The pink plaid dress and other outfits: a confident challenge for the summer season from Sleeper

With the summer season, it’s not only nature that wakes up from its winter sleep. We feel the inspiration to work on new projects, we discover a second breath to exercise, and we reach for creativity.

Our wardrobe needs an update too. Short-sleeved dresses, weightless suits, and comfortable sandals replace coats, wool jumpers, and boots.

The popular brand of stylish and comfortable clothes Sleeper, founded in 2014, knows how to help fashion lovers bring a touch of freshness and novelty to their wardrobe. One of the winning solutions is the pink plaid dress, in which every woman will feel relaxed and irresistible.


Learn more about the pink Sleeper loungewear dress

This outfit is made of 100% linen. The dress, fixed at the arms and the neck with a wide, elastic, non-compression elastic band, allows you to expose or cover your shoulders according to your taste, wear the outfit buttoned or unbuttoned. If a woman wishes, she can tie a belt around her waist, thereby accentuating it.

The Pink plaid dress is distinguished by its versatility. You can wear it as a walking dress, relax with your family, or host guests in this dress. Regardless of the situation, you’ll always look like a queen in this pink dress.

One of the main advantages of the dress, apart from of course its external appeal, is its relaxed fit. The outfit won’t cramp your movements and will provide maximum comfort.

The ability to wick moisture away is also a benefit of this outfit. The moisture-wicking quality is the result of the designers’ choice of pure linen without any compounds. The absence of synthetics also allows the body to breathe, which is especially important on hot summer days.

The lightweight linen dress is all about comfort, style, and multifunctionality. The dress is so popular that almost the entire collection has gone like hotcakes. Isn’t that a reason to think about buying an outfit as soon as possible? And today you can buy the model.

How to take care of a pink linen dress

The summer season is a time of activity and annoying accidents like spilled juice, grass stains or ketchup dripped on your clothes during a picnic.

Aware of the potential mishaps, experienced fashionistas wonder how to rescue their favorite outfit when needed. The easiest solution is to send the dress to the dry cleaner. If you want to take care of the outfit by yourself, you’ll need to set the washing machine to a delicate setting and use a low temperature. Spread it out in the shade on a flat surface to dry your dress. You shouldn’t hang a linen garment. It could risk stretching under its own weight and losing its original shape.

As you can see, the care recommendations are quite simple. Remember them, and your fashionable pink Sleeper loungewear dress will stay in your collection for more than one season.


What to combine a dress with

The advantage of outfits is the variety of compatibility options. And the pink linen dress is no exception in this sense. You can experiment with the image by complementing the outfit with:

  • A ribbon in your hair. The ribbon, when woven into a braid, will reveal the delicate and feminine side of your romantic, dreamy personality.
  • Bright trainers and a bandana. These details will help to boldly declare yourself as an extraordinary and exciting person, easily adapting to the hustle and bustle of the big city.
  • Gold earrings + bracelet or ring. Complementing the dress with some gold jewelry, you’ll get a look that’s perfect for a romantic date with your other half.
  • High heels and a retro headband. Isn’t this the perfect choice to celebrate a birthday?
  • An eco-leather handbag and branded large sunglasses. This look will not let anyone doubt that you are a stylish businesswoman.
  • Summer footwear. For lovers of casual fashion, shearling leather slippers or Macaroni sandals with stylish straps can be found in the Sleeper arsenal. Summer shoes, as well as other items from this brand, focus not only on creating a chic image but also on the wearer’s comfort. With them, your feet won’t feel tired, even after hours of walking.

Other summer outfits by Sleeper

The well-known Kyiv brand has thoroughly prepared for the summer season. To ensure this, just pay attention to the variety of linen women’s dresses presented in the catalog.

Like to feel like a princess? The cute and cozy Belle dress with its stretch bodice and lantern sleeves will help you create the right look.

The Atlanta dress is for the fashionistas, who value the harmony of practicality and impeccable style. This outfit will inspire them with a variety of colors. You can purchase the Atlanta dress in:

  • Lime
  • Blue Vichy
  • Mint
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Navy colors.

When it comes to prints, we should mention flower designs: daisies, pansies, roses, and more.

The Maxi Brigitte dress is definitely the right choice for those who love long outfits. The outfit has buttons and is complemented with a belt, which will create a favorable accent on your figure.

Picnic dress is an ode to casualness and inner freedom. The practical and comfortable pockets give it extra points.


A few words about summer suits

Women’s dresses are not the only interesting thing about the Sleeper summer catalog.

For example, the Rumba linen leisure suit is impressively popular. Ankle-length trousers with flirty ruffles on the cuffs and a top with ties create a playful image and a great mood.

For those who don’t want to hide their legs behind the light, breathable trousers, they’ll love the athleisure cycling shorts. And for beach lovers, there are plenty of swimwear options.

What is summer with Sleeper?

Summer with Sleeper is the variety of outfits and their versatility. In dresses and suits from the well-known and progressive brand, you can go to parties, relax outdoors, have a photo shoot, and welcome guests at home. The main thing is to find the right accessory for your look, but with the adaptability of Sleeper outfits, you can easily do that.

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