The Concept of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a unique concept that allows customers to create their own personalized teddy bears. Founded in 1997 by Maxine Clark, the first Build-A-Bear Workshop was located in the Saint Louis Galleria in Missouri. The concept quickly gained popularity and has since expanded to over 500 locations worldwide.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience

Visiting a Build-A-Bear Workshop is not just about buying a stuffed animal; it’s an experience that creates memories that will last a lifetime. Upon arrival, customers are greeted by friendly staff who guide them through the process of creating their bear. They start by choosing an unstuffed bear or animal, then move on to the stuffing station where they can make their bear as soft or firm as they like. After stuffing, customers choose an outfit for their bear, which includes a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

Personalization and Customization

One of the most unique aspects of Build-A-Bear Workshop is the ability to personalize and customize your bear. Customers can add a personalized voice message, select a scent to be added to their bear, and even add a heart to their bear that they can make a wish on. The options for customization are endless, making each bear a truly unique creation.

Educational and Charitable Initiatives

Build-A-Bear Workshop also has a strong focus on education and charitable initiatives. They offer various programs for schools and organizations that teach children about the importance of giving back to their communities. They also have a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and offer a line of endangered animal plush toys, with a portion of the proceeds going towards conservation efforts.

A Place for All Ages

Build-A-Bear Workshop is not just for kids; it’s a place for people of all ages to enjoy. Many adults visit Build-A-Bear Workshop to create a special gift for a loved one or to relive childhood memories. The store also offers a range of bears and animals that are geared toward adults, including sports teams, movie characters, and more.

Online Experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop

With the rise of e-commerce, Build-A-Bear Workshop has also expanded its reach by offering an online experience for customers. The website allows customers to create their own stuffed animals and have them shipped directly to their homes. The online experience also includes a virtual workshop where customers can choose their bear, customize it, and even give it a name. This allows customers to enjoy the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience from the comfort of their own homes.

The website also offers a wide range of exclusive products that are not available in-store. This includes limited edition bears and clothing items that are only available online. Customers can also choose to purchase gift cards or e-gift cards that can be used both in-store and online.

One of the unique features of the online experience is the ability to design and customize your own virtual bear. This allows customers to experiment with different designs and outfits before committing to purchasing their physical bear. The virtual workshop also offers interactive games and activities for children to enjoy.

The online experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop has expanded its reach and accessibility, allowing more customers to enjoy the magical experience of creating their own personalized stuffed animals.

Build-A-Party Experience

In addition to the traditional Build-A-Bear Workshop experience, the store also offers a Build-A-Party experience for birthdays and special occasions. The party experience includes a private party room where guests can create their own bears or animals, choose an outfit, and even decorate a personalized t-shirt for their bear.

The party package includes a party leader who guides guests through the workshop experience and leads interactive games and activities. The package also includes a special birthday ceremony where the birthday child gets to make a wish on a heart and receive a special birthday sticker.

The Build-A-Party experience also offers a range of customizable packages that include food, drinks, and party favors. This allows parents to sit back and relax while their children enjoy a unique and memorable birthday party experience.

The Build-A-Party experience is not just limited to children’s parties; it can also be customized for bridal showers, baby showers, and even corporate events. The party experience offers a unique and interactive way to celebrate special occasions and create lasting memories.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Build-A-Bear Workshop

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Build-A-Bear Workshop has implemented a range of safety measures to protect its customers and staff. The stores have increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures and have placed hand sanitizing stations throughout the store. Staff members wear masks and encourage customers to do the same.

To minimize contact and reduce the risk of transmission, the store has also implemented a contactless bear-making process. Customers can still stuff their own bears, but the process is done with the assistance of a staff member to reduce the handling of equipment. The store also offers a curbside pickup option for online orders, allowing customers to safely and conveniently receive their purchases without having to enter the store.

In addition, the store has also introduced virtual party experiences, allowing customers to celebrate special occasions from the safety of their own homes. These virtual parties include a party leader who guides guests through the bear-making process and leads interactive games and activities.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has prioritized the safety of its customers and staff while still providing the same unique and memorable experience that customers have come to love. The store’s adaptability and commitment to safety have helped it continue to thrive during these uncertain times.

Future of Build-A-Bear Workshop

As Build-A-Bear Workshop looks to the future, the store has continued to innovate and evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers. In addition to the online experience and party packages, the store has also expanded its product offerings to include a wider range of licensed characters and collaborations with popular brands.

The store has also introduced new technologies to enhance the bear-making experience. One example is Build-A-Bear Radio, a music streaming service that plays family-friendly tunes and allows customers to request their favorite songs while in-store.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has also expanded its presence in international markets, with stores now located in over 20 countries. This expansion has allowed the store to introduce its unique concept and experience to new audiences around the world.

As technology continues to advance, Build-A-Bear Workshop is also exploring the use of augmented reality and other digital experiences to enhance the in-store experience. This innovation and willingness to adapt have positioned Build-A-Bear Workshop for continued success and growth in the future.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Commitment to Sustainability

As consumers become more conscious of their impact on the environment, Build-A-Bear Workshop has made a commitment to sustainability. The store has introduced a range of eco-friendly products, including stuffed animals made from recycled materials and packaging made from biodegradable materials.

In addition to its product offerings, Build-A-Bear Workshop has also implemented sustainable practices in its stores. This includes using energy-efficient lighting and implementing recycling programs for materials like paper, plastic, and cardboard.

The store’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its own operations. Build-A-Bear Workshop has also partnered with organizations like Terracycle to provide a recycling program for customers to dispose of their old stuffed animals in an eco-friendly manner.

As a leader in the retail industry, Build-A-Bear Workshop’s commitment to sustainability sets a positive example and encourages other companies to prioritize sustainable practices.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Positive Impact on Mental Health

The Build-A-Bear Workshop experience has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health. The process of creating a personalized stuffed animal can be therapeutic and calming for individuals of all ages.

In a study conducted by the University of Sheffield, it was found that creating a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop helped to reduce stress and anxiety levels in participants. The study also found that the experience promoted feelings of relaxation, happiness, and wellbeing.

The store’s focus on personalization and customization also allows individuals to express themselves and their creativity in a unique way. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may struggle with traditional forms of self-expression.

In addition to its impact on individual mental health, Build-A-Bear Workshop has also used its platform to promote mental health awareness and support. The store has partnered with organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness to raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Inclusivity Efforts

Build-A-Bear Workshop has made efforts to be inclusive and promote diversity in its product offerings and marketing. The store offers a range of bears and animals that represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds, including African-American, Hispanic, and Asian heritage.

In addition to its product offerings, Build-A-Bear Workshop has also made efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in its stores. The store has implemented training programs for its staff members to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity. This includes training on topics like cultural competency, unconscious bias, and microaggressions.

The store has also partnered with organizations like GLAAD and the Trevor Project to support the LGBTQ+ community and promote acceptance and inclusivity.

By prioritizing inclusivity and diversity, Build-A-Bear Workshop is creating a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds to come together and create magical memories.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropy has always been a core value of Build-A-Bear Workshop. The store has partnered with a variety of organizations to support charitable causes, including children’s hospitals, animal rescue organizations, and disaster relief efforts.

The store’s charitable efforts have included donating stuffed animals to children in need, fundraising for charities through the sale of limited edition bears, and partnering with organizations to promote important causes.

One example of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s philanthropic efforts is its partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The store has raised millions of dollars for the organization through the sale of limited edition bears and other initiatives.

In addition to its partnerships with charities, Build-A-Bear Workshop has also introduced a range of initiatives to promote giving back and community involvement. This includes programs for schools and organizations that promote volunteerism and community service.

Through its philanthropic efforts, Build-A-Bear Workshop is making a positive impact on the world and setting an example for other companies to follow.


In conclusion, Build-A-Bear Workshop is more than just a store; it’s an experience that creates magical memories. With its focus on personalization, customization, education, and charity, Build-A-Bear Workshop is a place where people of all ages can come together to create something special. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or just want to relive childhood memories, Build-A-Bear Workshop is the perfect place to do so.

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