Harvesting, Curing and Storing High-THC Weed Seeds

Saving seeds feels homespun. Like something your grandmother might have done—not necessarily for cannabis plants (unless she was super cool) but maybe for what she lovingly referred to as her favorite, “heirloom tomatoes.”

The heirloom plant concept exists well beyond produce, however. And it’s not just a folksy way to prepare for the next growth cycle. People who are serious about their plants know all too well that identifying strong plant lines can go a long way toward improving your crop yields. 

Whether you’re an amateur, who wants only the best of the best, or a seasoned pro, there are lots of reasons to harvest, cure, and store your highest THC seeds. In this article, we look at what kind of benefits you might experience and what it will take to get yourself set up with https://askgrowers.com/seeds/thc.

Why You Should Seed-Save

Seed saving is an old gardening tradition. Farmers, both amateur and professional, have done it since the very dawn of agriculture for two simple reasons.

  • It saves money. You might have noticed—THC seeds for sale aren’t cheap. You pay for the tech that goes into developing the strains to the point that they’ve gotten—a significant feat to be sure. But you are also paying for the novelty and demand of it. This is the first time in recent history that it is legally viable to order seeds online and grow them at home. That’s an opportunity that seed manufacturers are going to bank on.
  • It’s the best way to get predictable results. This is the reason growers have saved seeds even long before it was an economic consideration. Gardens are unpredictable places. Seed-saving stirs in smuch-needededed predictability. Over time, this means that you can theoretically produce better and better plants each year by only selecting to save seeds from your highest-performing plants. It’s a process that gets more rewarding the longer you do it.

If you are interested in participating in the long and fruitful tradition of seed-saving, the process is pretty easy. Read on to learn more.

How Cannabis Plants Produce Seeds

For the most part, cannabis plants are gendered. Female plants bear seeds. Male plants pollinate them. There are rare exceptions, but this is the basic formula that you need to follow to get a seed-producing cannabis plant.

Put these two features together, and you will find that your female cannabis plant produces many seeds throughout the duration of its productive life. I Love Growing Marijuana company is one of the best to get your seeds.

That said, good seed saving is a timed proposition. You want to harvest your seeds when the plant is fully matured. That way, you ensure that you will get high-performing seeds from a plant that you love.

Keep in mind that the seeds themselves may mature slower than the flower. It takes about two months for cannabis flowers to mature. Cannabis seeds are usually ready for harvest two weeks after your harvest.

To harvest seeds:

  • Dry out the plant. Cannabis seeds are contained within the flower, which is why it is ideal to harvest the seeds once the plant has been cut for the drying process. Cannabis is always easiest to work with when the plant is dry and brittle to the touch. Usually, this is achieved approximately two weeks after the plant has been cut.
  • Break up the bud. Once you have harvested the plant, it is time to break up the bud. The best way to do this is to gently use your fingers, allowing the flower to crumble into moderate-sized chunks.
  • Harvest the seeds. Now that the plant has been broken up, you should find that many seeds were lurking within your flower. Separate them, and prepare for the storage stage of this process.

Remember to be gentle during the process described above. Cannabis plants have many useful components that can be damaged as you try to harvest the seeds. For example, trichomes. Consider using a screen to collect any trichomes that may fall during the harvest process. It’s not a mandatory step, but you will be glad you did if your intention is to use every part of the plant.
Storing your weed seeds

The best way to store your weed seeds will depend on the duration. For shorter-term storage, you may get the job done by selecting a dry, air-tight container and placing it in a cool, dark corner of your house for safekeeping.

For longer-term storage, it is possible to freeze cannabis auto flower seeds high THC. In this case, you will want to use an airless, freezer-safe bag.

In all situations, the idea is to limit your seed’s level of exposure to things like light, air, moisture, and oxygen, all of which can speed up its deterioration.


Does this process sound familiar? Maybe reminiscent of something you read about in 7th-grade biology? That’s right. What we are talking about here is essentially gene selection. You, as the grower, are doing what nature does on its own out in the wild. You are cherry-picking ideal qualities in your plants and then making small interventions to ensure that future generations of crops inhabit those qualities as well as possible.

Running your own little evolution experiment isn’t as hard as you might have guessed, is it? Of course, no matter how sophisticated your efforts, you won’t produce an entirely new species. You will, however, guarantee generation after generation of healthy, high-producing plants.

Keep in mind that no amount of nurture can compete with strong genetics. By ensuring a good stock of high quality seeds, you are doing what it takes to guarantee a long future of excellent plant yields.

Tia Moskalenko is a dedicated cannabis expert, passionate about all things related to marijuana and the culture surrounding it. Specializing in interviews with industry experts, Tia is always excited to explore new dimensions of the cannabis industry in her writing.

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