6 fabulous ways to begin your day the right way

According to studies, 92% of highly successful people worldwide said to have a morning routine.

How you start your morning makes a marked difference to how to spend your entire day. That’s why you must also follow a morning routine that helps you reach your goals.

Of course, if you don’t have a routine yet, this change might be hard to follow. But remember that human beings are a creature of habit. So, if you try hard enough and have your ultimate goals in mind, you can bring the desirable change.

But, if you’re confused about where to begin, here are a few simple things you can teach to set the tone for a wonderful day.

  1. Ditch the Smartphone first thing in the morning

Most people nowadays check their smartphones first thing in the morning. They check their private messages and work emails or mindlessly scroll through social media. If you are one of them, Stop!

This habit only gives you a reactive mindset, whereas you should begin your day with a proactive mindset. During the first hour of the day, you should be in a state of inner peace, not a defensive state of mind.

Therefore, stay detached from technology for at least one hour after waking up and cultivate positive focus and present-moment awareness. 

  1. Drink Warm Water To Begin your Day Afresh

According to the Indian science of wellness, Ayurveda, one should begin the day by drinking warm water with lemon juice. 

This method helps hydrate the body, provides vitamin C, and removes any toxins that might have built up in the digestive tract overnight. It stimulates digestion and metabolism, aids weight loss, and refreshes your breath.

  1. Remember to Practice Gratitude

This practice is to be done while you are still in bed. Make it a point to smile for a few minutes first thing in the morning and remember what you are grateful for.

Smiling gives your brain the command to release the feel-good hormones. Your heart rate lowers, your body relaxes, and your mood is lifted.

When you practice reflecting on what you are grateful for, it improves your mood, reduces stress hormones, and has multiple benefits.

  1. Take Time To Sit for Meditation

Meditating is just not for spiritual believers. It is a way to get grounded and train your emotions and mind. Incorporate it into your daily morning routine to notice a marked difference in how you deal with your day.

You can also make clear intentions for your day while meditating. You might also get insights when you calm your mind down and focus on it for a while.

Sitting erect and noticing your breath and body sensations can be a good place to start. Do it for five minutes, and you can increase it as per your comfort and availability of time.

  1. Drink a Good Cup of Coffee

Coffee gives you great energy to start the day with and boosts brain functions like mood, memory, energy level, and reaction time.

Warm coffee also plays a significant role in helping you burn fat. Moreover, it reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, rectal cancer, and more. It is also filled with nutritious antioxidants.

So, drink good quality coffee like Nespresso Pods to lift your mood instantly. This will also help to sustain a positive mindset throughout the day.

  1. Make a point to move your body

Whether a brisk morning walk is your jam or high-intensity workouts, make it a point to move your body in the morning. You can also do yoga exercises or dance. 

You don’t need a complicated, intense, or long workout routine, but showing up every day will have a marked impact on your body, mind, and spirit.

Physical activity in the morning will amp up your blood circulation, boost your metabolism, and clear your mental chatter. It will also keep the body in shape and help you to build strength and stamina.


Follow these simple steps, and you’ll improve your quality of life and mood, which will help you improve.

When you start your day right, you can make every day count and become more productive. So start small but stay steady, and you will reap benefits quickly.

Nicolas Desjardins

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