Reasons why buying a bubbler is better than buying full-size bong

If you are an avid smoker, you often prefer to smoke from a bong. A bong is arguably the most convenient smoking accessory that one can use. It is pretty straightforward to use; all you need to do is put in some water along with your herbs and enjoy the smoke.

However, many people find bongs to be big, and they are not portable as well. So, bubblers have become the new “It”.

A bubbler is a substitute for a full-size bong but in a relatively smaller size. Bubblers work the same way a bong does, but since they have a small bowl and chamber, their smoke is perfect for taking more potent hits. The smoke may be less from a bubbler, but it is powerful.

You must be wondering how to use bubbler

The best way to smoke from a bubbler is to inhale the smoke slowly. In a full-size bong, you can inhale the smoke quickly, but a bubbler burns slower, and since the chamber is small, the smoke is also less.

Here are some reasons why buying a bubbler is better than buying a bong.

  • More designs.

A bubbler is a smaller piece of glass, so designers can get creative and spruce it up as they like. It is easier to design and customize than a full-size bong because of its small size.

So, you will be le to find a bubbler in many designs all over the internet.

Consider buying a glass one from a reputed online headshop.

In addition to various designs, you can find a bubbler in different shapes. Many headshops have bubblers in the form of a candle or the style of a cup.

  • Portability

When you buy a big glass bong, you will not be able to take it out of your home without the risk of breaking it.

Breaking a full-size glass bong could prove to be an expensive affair. On the other hand, you can take your bubbler anywhere as long as you pack it well.

It can easily fit into a small backpack, and you do not need much water to put into its bowl.

It makes it the perfect smoking accessory to take on your hiking trips or camping.

Once you know how to use a bubbler, you can take it anywhere you travel.

  • Affordable

A glass bong is quite an expensive smoking accessory. If you are a beginner, investing money into a full-size glass bong may not be the best idea.

A bubbler is as effective as a bong but almost costs half the amount of a traditional glass bong making bubblers one of the most affordable glass smoking accessories.

  • Better airflow

Nowadays, most bongs do not have a carburettor or carb that improves the airflow inside the chamber.

It is a tiny hole at the side of the chamber that you can cover to block the smoke inside to let it build up inside, and once you are ready to take the hit, you can uncover the carb and inhale all the smoke.

So, if you are looking for a bong, you must consider buying a bubbler over a full-size bong to enjoy its portability, cost-effectiveness, better airflow, and a much better hit.

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