YouTube App Gets Video Transcripts and Auto-Translated Captions in Latest Upgrade

Google is rolling out auto-translated captions for YouTube videos on mobile devices. The developers unveiled this feature during the I/O keynote in May 2022. It supports 16+ languages, and the company may add more in the coming years. Additionally, YouTube’s video transcript is available on Android and iOS devices. This feature will be beneficial for people with impaired hearing.

Google introduced these new features to make YouTube videos easier to navigate. Users can now understand the content easily with auto-translated captions. It will help the content creators to engage more viewers with their YouTube videos.

However, the users must install the recent update to use these advanced features. Thus, open the Play Store, and choose “Update” to auto-translate the video captions.

Do you use YouTube from a Windows laptop? Then, open the Microsoft Store and click “Update” to access these latest features. Additionally, Mac users must open the App Store, locate “Updates”, and search for “YouTube”. Tap on “Update”, open the app and get transcriptions for YouTube videos.

Why did Google introduce Video Transcriptions and Auto-Translated Captions on YouTube?

Google announced these two features in the I/O keynote, 2021. However, the company delayed the release of auto-translation due to some reasons. It can be assumed that developers found glitches in these features during the beta test. This is why they took some time to include auto-translation on YouTube.

There are a few reasons why Google added these features in the recent update. It aims at increasing the auto-translated video’s number from 8 million to 80 million in 2022. Moreover, YouTube removed the Community Caption feature in 2020. It makes it difficult to understand the content without subtitles. Thus, Google included auto-translated captions to make the videos more accessible. Contact Mobile Repair Dubai if you can’t find these features on YouTube.

YouTube Video Transcript — What is it & How does this Feature Work?

A video transcript is a written record of the text spoken in the YouTube video. Users can view this transcript and even download it on their phones. Moreover, you can copy and paste the YouTube transcript into a Word document. This feature will be helpful for those who watch videos for educational purposes. Instead of pausing and playing the video, you must save the transcript in order to get an idea about the content.

Are you wondering how YouTube transcribes the transcripts? It translates the content using a caption file when creators add the captions. However, not all creators add subtitles to their videos. YouTube uses its inbuilt software to create the transcript in certain instances. Thus, add captions to the videos and reach the global audience.

How to Translate YouTube Video Titles and Descriptions?

YouTube’s video transcription feature won’t transcribe the title or descriptions. Thus, creators need to add the translated video title or description for viewers. First, you must sign in to the YouTube Studio account and select “Subtitles”. Choose a video from the list.

Select the language for the video and click “Confirm” when prompted. Tap on “Add Language” and choose the language you would like to translate to. Head towards “Title & description” and opt for “Add” when the new window opens. Enter the translated title and description and choose “Publish”. Your Viewers will get translated titles or descriptions when they open the video.

How to Find the YouTube Video Transcription feature on a Computer?

YouTube’s transcript lets you read what the creator is saying in the video without listening to it. However, you may not find transcripts in all the YouTube videos. Only those with closed captions allow you to check the transcription. Many videos offer automatic transcripts, but those might not be accurate. Thus, enable this feature to get high-quality transcripts of the videos.

Users can find this feature easily on YouTube. Open a web browser, write “YouTube”, and press the Enter key. Enter the correct login credentials and select “Next” afterwards. Did you receive any login-related error messages? Then, you might have provided an incorrect email address. Check the email ID and re-enter that on the login page, and press “Enter”.

Play a video when YouTube’s homepage opens on the PC screen. Look for the three horizontal dots below the video and click them. Choose “Show Transcript” when the pop-up menu appears to get the transcript.

Usually, the YouTube videos are translated to English by default. If you want to change, double-tap on “English (Auto-Generated). YouTube will display a list of language options available for the content. Choose the preferred language from there and close the YouTube app.

Re-access YouTube, select the video and click “Open Transcript”. Then, check if the video is transcribed to the selected language. If not, the YouTube video doesn’t support your chosen language. Change the transcription language to “English” in certain instances to understand the content.

Can You Download the YouTube Video Transcript?

Do you want to download the D-I-Y video transcript for reference? Though there isn’t a “Download” button, you can still download the YouTube video transcript. Open YouTube from the PC and search for the video whose transcript you want to download. Tap on the three dots and select “Toggle timestamps”. YouTube will now show you the transcript, excluding the time frame.

Select the transcripts, right-click on them and click “Copy”. Open “Notes”, or “Word” and press the Ctrl and V keys together to paste the transcript. Do you want to paste the video transcript on a Mac device? Then, press the Cmd and V keys to get the selected text.

However, you may sometimes fail to copy or paste the transcript. Usually, it occurs due to an unstable internet connection. Switch to a stable Wi-Fi network to download the transcript without hassle. Additionally, you should check whether any updates are available on YouTube. Install the latest update to fix this glitch when using video transcripts.

How to Get the YouTube Videos Transcript on Android or iOS phones?

Smartphones don’t have the same option to find transcripts on YouTube videos. Therefore, you can’t enable it by just accessing the video. Instead, users must turn on CC or captions to transcribe the videos. This feature will let you see the words and help you to understand the content.

Moreover, you can translate the videos into different languages using this feature. Closed captions offer more accurate results and are less prone to errors. If you want to use this feature, install the latest YouTube app version on phones.

Do you use an Android device? Then, open Google PlayStore and write “YouTube” in the search box. Tap “YouTube” from the search results and select “Install”. iOS users can install this video streaming app from the App Store. Tap on “Get” to download YouTube on the iPhones.

Open the YouTube app once the download is complete and play any video. Locate the three dots from the upper corner of the YouTube video. Select “Captions” when the pop-up menu appears and choose the desired language. Click anywhere on the phone screen and play the video with the transcript.

How to automatically get a Transcript for every YouTube Video?

Google disables the transcript feature when you close the YouTube app. You must modify the YouTube settings if you often watch videos with CC on. Open the browser to access YouTube and log in to the account. Tap on the profile picture and scroll down to “Settings”.

Navigate to “Playback and performance” from the drop-down menu. Head towards “Subtitles and Closed Captions” and click “Always show captions”. Close the YouTube window and recess it after a few seconds. Now, all the videos you play on the PC will display subtitles.

However, users can’t see the video transcripts when “auto-generated captions” is on. Open the YouTube settings and go to “Subtitles and Closed Captions”. Toggle off “auto-generated captions”, play a video and check whether it’s showing subtitles. If yes, then you have resolved the video transcription error. But, contact an expert if YouTube fails to display the transcripts on the contents.

Can You Transcribe a YouTube Video with Google Docs?

There is an option to transcribe a YouTube video without an available transcript. The latest Google Docs version has a built-in voice typing feature. It listens to video and automatically types on the document it hears.

However, you must have high-quality speakers to transcribe the videos with Google Docs. Follow these steps to get accurate video transcriptions using this tool:

  • Turn on the PC and audio speakers. Open Google Docs and move to “Tools”.
  • Select “Voice Typing” and wait until it shows the microphone icon.
  • Open YouTube and find the video that you would like to transcribe.
  • Get back to the Google Docs page and click the Microphone icon.
  • Play the YouTube video to initiate the transcription process.

Besides English, Google Docs can transcribe videos in other languages. If you want to change the transcription language, enable “Voice Typing”. Then, tap on the microphone icon and click on the drop-down button. Choose the language you need from the list, open YouTube and play the video. It will transcribe the video in the selected language.

However, certain limitations are associated with this tool. It can’t transcribe a 30-minute video. Moreover, Google Docs takes ample time to complete the transcription. If you want a quick video translation, use YouTube’s transcription feature instead.

YouTube Auto-Translated Captions — What is it & How Does it Work?

YouTube updated its caption feature to help non-English speaking users to understand the content. This new feature uses speech recognition technology to create captions for videos. This app generates automatic captions using machine learning algorithms. This indicates that users will get accurate translations using this feature.

However, the video caption’s accuracy depends on certain factors. YouTube may misinterpret the spoken content due to mispronunciations. Auto-translated captions display incorrect transcription if there is background noise.

Moreover, the creators must focus on the accents and dialects while making the videos. Otherwise, their viewers won’t get the captions on the content.

Can You Edit or Remove the Automatic Captions from YouTube Videos?

Content creators can edit any parts that aren’t properly transcribed. Sign in to the YouTube Studio, and click “Subtitles”. Choose the YouTube video that you want to edit. Do you want to change the automatic caption language? Then, opt for “Edit” from the “Subtitles” section.

Choose “Duplicate and edit” and tap on “Continue” to overwrite the existing draft. Click inside any line in the YouTube video caption track panel. Edit the text and click “Publish” after making the necessary changes. Close the YouTube app and play the video from mobile devices. Enable “auto-translated captions” and check if it’s showing the correct results.

Additionally, creators can also stop captions from showing on videos. You can delete them completely from the content and Google Account. However, users need to sign in to YouTube Studio first. Then, head to “Subtitles” and select the video from where you want to remove the captions.

Tap on “Options” and select “Delete” afterwards. Click “Delete Captions” when the confirmation message appears. Once you delete the captions, close the YouTube app. Open it after 2-3 minutes, and go to “Subtitles”. Now, choose the video where you want to add captions. Select “More” and include automatic captions without much hassle.

How to Enable Auto-Translate Captions on YouTube Videos?

The automatic caption feature will work on videos with closed captions. Users need to log in to their YouTube accounts to activate this new feature. Enter the login credentials and select “Next” afterwards. Play any video from the homepage and click “CC”. Choose the preferred language from the list and get auto-translated subtitles.

This feature was previously available only in English and Korean. Google added another 14 languages in this recent YouTube update. Users can now translate the videos into French, Russian and even Italian. Thus, enable this feature and improve the streaming experience.

YouTube not Showing Video Transcripts and Auto-translate Captions? Here’s How to Fix it

YouTube won’t display transcripts or automatic captions if the video is too long. This app can’t recognise the speech due to poor sound quality.

Is there a long period of silence at the beginning of the content? Then, the auto-translated caption feature won’t work. Moreover, YouTube takes time to generate captions if there are many speakers in the video. So, remember these details when you create content next time.

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