Pairing suitable jewellery styles with your outfit is an art, as every piece of jewellery seeks to elevate your look and personality. So, when choosing jewellery, you need prudence and practicality to complement your outfits and the occasion. However, there is an easy way to play safe and choose a fine jewellery piece that complements every outfit.

Choosing your preference for fine jewellery in Ireland allows you to elevate your look in regular wear or complement your stunning ensemble during specific occasions. But, whatever you choose, make sure you choose a sleek, comfortable, and timeless design. To help you with your selection, here are some designs that are forever trendy and classy:

  • Curved diamond pendant: It is said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. One such jewellery design that is adorned by women all over the world is curved diamond pendants. The curved pendant sits on the neckline, giving an elegant look, and making it much more attractive. These pendants are worn globally as the white-gold colour of the metal looks great with cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, satin blouses and off-shoulder dresses. Though a white gold curved diamond pendant goes with every colour, it looks its best when worn with black.
  • White gold diamond pendant: A diamond pendant is a jewellery item cherished lifelong by women. It is a quintessential piece of jewellery every woman receives at a wedding or anniversary and has a sentimental value attached to it. A white gold chain with a pendant makes the necklace even more classy. It is an elegant jewellery item worn on special occasions and moments, especially during the themed parties of the wedding season. 
  • Teardrop diamond necklace: A square or circular pendant is traditional, but a teardrop diamond necklace is modern. Teardrop pendants and teardrop earrings are in demand because these accessories complement every outfit. It pairs best with V-cut and boat necklines complementing office shirts, blazers, formal dresses, and party dresses. When paired with teardrop earrings, it gives an extra jazz that makes up for a perfect party look.
  • Solitaire diamond platinum ring: A solitaire diamond ring is a stunning addition to casual outfits or formal wear. Due to its white colour, it complements every outfit colour as well. A 4 claw setting with an oval or square diamond piece forges an exquisite ring design that complements the finger. When worn with coats, blazers and jumpsuits, it gives an edgy look to the outfit. Whereas, when worn with dresses and bridal outfits, it makes the overall look stunning.
  • Eternity rings: As new concepts of fashion come in, we see recent trends in jewellery and outfits. However, eternity rings have been in fashion since the 18th century, and we have seen them paired with almost every outfit- from ball gowns to wedding dresses. It is no secret that an eternity ring is a piece of jewellery you can invest in blindly. Moreover, celebrities and influencers are giving us ideas to pair this beautiful chunk of jewellery with your outfits. 
  • Diamond G studs: As the trends in jewellery change, women are shifting their taste from flashy, chunky jewellery to minimalistic ones. And diamond G studs tick all the criteria. As they are studs, they can be worn with office outfits to meetings, dresses to parties or even T-shirts to brunches. These earrings add subtle jazz to any outfit and make it glamorous.
  • Diamond link bracelet: A bracelet is a great way to express your personal style, and many lovely variations are available to make you stand out from the crowd. The newest designs in this diamond-studded jewellery complement every outfit and thus is an excellent choice for work or party wear. Simple designs like the G bracelet or micro set diamond bracelets to go well with formal outfits. In contrast, the link designs and the line bracelets are more suited to party and wedding outfits.

Choosing the right jewellery design and style for your daily and occasional wear is absolutely important for making the right impression. The aforementioned jewellery styles could complement your varied outfits impeccably well.

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