Short haircuts are timeless and are now becoming common for women unlike in the past centuries when women were tied to having long hair. Short hair is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of time when you are getting ready to leave the house. Most trends of short hair are not new but just an improvement of what has been there.

There are so many short hairstyles that you can try out before you finally land what best works for you. You can also try some short hair trends as a part of your journey of trying to grow long hair. There are so many designs of short hair that can fit you based on your facial features, among other factors. Here are a few short haircuts trends.

  1. A wolf Cut

A wolf cut can be done on any length of hair but for it to be categorized among short haircuts you have to cut the hair above shoulder length. The wolf cut is timeless, but taking it a little shorter gives it a fresh look.

For this haircut is important to leave the hair on its natural texture but you can dye it in a different color from that of your natural hair to spice things up.

If you want to perfectly show your natural hair texture, this is the perfect cut for you. The haircut can be done on anyone regardless of age group. You can leave the hair straight, curly, or with bangs depending on how you want to feature the final results.

  1. The Pixie

Just like the wolf cut, the pixie is also timeless. What really matters is how you style the pixie and how best it fits your face shape.

The pixie is the most appropriate if you want to go for a drastic change of hairstyle. You can cut the hair super short of making a more radical change in your appearance.

The pixie shows that you are confident and is a great option if you want to get a fresh start on things in life. Ideally, there are different pixie short haircuts, so it is a good idea to show an image of what you like to the stylist for the purposes of demonstration. 

It is a good idea to work with a pixie that embraces your natural hair texture and not one that goes against it. A pixie is low maintenance haircut as it only requires trims once in a while, and no special hair products are needed.

  1. 90’s Lob

The 90’s haircuts are currently being dug up, and added a few improvements have to make to their haircuts. The lob involves chopping off some hair at the shoulder-length point. 

You should get a well-experienced hair stylist to help you with the proper shaping of the lob. This is the best hairstyle if you want to go short but are not ready for the drastic change from long to short hair.

 It serves as a compromise of long and short hair, which gives you the opportunity to decide whether to go shorter or grow back your hair.

The hair is left in a bouncy form, but it can also be directed away from the face depending on how you want it. The bouncy nature of the hair allows free movement which makes it easy to show up a swingy move.

  1. Deep Side Cut

You can have a deep cut on either the left or the left of your head to help you with hair parting. The pattern of the cutting is a matter of choice, and the hair should be left slightly below shoulder length. You can have a smooth finish by using a hair cream to gently lay the hair on the scalp.

  1. French Bob

The French are usually short where. The hair left should only reach the chin. The French bob is ideally shorter than the typical bob. You can wear the French bob endlessly as it is easy maintenance and can be styled differently every day to create versatility.

  1. Blunt Bangs

The blunt bangs are just a diversion from the typical bangs in short haircuts. The difference is that the tips of the bangs are left blunt, unlike the case with typical bangs.

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