Top 50 Best Beard Styles & the Best for You

The never-ending evolution of the fashion sense and style brought new transformations and discoveries for women and men’s couture and glamour. From the coolest outfits to the trendiest hairstyles, we’ve seen it all.

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Over time, we’ve witnessed significant growth and remarkable transitions in women’s style. Nevertheless, men’s modishness is on par with the latest craze in the ladies’ swanky and chic fashionable world. Men are also up-to-the-minute with the current hip and hit in fashion, such as trendsetting haircuts and hairstyles, and today, men are raving about the swankiest and best beard styles in the world.

Withal, we are going to look at the most stylish beards in men right now, from the best facial shape to the finest facial goatee.

History of beards

Beards didn’t just come by surprise. It’s more than a eureka moment in history, tradition, culture, and religion. Like the hair, it also has a colorful and meaningful story to tell. Beyond the fashion roots, lies deep-seated antiquities or chronicles that make it more relevant today.

Human history narrates many purposes and functions of facial hair.  As recounted, our forefathers used beards or stubbles to give them warmth, protection, and at the same time, they also used it to intimidate. While in today’s modern times, the mustache strikes a pose for fashion, masculinity, royalty, status, and prominence.

Ancient men grew facial hair as it provides heat and comfort. It also protected their mouths from all sorts of particles and debris, such as the sand, sun rays, and dirt, among many related factors and elements. More so, facial hair exudes a firmer look in men, as it highlights their well-defined jawline. With that pretenses, it helps them exaggerate a more intimidating appearance.

Religion-wise, growing a full beard is necessary as part of an official dogma’s mandate. Beards symbolized the divine attributes to God’s mercy, according to religious beliefs. Furthermore, they immensely believed that growing facial hair draws spiritual energy and evokes divine mercy.

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Significance and symbolism of beards – Then and Now

In biblical terms, beards differentiate a man and a woman. It is a humiliating act in the scriptures to shave a man’s facial hair. However, men’s stubbles generally stand for courage, masculinity, strength, and vigor. Depending on every man’s culture and religion, beards impose significant meaning and symbolism.

Now, the new generation of men adopted the concept of growing facial hair as part of fashion or for stylish looks. Some of them are changing their facial hairstyle to signal a change in their personal life and career. With all that said, we’ve listed down some of the significance and symbolism of beards in men.

  • Beards stand for power and influence

Comparable to the animal kingdom, a dominant lion intimidates its rivals and gets more opportunities to mate. That same concept is what makes bearded men look powerful and influential. Firm evidence showed on a study conducted by Nigel Barber on mustache fashion’s relation to women’s marriage preference showed a significant number of men with goatees.

This significance and symbolism are profoundly ingrained in Charles Darwin’s time that men with mustache imposed utmost strength and intimidation.

  • Men with beards proved to be more prestigious

History linked men with beards to greatness. Hence, bearded men ought to be honorable, and thus, bring forth prestige in social status. In ancient times, it is offensive when you touch a man’s mustache, and that, men used their beards to swear, as an oath to do what is a must.

Moreover, prestige and greatness come with the perception of men’s achievements and qualities. Therefore, men with beards emanate immense expertise, knowledge, and maturity. In 1990, a study revealed that bearded men were more competent compared to men without stubble, and similar studies supported the claim.

Even in a study conducted on LinkedIn profiles, men with beards proved to be more prestigious when it comes to having more expertise. In a sociological aspect, beards provoke a strong stereotypical characteristic to manliness and stature.

  • Facial hair manifests enormous patience and restraints

Growing a goatee takes months to years, and so, it reflects enormous patience and restraints. Calmly waiting for something to happen is a great character that only a few can manage. That is why men with beards are said to be patient and have self-control because of the time and effort to grow those stubbles.

Having patience is indeed a virtue, and holding back or keeping oneself from doing something is an honorable gesture that men with beards manifest. All of that, coupled with its meticulous maintenance, depicts discipline and strength of character.

  • Goatees tend to be more attractive

One of the most relevant questions that men ask online is if women are more attracted to men with goatees. Generally, the answer will depend on every woman. Some women want clean-cut men, and a few other ladies prefer the rugged look of stubbles.

Despite that, science has another say about it. Several studies conducted with women’s attraction to goatees showed that many women tend to get more attracted with full beard cheeks than the smooth ones.

  • Five o’clock shadow breathes virility

Men who bear five o’clock shadow came out to be oozing with vigor and masculinity. In a few research studies, it also showed that women find men with goatees more desirable.

Due to the facts relating to beards, such as the months it requires to grow facial hair, signify a patient, well-defined, composed, calculated, and in control characteristics of men, which make women, who participated in the studies, relate stubbles to virility.

That being so, beards tend to get associated with prominent values and characteristics of men, such as power, influence, vigor, attractiveness, virility, patience, self-control, and prestige. Men with beards confessed that their goatees make them feel more confident and appealing. With that, they feel happy, and thus, improving the quality of life they’re living.

History of beards

Top 50 best beard styles – What’s trending and best for you

Without a doubt, beards or goatees are returning, and they are back with the most sophisticated and stylish trends. Today, we are going to give you the top 50 best beard styles. These are the latest in the world of fashion. From the list below, you will get to have an idea of the smartest style of goatee that will work for your specific haircut and shape of your face.

These are just a few of the best beard styles that might look best for you.

  1. Light Stubble

Some men may not consider the stubble style as among the types of beards. However, the sense that there’s an existence of facial hair, which you can style in any way you like, makes it on our list. You can use your favorite stubble trimmer to cut your beard and style it according to your taste.

The light stubble is one of the most popular stubble styles that can grow into a full beard. The look can work for most men as long as there’s quite a bit of facial hair. For this style, the thickness of the facial hair matters more than the size or shape of the face.

  1. Winter Beard

From the name itself, the winter beard is perfect for winter. The facial hair grows out to be longer and thicker with the winter beard. Its primary purpose is to be a natural insulator from the coldness of the season. The style brings us back to the history of beards, which gives men warmth, as it covers the mouth and face.

  1. Hipster Beard

The good-looking “Aquaman” Jason Momoa dons hipster beards. Hence, it becomes one of the biggest trends in beard styles. A hipster beard comes with long and thick facial hair. Many fashion experts suggest that this beard style is best for men who have clean-cut pompadour hair.

Although the “Braven” lead actor proved it wrong, it can work on you too. You can try it. Besides, fashion is all about how well you carry what you’re wearing.

  1. Full Boxed Beard

It is the honored tradition beard style made famous by George Clooney. Typically, it’s a full short beard. The length of style varies according to each choice. However, it fits perfectly for men with a “short comb over fade haircut.” From the description, you need to have thick facial hair to achieve the boxed look.

  1. Long Gentleman’s Thick Beard

The subtle elegance brought by the stubble style is something that we all can appreciate. Even so, a real man’s beard must come with fullness and strength. A long gentleman’s thick beard looks gorgeous on men with “medium length hair slick back” haircuts.

  1. Professional-Styled Beard

Though most offices require a pleasant haircut and clean-shaven face, you can always get away with a nice-looking professional-styled beard. You can style your facial hair finely by trimming it down to make it look ultra-fine and clean. With its prominence and dominance, you’ll surely turn heads with this style in your next meeting.

  1. Short Beard with Precise Trimming Style

One type of professional-styled beard is the “cool short beard trimming style.” This beard style looks best for you if you have a “spiked crew” haircut. With

  1. Fuller Beards

Contrary to what many people believe, men with fuller beards can look tidy and professional.  It all comes down to styling. Unlike to what they usually say, professional men can wear fuller beards without looking dirty and rugged.

A clean-cut hairstyle can do work magic with the overall appearance. A “thick low fade comb over” haircut looks great on men with fuller beards.

  1. Tapered-Pointed Beards

Another facial hairstyle that you may want to try is the tapered-pointed beards.” Several hair experts say that men, who want to look masculine and well-groomed with their facial hair, may want to trim it down.

They can cut it by styling the jawline area bigger and fuller at the end, and completed by a pointed chin. It looks more fashionable on men with textured and shaved sides’ haircut.

  1. Messy Long Beard

For that manly-rugged look, men with long hair and beard can work well on this style. You can create a high bun hairdo with your messy long beard to make that ruggedly handsome appeal. Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brandon Cooper have all tried the high bun hairstyles and messy long beards.

  1. Well-groomed Beards

If there’s a messy long beard, there’s also well-groomed beards. Some men love to pair their high bun hairdo with well-groomed facial hair to look dapper and stylish.

  1. Lumberjack Beard

It comes with long and thick facial hair. So, to men who want to get the “lumberjack beard” should keep their stubble long and full. It requires patience and self-control to grow this kind of beard and trim it according to your preference. Men with “lumberjack beards” look manly and in full control.

Its natural style covers the face. The facial hair grows through the cheeks down to the neckline. Hence, it is getting compared to the “winter beard” due to the length and thickness. It looks great on men with top knot undercut or ponytail hairstyle.

  1. Long Unkempt Beards

Another macho-looking beard that manly men want to wear is the “long unkempt beard” or the “scruffy facial hair,” which comes with messy, windblown-like, and rugged appearance. The style gives off that sturdy and attractive look that most men want to bear.

Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy are only two of the famous Hollywood actors who were able to wear the “long unkempt beards” with utmost style and glamour. 

  1. Bushy Thick Beards

“Bushy thick beards” come with full-blown thick hair that can go from messy to well-groomed. It looks ruggedly handsome on men with long flowing hair. The legendary musician and band vocalist Sting looked like a real rock star when he wore the “bushy thick beards.”

Apart from Sting, Matthew McConaughey previously also donned the “bushy thick beards” with swag. The actor is not only versatile when it comes to acting but as well as to style.

  1. Classic Goatee

An all-time favorite by most men is the “classic goatee,” which is the highly notable and well-recognized short beard style. Its distinct key feature is its width. The award-winning actor Common wore this beard with utmost suave.

As seen on the actor, the “classic goatee” comes with a neatly-trimmed hair on the chin of the face. It doesn’t have a mustache, which makes it different from the full goatee.

  1. Biker Beard

A dramatic option to stir a few things up is the “biker beard,” which chiefly focuses an extra hair length or longer hair on the area of the chin. Not all men like this style, but Brad Pitt was able to pull it off and still looks dashing debonair. The origin of this style came from the subculture of bikers. Hence, the name of the beard style.

  1. Scruff Beard

Also known as the full or heavy stubble beard. It is a beard style that any man can wear. Even if your facial hair is patchy or thick, it will look just fine on you. It exudes a bit of character and strength, making you more attractive to women. You can achieve the “full scruff beard” by allowing your facial hair to grow out for about a couple to three days.

Right there, you can decide if you want to trim it off to keep it a bit short or shorter. You can get a more professional appeal with this style by trimming your facial hair on the cheekbones and necklines. You can check out the full stubble look on David Beckham and Zachary Levi. You can also let loose those stubbles by letting it grow more naturally and without cutting it.

  1. Full Goatee

The Rock has the best example of a full goatee. The style comes with a circle shape of beard where the mustache’s facial hair extends down and encloses the side of the mouth, which then links the shaven beard that spreads out as wide as the external edges of the mouth. The unbroken ring of a circle is the most popular full goatee style.

  1. Yeard

Joining in the list of the best beard style is the “yeard.” With its name, we could guess that the term came from the words “year” and “beard.” It makes some sense because the “yeard” beard style is the unceasing or continuous growing of facial hair for a full year. So, if you want to achieve this style, you need to let your facial hair grow for straight twelve months without trimming or shaving.

  1. Landing Strip Goatee

A variation of the popular goatee style is the “landing strip,” which is simple to keep. You must shave off the mustache and the hair on the chin, excluding the area under the mouth to get this style. You can have it run down in vertical form from the corners of your mouth to as long as underneath your chin, whatever suits you.

  1. Tweard

Growing your facial hair without any interruption for two years is what you call “tweard.” Just like “yeard,” the term “tweard” gets its name from the words “two years” and “beard,” as it is letting your beard grow for a couple of years without trimming or shaving.

  1. Corporate Beard

Men in the corporate or business world who want to get that stylish beard would opt for the “corporate beard,” or also known as the “business beard.” The style is the exceptionally shorter version of the full beard. Usually, it runs through a half-inch to one inch long, equally trimmed, and well-maintained edges.

Moreover, the corporate style also comes with a neatly trimmed mustache, which means there are no flyaway facial hair or facial hair that overlaps the upper lip.

  1. Viking

Vikings are notably well-known for their beards. Hence, one of the best beard styles gets inspiration from the Norse people. This type of beard poses a no-nonsense appeal and a masculine look. It exudes strength, vigor, and courage, just like the Vikings.

You should trim and put shampoo on your beard regularly to put that warrior look instead of becoming a wild beast. You can get a few notes of this style from the favorite Viking hero Ragnar. Rock your beards with that prominent long locks and shaved sides from Ragnar, or you may want to pair it with a messy bun hairdo.

  1. Round-shaped Face Beard Style

Some beards don’t work well or won’t look good on some shapes of the face, such as the rounded face men. That is why rounded face men have their beard styles to suit them. A beard can make a round-shaped face elongated and balanced out. For the rounded face men, you can go for a thick full beard with a mustache and experiment with the style that would look great on you.

  1. Terminal

From the word itself, this type of beard style means the maximum or ultimate end of how long the beard grows. “Terminal beards” come to its full length and end accordingly. So, there’s no right or wrong with this style because all you have to do is to allow it to grow to its end in length. It’s the final frontier for men with long beards.

  1. Faded

Another beard style that we think would best for you is the “faded,” which became a popular facial hairstyle for hipster guys. By narrowing down your sideburns, you can create a refreshing neat look. Chris Pine had a fair share of the “faded beard” style.

  1. Royale

Work it like a royal is what the “royale” beard or goatee style depicts. It is a mustache secured through a strip of chin hair. Other beards or goatees can work well with this type of style. Ryan Gosling is among the A-list actors that are notable of donning this beard style.

  1. Patchy

Keanu Reeves donned the “patchy” beard look immensely well. Just like the hair, not everyone has full and even facial hair. There are a few lucky ones who got patchy beards. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it, as there are styles that you can do with your patchy beards.

You can go on with different “patchy” beard styles. Choosing the shorter beard style can do the work on your “patchy” beards. You can also go for a more professional or corporate look. You can also go for the smart style look to give you a ruggedly handsome appeal.

  1. Circle or Geeky Beards

One of the famous actors who perfectly looks good-looking with the “circle or geeky beards” is “Wolverine” himself, Hugh Jackman. “The Greatest Showman” lead actor plays a bit with his beard, but among the most prominent styles he did that the fashion world took notice is the “circle beard” style.

This type of beard style is a variation of goatees where it’s a combination of the royale and circle beard styles, wrapping around the mouth area. Colin Farrell is also another actor who donned this look.

  1. Pretty Boy

A good-looking variation of the goatee style is the “pretty boy,” which is the same as the “full goatee,” with just one huge difference. Instead of the full and broad area of thick facial hair, the “pretty boy” style gets a trim at the back and around its area to achieve a thin line of mustache facial hair and a goatee style.

  1. Chin-Only

From its name description, “chin-only” beard style is another variety of the goatees donned on the chin. So, the beard sits firmly on the chin area and without a mustache hair that connects it. Another name for this beard style is “chin strap beard.”

  1. Hollywoodian

Also referred to as the “extended goatee,” the “hollywoodian” beard became a popular style when Leonardo DiCaprio got spotted donning it. The beard style looks like a goatee with a mustache, and most often, it comes without sideboards or sideburns. The “Titanic” actor completed the look with a comb-over flyaway hairdo.

  1. Verdi

Joining in the list of the best beard style is the “Verdi,” which got its reference from the late Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. There’s a long of things going on with this style. It includes a neatly and nicely trimmed mustache and a beard, which grows over the chin area and the jawline, while the neckline remains clean.

  1. Bald-Men beard style

Bald men love to wear some beards to their flawless shaved head, which is suitable to add an element or a feature to their hairstyle. The beard can add character and frame to the face. There are beard styles that best-suited on bald men. Some bald men opted for a long and thick facial hair that runs through the jawline down the neckline.

Nevertheless, some other bald men prefer the clean-cut or goatee variations. You could get an idea from famous Hollywood stars like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and Bruce Willis.

  1. Short Shaggy Beard

The “short shaggy beard” works well with men who have uneven or patchy facial hair Men who can’t grow a full beard can get this casual beard style. You can go for a shorter look to make it even more stylish.

  1. Medium-Length Goatee

Another goatee variation is the medium-length style, which Brad Pitt proudly wore during summer. It comes with a tightly trimmed beard above the mouth and a clean shaved cheeks. Adding texture or character to the style is a stubble cut going to the jawline.

  1. Amish

Also known as the “Whaler” beard, the “Amish” facial hairstyle is another long and full beard style that comes without a mustache. This beard style is highly notable in the ancient times during a war and in some religious beliefs. Muslim men wear the same kind of beard.

  1. Mutton Chops

Rectangular-shaped “mutton chops” beard style stretches through the cheeks, connecting the mustache without the chin.

It is also sometimes referred to as sideburns as it focuses on the checks and jawline part of the face. The “mutton chops” came way back centuries ago.

  1. Chin Strip

As its name denotes, a “chin strip” beard style is simply a vertical facial hair on the chin. It’s just a strip or a taped-like beard style.

  1. Beardstache

During the last “Mission Impossible” movie where Henry Cavill is part of, he donned a “beard stache” style. If you want to turn heads and raise some eyebrows, like Henry Cavill, you can steal his looks by growing out your beard until your mustache stretches out a length that suits you. You can create a “fade” look on the cheeks down the neckline.

  1. Gunslinger

This style comes with a beard and a mustache. “Gunslinger” creates a flared sideburns or side whiskers with a “horseshoe” mustache.

  1. Horseshoe

A “horseshoe” mustache looks like a horseshoe-shaped, which is another beard style of long mustache bars pointing downward, forming a horseshoe.

  1. Chevron

The “chevron” style is another mustache-dedicated look. The mustache is covering the entire top lip, or it is covering the whole part of the top of the mouth.

  1. Handlebar

Another beard style that mainly focused on the mustache is the “handlebar,” which comes with the tip of the end of the mustache curled upward. It is a prevalent style of today that requires a wax or high holding styling product to keep its curled ends. Rollie Fingers, a legend in baseball, was notable for his “handlebar mustache.”

  1. Walrus

This beard style highlights a big mustache that grows above your lips. This type is undemanding as it is so easy to groom due to its thickness and fullness.

  1. Fu Manchu

You can give the “Fu Manchu” a try if you want to mix it up. This beard style comes with a straight and thin mustache that stretches out in a tendril-like form below the chin. It begins from the corners of the mouth. The pair of tendril-like style do not connect on the upper lip.

  1. The Cop or Copstash

A mustache type is “the cop” beard style or “copstash,” which is one of the most popular variations, under this category. You must not let it grow under your lips or below your mouth, and you should always groom it well to keep its style. Tom Selleck and Tommy Lee Jones wore this style earlier.

  1. Anchor

A goatee version that gives highlight to the volume and requires two weeks for its stubble to get its proper shape. The “anchor” beard style looks perfect on Christian Bale and David Beckham.

It’s a “disconnected goatee” that comes in different combination of quite a few facial hairstyles and techniques. The shape is similar to a “nautical anchor,” the thing that holds the ship to be stable at sea.

  1. Balbo

One of the classics in the beard style is the “Balbo,” which comes through when the facial hair mainly grows on the chin and mustache area of the face. This unlinked goatee and mustache style became popular when “Ironman” Robert Downey Jr. wore it. Although the box-office actor gives a bit more creativity with his style, it all boils down to the “Balbo” style.

Justin Timberlake also sported this beard style, which is prominent without its sideburns or side whiskers and well-trimmed, moving mustache.

  1. Van Dyke

A cleaner version of the “Balbo” beard style is the “Van Dyke.” It’s quite a bit playful and little peacocky in looks, which is the facial hairstyle choice of the good-looking Johnny Depp. Like the “Balbo,” it doesn’t have sideburns.

There are lots of beard styles that men of all ages can choose and wear. Nonetheless, the best beard style varies for every man’s size and shape of the face as well as the haircuts or hairstyles. Yet, there are quite a few good-looking men who can always get away with any of the facial hairstyles, may it be a beard, goatee, or mustache.

Top 50 Best beard styles

Things to consider before you choose a shorter beard style

The truth is, not everyone looks good on a shorter beard style. There are specific facial hairstyles that don’t work well on some men. With that said, we listed down a few things that you should consider before going for the short beard style.

  • The shape of the face

In general, the shape of your face speaks a lot when it comes to the beard styles you are going to get. For every face shape, such as square, circle, oval, and rectangular, comes with distinct facial hairstyles that work on them.

  • Facial features

Aside from the shape of the face, another thing to consider in choosing a beard style is the facial feature.

Some of the prominent facial features that play an essential role in choosing the right style of facial hair are the cheekbones, the jaw, and the length of the face.

  • Haircut

The style or cut of the hair also affects your choice in selecting the best beard style for you. Some haircuts or hairstyles don’t work well with some beard styles.

  • Facial hair characteristics

The characteristics of the facial hair also have a say to the beard style that you should choose. Some men are born with thick and even facial hair, while others have thin and uneven beards.

  • The type of your skin

Another significant thing to consider in choosing the beard style for you is your skin type. You might have a sensitive skin, which can be a problem when you want to go for a shorter beard style or facial hairstyle that requires consistent grooming and trimming.

Therefore, it is best to know what beard style fits for you. The barber knows what kind of style you should be getting. You can ask what suits you best.

History of beards

Shapes of the face and its best-suited beard styles

  • Round

Men who have round faces will look good on some popular beard styles, such as the “Van Dyke,” “Short Boxed Beard,” “Anchor Beard,” and “Balbo Beard,” which offer a slimmer look with its angled-shaved cheekbones.

  • Rectangle

Rectangle-shaped faces should go for the “Mutton Chops Beard,” “Chin Strap Beard,” “Gunslinger Beard and Mustache,” or “Chin Strip Beard” style, which comes with a shorter beard on the bottom part and longer on the sides to display your facial structure.

  • Square

Emphasizing the cheekbones with sharp and precise lines is what square-shaped faces should get. Men with square faces can get the “Goatee,” “Circle Beard,” or “Royale Beard.” You should make the most of your squared jawline.

  • Oval

Oval-shaped faces should consider the “Chevron Beard,” “Horseshoe Mustache,” “Stubble Beard,” and “Original Stache.” This face shape is ideal for all sorts of beard styles.

Now, you already have an idea of which beard style may work best on your face shape or facial features, considering the hairstyle as well.

Top 50 Best beard styles

Benefits of growing beards

Growing beards is more than just a style because it comes with essential benefits to you. We listed below a few of the beneficial impact of having beards, goatee, or mustache.

  • Block the harmful UV rays

Thick beards proved to be capable of blocking the harmful UV rays. According to scientific research, 95% of the sun’s UV rays get blocked by the full-blown facial hair. Thus, protecting your skin from getting sunburn and preventing you from any form of skin cancer.

  • Keeps the skin’s moisture

While shaving can open up the pores in the skin, growing beards can help keep the moisture of the skin. The beards act as a cover of the pores from getting exposed to the harmful elements that can cause dry and flaky skin.

  • Prevents infection caused by bacteria

The beard naturally protects the skin from any infection caused by bacteria. Thus, beards prevent infection caused by bacteria as it acts as a shield to the pores where the germs can get through.

  • Healthier skin

As it protects the skin from unwanted dirt, it keeps the skin healthier. Thus, men with beards come with a sturdier and more vigorous appeal.

  • Protection from skin discoloration

Beards protect the skin from all kinds of blemishes and discoloration. Therefore, keeping your skin healthier than ever.

With all that said, beards are more than just a fashion sense and style of men. They come with valuable advantages that are helpful and essential to the health and total well-being of men.

Happy man with beard


In closing, there are many best beard styles that men can choose. However, not all of them work well or suitable for every man. There are facial hairstyles that don’t look on square or rounded-face men. The shape of the face has a lot to say with the style of beard cut one should consider.

Other facial features and hairstyles are also substantial things to consider in choosing the beard style. Most popular beard styles include the “Anchor Beard,” “Van Dyke,” “Balbo,” “Stubble,” and the shorter-styled beard, among many others. Goatees and mustaches also come in play with the different beard styles.

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