V part wigs are full wigs that can be attached to your head with clips, leaving a small v-shaped opening at the top, giving you the ability to blend your hair into the wig. A v part wig is perfect for those who are often looking for a way to enhance their natural look while maintaining their natural hairline along the way.

V part wigs also work well for those who prefer to wear a sew-in/sew-in look without going through the installation process of braiding and sewing. V part wigs serve as a great alternative to sew-ins because, if installed incorrectly, the sew-in thread can pull your hair tightly, causing hair follicle damage. V part wigs are also quick to install once your hair is prepped, leaving you looking fabulous and ready to go in minutes. Visiting your hair stylist/salon does not require taking off work or missing out on fun events.

“V parts are great because they’re a glueless wig, easy to install and remove, and are a great way to try out a new wig style quickly”

V part wigs are great because they allow you to try a new style in a low-risk environment, then if you go through the traditional sew-in installation process. Also, if you’re not ready to make the leap to lace wigs or frontals/don’t want to manage lace every day, V part wigs work as a great alternative. They are an excellent glueless solution: they can be applied without using adhesives / glues.

How to Choose the Right V Part Wig

When choosing a v part wig, you want to consider your lifestyle and its purpose. As mentioned above, a v part wig gives you the ability to blend in with your natural hair, so choose one that suits your daily routine, or one that will make you look fabulous in minutes. Allow when you want. Isee Hair offers v part wigs in very straight, kinky straight and very wavy in a variety of colors and lengths to suit you. Feel free to exercise your options today.

Tips on how to wear a v part wig

The beauty of a v part wig is that it’s flexible, so you can treat it like a sew-in. The wig can be tied using a side or middle parting. The part will not change the construction of the wig, which is great for versatility.

To apply a V part wig, you can style your hair in braids, twists or ponytails, leaving your natural hair around your head and leaving the desired part out (sides vs. middle). If applicable, leave enough hair to braid two cornrows outside of your natural hair. Thus, the clips have a base to secure the wig.

The way you style your v part wig depends on the wig and your hair texture. One factor to consider is the use of heat, if applicable. Heat can be used to curl or straighten the hair to blend in with the v part wig. Other ways to blend your hair with a v part wig depend on the texture of the v part wig, including braids, twists, or water and moisturizing products if applicable. Treat your v part wig like your natural hair, because it’s yours.

A v part wig is amazing because of its ease of application and removal. You can sleep in your v part wig if you choose, but you can also take it off your head when you’re ready. One of the best features of this wig type is its low maintenance.

Why should you consider buying one?

V parts are great because they’re non-adhesive, easy to install and remove, and are a great way to try out new wig styles quickly. For those of you who are always on the go, v part wigs are the perfect way to get you ready in minutes! No more skipping work or missing social events to visit your hairstylist or salon. V part wigs are also a great alternative to the high-tension experience that sew-in weaves can often bring. With easy-to-use clips, simply leave the hair around your head out, and clip in your new locks for a fuller, longer look. V part wigs are a great way to enhance your natural look.

Ready to shop? Isee Hair has V part wigs here. This tailor made V part wig has the same custom fit that our customers know and trust from our HD lace wigs. This new v part wig is still designed to fit your head and lifestyle perfectly—without having to manage laces on a daily basis. We’ve just made a major change: this new v part wig leaves a minimal amount of your natural hair for a seamless blend into your new locks.

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