What Machines Are Used To Extract Cannabis Oil?

You have decided to enter the cannabis oil field – it’s a rapidly growing one that looks to continue to expand. There are a lot of logistics to consider… and the main one is picking the right machine to do the extraction process. There are several processes and you need to know how big these machines are and how pricey they can be – ranging from $500 to $500,000 .

It’s important to research different types of cannabis extraction equipment so that you can be sure to get the one that suits your needs, your budget, and your space situation.

Alcohol-Based Extraction

This method, which has the cannabis soaked in ethanol, is usually done with below-freezing temperatures, hence its title “Chilled”. There are ways to do it with warm alcohol, too. People like how clean it can be and its efficiency.

There are cons to both cold and warm alcohol-based extraction. The chilled one requires freezing temps for a good amount of time and the warm ones can also leave a bitter taste afterward. There’s a danger of flammability with warmer temperatures and it can also be difficult to reach complete purity.

CO2 Extraction

The machine uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract cannabis oil from the plant. There are three types – supercritical, subcritical, and mild critical. Most machines use the supercritical, since that gets the best results.

While it is the most popular method for extracting oils, it does have a higher initial cost to buy the machine than an alcohol-based one, which can be important when it comes to your budget. There is also a chance that it can damage the cannabinoid.

Butane Extraction

This time, butane is used to extract the oil from the plant. It is hard to automate, though.

One pro is that it tends to leave a lot of the taste behind, whereas the other processes tend to weaken it. The biggest con is that this is the most flammable of the solvents, so if you do use it, always be ready.

The industry is always changing and there are other options, like ice water extraction, that may become feasible. Before you go further in your buying process, be sure to look at what you can realistically afford and how you can store it without it being crowded.