What Is Customer Experience Transformation Process?

Consumers in this era are increasingly multi-connected, with higher expectations. The Customer Experience (CX) is a vital factor in determining whether your company succeeds or fails in a highly digital era and is competitive.

Therefore, if you wish to become renowned for the quality of your customer experience, you should understand how to engage consumers with their brands, satisfy them, and increase revenue besides providing quality service. Yet how do you transform customer experiences, and how do you do that in the digital age?

What is Customer Experience‌?

A customer experience is everything a business does that affects a customer’s perception and feelings. Besides customer service, this includes marketing strategies, advertising, social media interactions, etc. It is more likely that your business will prosper if this experience is positive for the customer and works well for you.

Despite this, it would be best to note that every business will, at some point, have to undergo a customer experience transformation. The transformation of the customer experience, although complicated and challenging, is vital to meeting the demands of today’s increasingly digital and demanding consumers. Optionally, you could get a customer experience transformation service if you’re finding it hard and want the professionals to handle everything.

What Is the Customer Experience Transformation Process?

CX transformation is not a one-time task. Businesses must invest in continuous improvement and adjustments to remain competitive in today’s market. Mckinsey experts consider these three factors essential for transforming the customer experience:

  • Customer-centric purchasing
  • Redesigning and digitizing the customer journey
  • Customer feedback

This group of professionals claims that a transformation of the customer experience that integrates these factors can boost customer satisfaction by 20 to 30%. It also lowers costs by 20% to 50% associated with transforming the customer journey and increases employee satisfaction by 10% to 20%.

Customer Experience Transformation Process

Here are the key steps to take for the customer experience transformation process:

Keeping People in Mind

There are always a group of passionate people at the center of every powerful movement. It is these brave early adopters and changers who will be your champions. The customer experience transformation program must include them as a crucial component to speed up all relevant activities.

To make the most of your A-team, it would help to identify them first.

These people at all levels of the organization have been helpful during the transition to a customer-centric organization. They have volunteered at events, shared news about CX activities, suggestions, etc.

As you build your dream team, consult your leadership and mid-level managers. They may also know other forward-looking employees, positive role models, or team players with an optimistic outlook who would be significant assets to your effort.

Sharing Customer Experience Vision

Consider weaving your brand promise and core values into an aspirational statement that describes your desired future state for customer experience. Customer experience visions can help elevate the business’s human element to the top of everyone’s mind.

Express how a customer-centric culture aligns with your corporate vision and will allow you to remain innovative and agile. As you move on to this step, remember that your team doesn’t have the complete picture, so some finesse may be required when portraying the big picture. Key elements might include:

  • Explaining the need for change and the necessary improvements
  • Expressing the urgency and the implications of not acting then
  • Getting their support by explaining the benefits of the change and what they stand to gain

Engaging IT In Activating Customer Journey Data

Together with IT teams, CX teams can create a customer-first mindset by capturing, sharing, and activating customer data. According to Becky Sherman’s 2021 report on the CX industry, democratizing data puts research in the hands of more people, empowering them to do more with less.

It would help to make the most of your partnership with IT by collecting user data and research, then have them tell leadership stakeholders the full story of transformation. Shared ownership of custom data across teams is essential to delivering ROI at scale through an agile, collaborative approach.

Investing in Satisfaction Surveys and A/B Tests

Besides using software that integrates all relevant information and makes information readily available, understanding the view of active customers is fundamental to transforming CX. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys, talk to active members of community groups, and track metrics like the Customer Engagement Score (CES).

A/B tests are also crucial for ensuring that changes in the customer experience resonate with customers, especially if you want to transform their experience. Ensure that you listen to what your employees say. Change is constant in business, and customer service is no different. Gather the data, seek answers, and embrace change. Your customers will appreciate it.

Maintaining Communication

Communication is vital during a transformation. You will see proof of the program’s success in your operational performance, employee engagement and retention, and customer satisfaction.

You’ll surely see the impact on the health of your company. It would be best if you remembered to share these exciting developments and leverage opportunities to promote the value of your CX transformation efforts. You win if you share your wins with everyone.


Launching a customer experience transformation might seem daunting and even overwhelming. But if you follow the steps in this article — like keeping your team in mind and sharing your vision, your customer service transformation process will be successful.

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