In this new exciting era, cannabis is being accepted and used worldwide for medicinal and recreational purposes. People resort to cannabis to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and discover creative inspiration. While cannabis consumers are multiplying in numbers, not many of them know how to consume it responsibly and safely.

Especially people who have started consuming cannabis do not feel confident walking into a dispensary. Plus, they are still figuring out the right cannabis strains and the effects they seek. There are some tips that novices need to know to consume cannabis in a safe manner.

Guide to Buying Cannabis & Consuming Safely

Upon visiting the dispensary, a consumer will observe each strain labeled as Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid. Research each strain and its potential effects to decide which would be the right one for you.

Buying Cannabis

  • Smell – Smelling cannabis is an easy way to determine the quality of the product. Give the strain a nice whiff, the bud is of high quality if it has a pungent yet pleasant aroma. Low-quality strains usually smell stale, similar to ammonia or mold. Besides quality, smelling cannabis strains would help you identify your preferred strain.
  • CBD to THC Proportions – Cannabis is an intricate arrangement of different chemicals including over a hundred cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes. Most people consider THC and CBD ratio when buying cannabis products. THC produces psychoactive products while CBD offers therapeutic effects. Depending on the proportion of these cannabinoids, cannabis products are divided into different categories: CBD-dominant, THC-dominant, and Balanced CBD:THC. Go with weed Yellowknife for quick and authentic delivery.
  • Appearance – Visual hints and appearance will tell you a lot about the quality of cannabis products. Top-shelf cannabis is aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors and sparkling crystals. A fresh, high-quality product never looks dull, dry, or aged.
  • Reputable Dealer – Choose a reputable cannabis retailer to buy cannabis products. Licensed dispensaries do not sell dirt weed, only carry quality and top-shelf products.

Safe Cannabis Consumption

  • Start Low – New consumers can not consume the same amount of CBD as seasoned users. Moreover, they would not be able to tolerate THC-dominant products. A good starting point for people sensitive to THC is 2.5mg while most consumers can tolerate 5mg without experiencing any side effects.
  • Consume CBD in a Comfortable Environment – It is not suggested to consume CBD in an unfamiliar environment. Some CBD products may make you anxious and paranoid, hence, consume them at a safe place with close friends by your side.
  • It Takes Time to Feel Effects – Depending on the consumption method, it takes time for certain products to take effect. Most people increase the dosage as they believe it is not working. Be patient as you will feel the effects after the THC is metabolized.

Wrap Up

Check the cannabinoid and terpene profile to find the CBD products that appeal to you the most.

After buying the right cannabis strain, take a holiday and finish tasks and obligations to consume it safely at home. Importantly, new users are not accustomed to cannabis effects, therefore, it is best to avoid responsibilities.

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