Perfect Ways to Store Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are a quick and easy method to get your cannabis dose. Unlike vaping and smoking, which produce a noticeable odor and smoke clouds, consuming a cannabis-infused product is far more discrete. Among the most popular cannabis delicacies are cookies, space cakes, and hash brownies, but they’re far from the only ones. Cannabis edibles may be as unusual and diverse as you want them to be. If you’re new to cannabis edibles, you may be wondering how should cannabis edibles be stored. 

When storing your stash, you all know that weed boxes are the best choice for maintaining the quality and freshness. Storing cannabis edibles is usually determined by the type of product. However, some storage guidelines apply to all varieties of cannabis edibles. The storing can be simple, and if you do it correctly, you’ll significantly extend their longevity. 

Learn how to store your favorite edibles so that your cannabis goodies never go bad, but stay potent and fresh. 

Store Your Cannabis Edibles in Containers

When it comes to edibles like gummies, candies, or baked products, airflow is the last thing you want since it can cause moisture loss, staleness, and poor texture. As a result, one of the best storage places for them is in an airtight container. You can wrap tiny quantities of sticky edibles in parchment paper (wax paper or aluminum foil), then put these individually wrapped pieces inside a Ziploc bag. Finally, place the Ziploc bags in an airtight container. 

You can also use glass jars like mason jars to store cannabis edibles. These are pretty effective, but it depends on what you want to store. For example, cannabis products that don’t adhere to the glass will perform well in vacuum-sealed jars that are then stored in dry storage space. Moreover, silicone containers are ideal for short-term edibles storage. To minimize moisture accumulation, use a container comparable in size to the amount of the product you intend to store.

Keep Your Cannabis Edibles Away From Light

Exposure to light is one of the quickest ways to break down cannabis edibles into non-psychoactive forms. So, light is an enemy of THC. The moment cannabis buds get used as an ingredient in edibles, they won’t do well exposed to light anymore. Light will degrade products like oils, cannabutter, and other cannabis edibles. 

The edibles will be damaged if kept in excessive sunlight. That’s why storing your cannabis products in an opaque container is best to keep the light away. In addition, the UV rays provide a warm environment for the cannabis edible to bask in, which can lead to bacterial development.

Store Your Edibles at the Right Temperature 

With almost any food, a warm climate will either foster the growth of mold and other germs or cause your food to dry up. Placing your edibles in a warm, possibly humid area promotes condensation droplets, which means they’ll grow moldy much faster than if stored somewhere cooler.

Heat can reduce the efficacy of your edibles and ruin their delightful flavor. It may also melt items like chocolate and candy. While they can become solid again, they won’t have the same effects, taste, or texture.

Freeze or Refrigerate Your Cannabis Edibles

Cooler temperatures are preferable when it comes to any type of food. You can store many concentrates or edibles in the freezer for months without losing their flavor or quality. However, we advise you to thaw your products slowly after taking them out of the freezer since abrupt temperature changes might affect the taste. You can store baked products in the pantry for a few days, but you may keep them in the freezer or fridge for longer. 

You can store shelf-stable beverages at room temperature, but it’s best to refrigerate them after opening. In addition, remember that when freezing chocolate, you may notice a white coating. But don’t worry, this is a reaction from the sugar going to the surface after absorbing moisture due to the cold. The important thing is that it won’t affect the flavor. 

Wrapping Up

With all of this information, we can conclude that the safest method to keep your cannabis edibles is in a dark, cold environment in a well-sealed container. These are the basic rules, but recommendations may differ based on the sort of edible you’re storing. However, our few suggestions for storing cannabis edibles have been tried and are proven to keep them tasty and fresh. 

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