Backless Tanktop – How to wear them well?

A backless tanktop is one of the garments that we like to use the most on hot days. And it is these types of garments that give us not only comfort but also that freshness that we appreciate so much on those hot summer days.

At Solado, we have created a vast selection of backless tops of which you will surely love some of them. As always, you will be able to see the entire collection of our brands where blouses are always the protagonists in summer.

Backless Tanktop – How to wear them well?

The backless tanktop is a plunging neckline placed in the back and allows to highlight the feminine lines. This charming asset is not lacking in audacity! In summer, we abuse these cuts offering lightness and well-being, whether they adorn a dress, a top, a blouse, or a tunic. With Solado, discover the latest trends and let yourself be carried away by the backless, fun, and sexy wave.

The different styles of current backs and trends:

The bare back is regularly taken up by designers to create sumptuous wedding dresses or bewitching evening dresses. Opt for a rather wise look with a bare back in the shape of a drop of water, a heart, or marked by a subtle slit.

The bareback can be found on short or long dresses and can be V-shaped, bordered or not by lace, braids, shells… The bareback with modern lace is our darling: romantic, even a slightly poetic, and above all top trend without overdoing it!

Even more, plunging, the “butterfly neckline” draws a diamond shape at the back of the garment and reveals the entire central part of the back to the bottom of the kidneys. Seductive silhouette guaranteed!

Particularly graphic, tied laces and ribbons can enrich your bare back, forming a pretty geometric figure, very attractive. The back is immediately sculpted and the silhouette is perfectly highlighted.

Finally, the simple bustier-style bare back can be simply attached at the neck with an embroidered strip of fabric for a touch of modernity and refinement.

Bare backs on tops and tunics:

The backless tops are revisited each season to be even more creative and daring and stick perfectly to trends. Bareback tops are no exception to the rule! Closed with a large bow or a cord around your waist, the bareback neckline will transform a basic plain, patterned, striped, or polka dot top into an outfit that stands out. And why not dare to wear asymmetrical sleeves or drop down the shoulders or two piece pants and top set for an even more stylish outfit?

Backless tanktops on jumpsuits and playsuits:

If you want to highlight your sensuality and seduce straightforwardly, the jumpsuit open at the back will be your ally. Whether it’s a playsuit or a jumpsuit, the bareback will make your outfit ultra-feminine! The ideal compromise to adopt without hesitation this summer for aperitifs by the water.

What are the pros and cons of a backless tanktop?

Inspirational clothing sets the tone for an entire season. With bare backs, the choices multiply: dresses, jumpsuits, tops in different materials… play on their difference to put you at the center of attention.

The advantages of bare backs are numerous:

– The neckline in the back is sufficient in itself. No need to choose a garment with many details, you are already noticed.

– This style allows you to be sexy without vulgarity: you reveal your back and not your chest… Much classier!

– Adaptations are possible for all morphologies and nothing is enough to accessorize.

No matter how hard we look, there are not many disadvantages. As soon as the sun is out or the room reserved for the festivities is well heated, you will not regret having chosen a bare back. But the biggest problem with the backless garment is that it is usually light and does not cover certain parts of the body. It is therefore difficult to wear it in winter unless you accompany it with a vest or a warm cardigan.

On what occasion wear a bareback?

Sumptuous in the evening, the fluid or close-fitting dress with a low back will make you stand out at cocktail parties, buffets, and other late-night parties. Prefer a sober color so as not to add too much! The choice of material will also weigh heavily in the balance since you must be able to move and remain free to move.

Creative, the bare back is not reserved for formal evenings and ceremonies, quite the contrary. The beach, the holidays, the seaside, and the countryside are good opportunities to show off your little backless dress with lace or ruffles, your fluid jumpsuit open in the back, etc.

An open back neckline for the day:

During the day, bare backs are more relaxed and are available in many ways: in pastel colors, with very colorful patterns, by defining a graphic cutout, or by combining several materials. Those reserved for the summer can sometimes be perfect worn over a swimsuit.

With a bareback which bra?

Combining a backless dress and a bra is not that complicated: some will look for a simple backless solution to make everyday life easier and others will prefer a more sophisticated system. So, with a backless dress, which bra should you choose? For special occasions, as for everyday life, opt for a specific bra:

– Strapless microfiber support with silicone bands for good support.

– A corset style bra, adjustable and adhesive.

– A special halter top with a low tie.

– Or a bra with straps and transparent fastening bands.

Visit and explore through a wide range of backless tanktop with other outfits at the affordable prices!


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