In the last few years, remote access has gained prominence as more employees work from home, and businesses strive to offer offsite support and facilitate virtual meetings. Forbes reports that 12.7% of employees work from home, and by 2025, 32.6 million American employees will work remotely.

The demand for remote access technologies has surged in line with these statistics. TeamViewer is a renowned remote assistance and support software offering smooth file transfers, a user-friendly interface, military-grade security, and numerous features and functionalities.

While the software is free for personal use, it is costly for business use. Other shortcomings include proxy limitations, huge bandwidth requirements, and the inability to share large files.

Subsequently, individuals and companies seek TeamViewer alternatives to meet their remote access needs and budget. Read on to learn the top five TeamViewer-like programs for seamless connectivity.

1.   AnyDesk

AnyDesk is among the most reliable programs similar to teamviewer, promoting remote access, remote support, and remote work. It is feature-rich with built-in file transfer, remote printing, unattended, and cross-platform support. AnyDesk is available in three pricing plans, depending on functionality and features. 

Since its establishment in 2014, the software has recorded 600 million downloads and more than 900 million sessions monthly. It is an excellent choice for big companies, government entities, research facilities, SMEs, and personal users.

Why choose AnyDesk?

  • Cutting-edge security standards to keep your network and data safe
  • Industry-leading performance due to low latency, high frame rates, and innovative technology
  • Choose between an on-premises or cloud solution
  • Facilitates customization to meet unique personal and corporate needs

AnyDesk is a good TeamViewer alternative but has a few cons, such as dependency on the internet connection, limited free version, and lack of built-in chat or voice communication. For instance, although AnyDesk has a free version for noncommercial use, it has limited features and functions. Its maximum session duration is 60 minutes, and you must upgrade to a paid version for more functionality.  

2.   Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) is a straightforward and fast cloud-based remote access technology. Users can connect to remote desktops in less than eight seconds, making DRE a solid TeamViewer-like program. More than 70,000 companies worldwide use DRE to offer remote support to end users. It is a top choice for IT professionals providing remote support to many computers and mobile devices. 

This solution has several advantages. First, it offers outstanding security thanks to its encryption protocols, multi-level permissions, and two-factor authentication. Second, it has many features, from pre and in-session chats to unattended support, multi-window toggling, and voice conferencing.

Third, DRE is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Lastly, while DRE is not free, you get a 14-day trial to experience its safety and robustness. Among the downsides of DRE are limited support options and costly licenses.

3. Remote PC

Businesses looking for an affordable TeamViewer-like program will love Remote PC, a solution for accessing and controlling remote computers worldwide via the web. Remote PC is a good choice for consumers, IT professionals, and businesses regardless of size.

Remote PC stands out as a low-cost remote access software. Although the software does not have a free version, it is reasonably priced and has a seven-day trial. Besides competitive pricing, Remote PC is scalable, and users access tons of business-focused features. In addition, the solution is available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, easy to use, and receives regular updates.   

4. Zoho Assist

If you want an enterprise-grade remote access solution, Zoho Assist is handy. IT help desks find ZohoAssist invaluable for offering remote desktop support for numerous devices and resolving customers’ issues fast and seamlessly.

The software boosts 11 million remote sessions and over 90 million global customers. Its free version is suitable for small businesses and independent contractors, providing a dozen remote support and access features to aid their operations. Zoho Assist’s security is high-end, with many security tools like 256-bit AES encryption, SSL certification, and compatibility with most antiviruses.    

Why is Zoho Assist a good TeamViewer-like program?

  • Easy to use and quick adoption
  • Cross-platform support –Windows, Android, Linux, Raspberry PI, iOS, and Mac Os
  • Many features, such as online meetings, unattended remote access, live chat, remote reboot, and voice and video call options
  • Affordable licenses


  • Limited support services
  • Users pay extra for standard add-ons such as video conferencing
  • Limited file transfer between devices of 2GB –a point of concern for technology businesses transferring huge files

5. Mikogo

It is a screen-sharing software with remote control features. Users get plenty of features, including multi-user whiteboard, chat, file transfer, cross-platform compatibility, and VoIP and phone conferencing. The software has both free personal accounts and paid business ones. It is suitable for remote control, sales calls, web conferencing, online meetings, and webinars.   

Among the most remarkable features of Mikogo is operating directly on the browser. Thus no download or installation is required, saving users time and effort. Also, the solution has a straightforward and user interface and is inexpensive. Nonetheless, Mikogo does not have the advanced remote access features of competitors.


As the demand for remote access increases, individuals and businesses are exploring more remote access software beyond TeamViewer with expanded capabilities and lower financial implications. The best TeamViewer alternative depends on your remote needs, budget, and business scale. Unlock remote productivity with the five TeamViewer-like programs above!

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