Packaging is essential in creating a particular product perception in the consumer’s mind. A low-quality, plain, and stale packaging will depict that the product does not have spark or the required charm. On the other hand, a product packaged in a sturdy material that is glossy, visually appealing, and designed to offer maximum ease and convenience to the consumer will instantly make the product distinguishable from similar ones.

Additionally, with the recent surge in the public interest in pre-roll and related products, numerous brands have jumped into the market. Multiple pre-roll brands offer various types and sizes of pre-rolls, all seemingly having excellent quality, purity, and efficacy. In this overwhelmingly large pre-roll industry, making a significant and reliable name for your brand can be challenging but necessary.

Premium, beautifully designed, and attractive custom pre-roll packaging can help you get your brand noticed among the competitors. Here we have shared some effective tips and tricks to create the most successful and attractive pre-roll packaging to boost your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Create a Distinctive Logo

A creative and attractive logo of a company makes it look regal, authentic, and high-end. So, it is highly recommended to design a distinctive logo that perfectly depicts your brand’s personality. Also, keep the logo simple but easy to remember, as the brand logo serves as the brand’s identity.

Whether the consumer remembers your brand’s name or not, they should always have your brand’s logo in their mind. This marketing strategy will magnetize the consumers to always shop the pre-rolls and other cannabis products from your brand.

Furthermore, the printing quality of the logo matters a lot, and the logo should be visible and not blurry or vague. So, we advise you to hire a reliable and trustworthy packaging company to get the pre-roll packaging done.

Provide Various Types of Packaging Options

There is a range of packaging options available for pre-roll in the market. Some famous packaging types include pre-roll glass tubes, glassine pouches, metallic tins, and custom pre-roll boxes. All these packaging options offer unparalleled convenience to the consumer in a stylish manner.

The pre-roll glass tubes are most popular among people who love having lavish products. A crystal clear glass tube topped with a metallic screw cap, wrapped with an attractive label, looks utterly pleasing to the eyes. The second best-selling pre-roll packaging type is the pre-roll box. Custom-designed pre-roll boxes manufactured using eco-friendly materials are easy to carry.

Also, the pre-roll companies create the boxes with attractive prints and patterns, making them look more appealing and enticing. It is best to offer a couple of different packaging options to the consumer, thus attracting a large chunk of target consumers with different preferences.

Be Mindful of the Packaging Size

Different pre-roll sizes are available in the market, including king-sized pre-roll, mini pre-roll, and standard pre-roll. Keep the packaging size per the pre-roll size your company produces.

The pre-roll packaging companies allow you to customize the pre-roll packaging per your required size. So, order a perfectly sized pre-roll packaging using this feature. Packaging the pre-rolls in wrongly sized packaging ruins the whole point of custom packaging. For instance, Keeping a mini pre-roll in a king-sized box will make them look scattered and untidy.

Moreover, the whole product will lose its worth; thus, your brand may experience a negative impact on sales. Therefore, double-check the pre-roll packaging size before confirming the order.

Pick Beautiful Prints and Patterns

Whether you are presenting your product in the custom pre-roll box, glassine pouch, or metallic tin, it is highly recommended to beautify it using gorgeous prints and patterns. People love carrying beautifully-designed pre-roll packages as they look cool, modish, and attractive.

Print Social Media IDs

Social media marketing has changed the game of product marketing globally. Previously, brands used to advertise their product through print and electronic media. But nowadays, both well-established and small businesses use social media as the primary marketing platform for their product advertisement.

Hence, it is a great idea to print your brand’s social media IDs on the label; and urge the customers to follow these pages and leave honest feedback. You can also use these social media platforms to introduce new products and services.

People check the customer’s feedback about the product’s efficiency from social media platforms. Thus having a loyal customer base following these official pages will also help attract new customers.

Choose Unique and Attractive Color Theme

Pick a subtle, soothing, eye-catchy, and alluring color theme to create the pre-roll packaging. Nowadays, people appreciate calming color themes. Therefore, you will observe that most high-end brands use pastel colors during marketing and advertising. Choosing a distinctive and refreshing color theme is a simple yet powerful trick to get customers’ attention.

Add Labels and Stickers

Labels and stickers from our favorite sticker brand improve the overall value of the product. Using relevant, attractive, edgy labels and stickers is preferable to attract the consumer. The pre-roll packaging company offers a range of designs in multiple color themes.

Choose the stockers that perfectly reflect your brand’s personality. Also, you can print product information on the label. The product information includes cannabis concentration, grammage, and the potential effects of smoking the pre-rolls.

Final Words

There you go! We assure you that considering these excellent tips while planning the pre-roll packaging for your business will gain you heft sales. To keep rolling and succeeding in the current pre-roll industry, it is crucial to be on top of your game in every department.

Hence, in addition to creating the premium pre-rolls from best-quality hemp plants, using exceptional rolling techniques and packaging material, and creating eye-catchy pre-roll packaging.

The modern pre-roll consumer has a fantastic range of products before them; thus, it is essential to present your products most effectively to get noticed. For this purpose, custom pre-roll packaging is the easiest and the best solution to move forward. 

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