Top 5 Tips to a Modern Home

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought, Wow! What a modern space. When it comes to home decor, there are so many options on how to decorate your place that it can get overwhelming. If you want to achieve the look of a modern space without the high price tag, try these simple tips that will help you bring the look of modern living into your home.

Choose the Right Paint

A good paint job is often overlooked when modernizing your home, but picking out an appropriate color can make all of the difference. Colors can be disruptive or calming, so take some time deciding which will provide you with peace. For example, modern decor typically features cool colors that are easy on your eyes and look good against white furniture. 

Avoid dark blue and green shades unless you’re looking for an artistic or sci-fi style look; instead, opt for softer hues like white or gray if possible. Don’t choose two complementary colors in a room, for example, yellow walls and purple ceilings. Instead, add accents such as throw pillows or paintings that include bolder colors to complement your overall scheme without overwhelming it.

Create Symmetry with Furniture Placement

A good first step when trying to achieve symmetry in your home is by placing a central island or other pieces of furniture that you want your eye naturally gravitate towards. If you already have cabinetry, place that object in your field of vision and use it as your center point. 

Depending on how many windows you have in your sitting area, try placing smaller tables and chairs along walls on either side where they intersect with your center focal point. In your kitchen, get stylish cabinets to add more attraction. This idea will contribute a bigger percentage to making your home look modern.

Use Art for Decoration and Emphasis

With clean lines and simple functionality, modern decor focuses on what really matters: design, art and function. Create an open space in your home by opening up walls and removing unnecessary furniture, old frames and calendars. Add pops of color with artwork or furniture. 

Artwork is one of the best ways to add warmth and character to a room without making it feel cluttered. Also, if you already have pieces you love, don’t shy away from reusing them. And finally, keep your decor simple; each piece should be distinctly unique but blend together as one cohesive whole. This idea will create a classic look, and your home will look modern.

Add texture

If you have dark floors and cabinets, add texture by painting your walls a light color that will blend well. Floor-to-ceiling white paint can really open up a room. Try using some colors from flooring or countertops as accent colors in your kitchen, but avoid bringing them up onto walls where they will become overwhelming. 

If you want to stay light but add interest, use two different shades of one tone, like two slightly different blues or grays on opposite walls of an open room. This is an easy way to draw attention to focal points while letting other areas recede into background noise. 

You can also create depth with darker colors on a lower wall, which gives visual weight that draws eyes upward toward ceiling-height windows or art. Alternatively, you can add texture to your kitchen by getting dark-colored Italian kitchen cabinetry when your kitchen has bright paintings.

Go Bold on Kitchen Appliances

If you are going for a minimalist kitchen aesthetic, why not go all-in? Instead of using only your oven, opt for a convection oven ideal for cooking multiple dishes at once. Your microwave doesn’t need to be on top of your range; you can move it under a cabinet. 

Replace as many appliances as possible with smart countertop models. You can install them yourself or hire an electrician to do it. Once they are installed, use Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands to set timers, change temperatures and adjust cooking modes and never touch a knob again after the setup is done.


After reading this article, you will realize that coming up with a modern home is no longer a headache. Getting the right paint for your home, both externally and internally, will impact its appearance. Adding decor art also gives your home a stylish and modern look and also adds some texture to it. You can also opt to go for bold kitchen appliances to attract attention and blend them with light colors, preferably on your kitchen walls.

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