. Then our v-part wig is perfect for you! Honestly, the V part wig has got you a lot of benefits.

This allows your hair and scalp to get rid of the traditional sewing tension and create fullness and length.

Allows you to find some good prices, and the quality of these v part curly wigs is still excellent. Keep it in a blonde wig or cut it into bobs, it can be. But keep in mind that you should choose a wig that matches your existing hair color and texture.

It’s like a cross between a partial sew-in and a lace wig. A U-part wig is more laborious than a V-part wig, basically a V-part wig has a small hole in the top or side. This space allows you to blend and run your natural hair through the top of the wig, making your hair look like it’s from your scalp!

Who needs a V part wig?

It is an ideal item for those who dream of thick and full hair. It helps to hide the imperfections on the top of your head, turning your thin and short hair into attractive long thick hair.

The original V part wig is made from 100% natural hair, so girls can freely style this wig. Dye it into a blonde wig or cut it into a bob wig, it’s fine. But keep in mind that you should choose a wig that has the same color and texture as your existing hair. It is best to go to a hair salon for advice.

If you are afraid that the hair wig will fall off after a few wears, choose a V-part wig. The hair is stitched with intricate stitches. And you don’t have to worry that it will slip when wearing because it is secured with clips and a comb.

You have sensitive skin, you still wear this wig. This clip on wig also does not damage your real hair. Chemically unprocessed hair is safe to use. You sleep with a wig the same way you sleep with your existing hair.

What are 13×4 lace front wigs?

A lace front wig has a hairline made up of individual strands of hair that are hand-tied with a sheer lace to create a transparent illusion. The hair market is flooded with different types of wigs. But if you’re looking for a reliable option, 13×4 lace front wigs are the most common.

When to give the first look is just a number but the fact is that the size of a 13×4″ lace front wig is determined by the actual size of the lace. 13×4 lace front wigs have lace that reaches 13 inches in front of the lace. The whole A 4-inch deep section is sewn along the wig to cover the hairline while the rest is sewn to the cap.

This style of wig gives you a lot of freedom to style your wig hair. This means that if you want a hairstyle with a long middle or side part, using a 13×4 lace front wig you can try more than one look such as a half up bun hairstyle. These wigs often feature a smooth-looking component that helps the hair achieve a very natural look.

13×4 lace front wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair wigs. These hairs can be colored in many ways and styled as you wish. Our lace frontal wigs are made of high-quality, hand-tied lace that covers the entire hair from ear to ear. The rest consists of tracks that are machine-stitched and built into a stretchy and breathable hat and come with comb and elastic braces for optimal fit. At Brooklyn Hair, our frontal wigs are designed to provide optimal comfort and breathability while enabling our customers to create the most natural and authentic look possible.

Advantages of wearing lace frontal wig:

  1. Being one of the easiest to install and requiring very little time, lace frontal wigs have some key features. Installation takes less than an hour for frontal wigs and just half an hour for frontal extensions. It is more comfortable when compared to the stitching in it.
  2. Lace frontals are great options for someone who wants a stylish yet natural hair style. This is a huge time saver for today’s busy women.
  3. Lace frontal wigs give you the freedom to style your hair however you want. This versatility offered by wigs is one of the main reasons for its popularity. These wigs give you a natural hairline, so you’ll get the feel of just working with your natural hair.
  4. Breathability is the most important feature that contributed to the immense popularity of lace frontal wigs. On hot sunny days, wearing all these stitches and getting sweaty is extremely painful. Instead, you can opt for frontals that allow a smooth and constant flow of air through your scalp and hair.


Hair extensions and hair wigs are now a part of modern life to bring charm, happiness and beauty. Beautyforever Hair brings all quality products to your doorstep within a click on your desktop. Their high strength products and multiple colors and styles make you more attractive and bold.

Hair wigs add color and joy to the lives of many who are troubled by hair problems and reluctant to present themselves. Hair wigs are the best solution to many hair problems.

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