Cool Cannabis Accessories And Gear That Will Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

Cool Cannabis Accessories And Gear That Will Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

As cannabis grows in popularity, the demand for cool and unique ways to store it is on the rise. Designers are turning cannabis gear into pure art that serves not just to elevate the cannabis experience but also works as home decor.

Incorporating cannabis gear in your decor will speak volumes about your passion for the flower. Additionally, if you want to leave your fellow weed enthusiasts in awe, you can use it as a gift. So, if you are looking to get inspired while you are shopping for gear, take a look at the items we compiled just for you.

Stylish bongs

High quality smoking accessories such as stylish bongs will never fall out of style due to their cool hit delivery. Bongs will get you higher more quickly, without any harshness. On top of that, with bongs you can see how much smoke you are going to inhale, so you will know when it’s too much for you.   

Bong styles are endless and you can find pieces that look like new-age vases and painted glasses with a bohemian vibe. 

Crystal bongs allow you to connect with every drop of water, CBD, and THC.

The classic gear

The pipe is a timeless piece of equipment favored by experienced cannabis lovers. There are many types of pipes, but the best way to enjoy this experience is by smoking it the old-fashioned route.

However, be aware that pipes are a lot harsher than bongs. The harshness comes due to the short distance that the smoke travels. If the smoker is unable to handle harsh smoke, vapes or bongs are always an option since they offer cooler smoke.

Humidors and rolling trays

Rolling trays are a super cool piece of gear that will allow you to store all your weed rolling equipment in one place. It’s also easier and more convenient to use one and you won’t have to worry about dropping herbs all over the floor.

If you are a person who is an avid smoker and you enjoy different cannabis strains, but also like to preserve them, humidors are just the thing you need. Cannabis humidors are specifically designed to protect your precious flower from harmful UV lights and help you revitalize your cannabis buds.

Pretty ashtrays

Although we know that ashtrays can’t be described as pretty, there are many companies offering the most beautiful ashtrays available. 

Finding your favorite ashtray style won’t be too hard with the help of the Internet. Ashtrays can be made of painted glass, painted ceramics, or large, heavy concrete. You can place the ashtrays wherever you like and then use them when you have a special smoking sesh planned.

Discreet stash boxes

Discreet stash boxes are amazing if you want to keep your buds close at hand so you never forget where it is. There are many options available, from classic wooden pieces to a more high-tech modern look that even has self-lock mechanisms.

These modern boxes are made specifically for weed storage and are perfect for people that want to preserve the aroma and taste of their buds for a long time.

Appealing lighters

Cheap lighters usually stop working after a week, and it can be quite frustrating to buy a new one each and every time. So, upgrade your lighter game and find one that will function properly long-term, and will also say more about your personal style.

In addition to that, the good thing about stylish lighters is that you’ll appreciate them more and not lose them. Some classic lighters, however, might have some downsides—you’ll need to refill them with fluid once in a while to keep them working as before. There are many options, including metal and static marble lighters.

A grinder that is eye-catching

Let’s face it, every grinder is a pretty grinder. Grinders are the best friend of any cannabis enthusiast, no matter what material you choose. Even if you don’t like your grinder’s look, it will always be there for you when you need it.

However, if you want to add extra style to your cannabis gear you can find grinders in almost every color and material to enhance your smoking experience. 

Final thoughts

There are many options available for marijuana connoisseurs to elevate their smoking experience. If you’re looking for a particular subtle vibe but you also want your gear to be extremely stylish, there’s no going wrong with the items we listed in this article. 

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