You might be used to watching your favorite male celebrities look glamorous on screen. But do you know many of them wear toupees to cover their bald patches or thinning hair? Others simply get customized toupees for men to get a new look or fit the character they are playing. Not just on-screen, but some male stars wear hair systems off-screen as well.

Unfortunately, anyone can develop androgenic alopecia. The treatment they choose for their hair loss may vary. Some opt for the surgical and invasive option, i.e. hair transplantation, while others prefer a hair system.

However, their toupees are customized and designed carefully to ensure that they look beautiful and blend well with their biological hair. So, the difference is not easily noticeable. We’ve researched some male celebrities that wear toupee either because of hair loss or to get a new hairstyle. Let’s take a look.

  • Brad Pitt

The sexiest man in Hollywood wears a hair system that looks authentic and almost matches his style and hair texture. His stunning blonde locks that can draw the attention of a huge crowd are nothing but a toupee. Although these were just the rumors initially, it was clarified that Pitt wears a toupee when he walked the red carpet in his original hair with receding hairline and apparent bald patches. He was on the gossip column. Brad Pitt restored his luscious blonde locks by investing in a customized toupee.

  • Robert Pattinson

The brown luscious locks that attracted a huge female fan base in the Twilight series were actually a toupee that Robert Pattinson wore to look fascinating. In one of his interviews for the Twilight series, Robert mentioned that hair systems were used to create the look. Edward Cullen’s character undoubtedly made Pattinson a popular name in the Hollywood industry.

However, the national crush of women suffered from extreme hair thinning and hair loss in his mid-20s, requiring a wig to cover his bald patches. He set an inspiration for young men that feel depressed due to hair thinning. The wig looked so natural that nobody would know he was wearing a wig if he hadn’t told it himself.

  • Al Pacino

Al Pacino has not talked about his hair loss in public, but he suffered from male pattern baldness for a long time. He was also spotted wearing wigs at different events, and in movies. He is a perfect example of how you can use wigs and hair systems to change your hairstyles and experiment with different looks. You can check Al Pacino’s photographs in different movies and throughout his acting career. You will notice quite a few different styles, which are clearly a work of the hair system.

  • Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has had a very successful career in the film industry. His name shows up in video gaming, television shows, and stage productions. One less-known fact about this Hollywood superstar is that he started losing his hair back in 1959 when he was 19 years old. He suffered from male pattern baldness and thus had to wear wigs and toupees to cover those bald patches.

However, the baldness didn’t stop him from making his name in the film industry. He’s played many popular roles, including Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. He’s undoubtedly looked dashing in all movies. Patrick experienced hair loss when there was no viable treatment available for hair thinning or male pattern baldness. Still, he rocked the movie characters with his customized toupees.

  • John Travolta

Starring in Savages and Killing Season, John Travolta is an American star who rose to popularity in the 1970s with his appearances in Welcome Back and Grease. Famous for his stunning looks and great acting, John Travolta is one of the few Hollywood actors to publicly open up about his baldness.

He has even attended many events without his toupee. However, he is also famous for wearing some of the finest toupees that give him a fantastic look. John’s courage has inspired many youngsters, artists, and others who are scared of making public appearances in their natural hairstyle.

  • Nicolas Cage

The name Nicolas Cage is not easily recognized by the Gen-z, but this famous Hollywood star has made great movies in the past. Nicolas’s bald patch at the back is quite visible. While the actor has embraced his natural hair and prefers to keep it that way, he is seen in wigs and other hair systems in his blockbuster movies. His baldness and receding hairline are common issues that many men in their 40s and 50s experience. Since he started balding, Nicolas has been spotted in wigs of different colors and textures. For instance, you may have seen him flaunt his long, shiny black hair in the movie Outcast.

  • Vin Diesel

The holder of the title “Sexiest Bald Man” has been spotted wearing toupees for different movies. In fact, in his entire career of singing, songwriting, directing, and acting, he has worn men’s hair system. He has attended many public events without hair on his head. However, Vin had to wear a toupee that suited the character. For instance, he wore a long snowy look with a full-grown beard in the Chronicles of Riddick. Likewise, in the movie The Last Witch Hunter, Vin wore a toupee that featured hair on top, leaving the sides bare.


So, these were the seven male stars that rocked the hair system for men and looked absolutely stunning in wigs. Some embraced their hair loss and even talked about it publicly. Vin Diesel, for instance, was titled the hottest bald man. Some wore a wig throughout their career, especially the ones that lost hair at a very young age.

Losing your hair in your 20s and 30s might indicate a hormonal imbalance or a hereditary problem. It can also be caused by a medical condition. Whatever the cause is, do not let your hair loss stop you from looking the best version of yourself. The topee for men is the best way to restore your luscious locks.

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