As an empath, you know that some jobs just aren’t right for you. Since you can literally immerse yourself in what another person is feeling or experiencing, you wouldn’t do well as a debt collector, for example. Once the person on the other end of the phone went through their list of woes, you would have your client owing them money!

The same holds true with a career as a claims adjuster. We all know that insurance companies reluctantly pay out on claims because they are, after all, in business to make money. So then, what kind of career best suits an empath? Here are three for starters. You can take it from there.

1. Nursing

Nursing is what first comes to mind because they are on the front lines with patients day after day. Sometimes they face suffering so severe that there is nothing to do but empathize with the patient they are tending to. No amount of medication or surgeries can make their pain go away, but a kind gesture or word of encouragement can help to lift their spirit. Someone cares.

In fact, most careers in healthcare are ideal for empaths. Consider for a moment working with seniors who are often suffering some infirmity or another but may be lonely and without purpose as well. This is the ideal placement for anyone looking to ease the sufferings of others. No matter what position you hold, seniors may be the demographic most in need of what you have to offer. Perhaps you should check out Monarch Communities at You don’t need to be an RN to fill a void in their lives.

2. Human Resources

This is a profession that could really use some help in the 21st century. It often feels that there is something disingenuous about many of the roles HR staff are asked to play. By the very nature of what this department is called, “human” resources, this job would be best filled by empaths.

While it stands to reason that many of the tasks they are given involve bookkeeping and seeking ways to save a company money, it shouldn’t be at the expense of workers. There must be some happy medium in which the concerns of employees bear equal weight to those of upper management. Job satisfaction goes a very long way toward profitability and that seems to be a key point many companies are missing. Fill the department with empaths and watch how quickly that bottom line grows.

3. Social Work

Finally, what can be said about just how perfect social work is for empaths? Social workers deal with the plight of people often on the fringes of society. Some of the people they serve are living in a state of desperation. Literally every city, county and state have vacancies to be filled because this isn’t a job for just anyone as well.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to identify with needs that are so great. It takes, for all intents and purposes, an empath. Don’t these careers sound like something you would be good at? Remember, the path to personal enrichment for an empath is to be that one ray of sunshine in the life of others. Is this you? That’s the thought we’ll leave you with today.

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