Pleasing a woman is a skill; you can hone like any other skill. The first step to pleasing your woman and ensuring that she gets maximum sexual satisfaction is turning her on before you get started on an online sex video chat.

This article is your complete guide to turning her on in and out of the bedroom.

Turning Her on Outside the Bedroom

Most people make the mistake of waiting until they are in the bedroom to start foreplay. However, you can start things up much earlier. Below are some ways to make a woman wet and get her to crave you outside the bedroom.

·      Talk to Her With Your Eyes

You do not always need your voice to speak. Long and intense gazes in public can communicate the right message to your woman. Experts believe that long gazes, up to two minutes at a time, can promote sexual arousal.

When you are out on a date in the evening, stare intensely into her eyes, so she can get a clear message long before you go to the bedroom.

·      Engage in Body Contact as Much as You Can

Physical contact isn’t limited to when it’s time for sex. You should strive to stay close to your woman and touch her as much as possible outside the bedroom. For example, stroke her hair and give her a peck on her cheeks randomly.

Kiss her as frequently as you can. When you kiss, put one palm on her face, so your fingers touch her neck. The second hand should be around her waist.

·      Find Out Her Sexual Fantasies

Talk to your woman about her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies without judgment. Ensure she is comfortable enough to share these secrets with you and take note of them. Initiate these conversations naturally and when you both have some privacy. Talk to her about exploring some of these fantasies and paint vivid pictures of how you intend to fulfill them.

·      Engage in Online Sex Video Chat

Thanks to technological advancements, distance is no longer a barrier to sexual pleasures. If you are far from each other, you can still turn your woman on through online sex video chat. Schedule a time for a video chat and tell her to wear something sexy. To increase arousal, touch yourself and ask her to touch yourself during video chat. You should also do your best to look sexy and talk dirty during the video call.

Turning Her on In the Bedroom

There are different types of foreplay in the bedroom, and your choice will depend on what your woman likes. Below is a blueprint to help you turn her on and make her beg to feel you inside her.

·      Set the Mood

Whether you are having sex with her for the first or 200th time, setting the mood is essential. Some women are sensitive to their environments, and external factors distract them. Set the mood for sex in your bedroom by turning on dim blue lights. Lite scented candles with aphrodisiac aromas, and make sure your bed has clean sheets.

·      Learn to Talk Dirty

Auditory stimuli are among the best for promoting arousal. Learn to compliment your woman and talk dirty to her before and during sex. However, note that there is a big difference between talking dirty and disrespecting your woman. When you speak in the bedroom, try to make your voice as sexy as possible. It helps to ask her if she loves dirty talk and what type she enjoys.

·      Use Your Hands and Lips

While penetration may be the pinnacle of sex, it is just a tiny fraction of intimacy. Before you even think of penetration, caress her entire body with your hands and lips. Start with a deep kiss on her lips and work your way to her ear.

Play with her ears a little and move down to her neck. You must caress her slowly if you want her to turn her on before penetration. As you move your lips down from her neck, kiss her slowly until you reach her breast. Massage one breast with one hand and suck the second with your mount.

The Climax

After successfully turning your woman on and getting her to beg you for it, place the icing on the cake with penetration. You will find that your woman will stay aroused throughout the penetrative sex and enjoy multiple orgasms. Also, you will have a more satisfying sexual experience if your woman is wet and excited throughout the process.

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