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When it comes to sunscreen, never say never. With the temperature rising, sunny summer days are here, bringing the sun’s scorching heat with them. Protecting your peachy skin from this wrath usually may become an obsession for many dainty darlings this season. People are finally talking about SPF and sunscreens, and if it’s anything, we would say this is music to our ears! But do we need sunscreen? YES. Can we do without it? We don’t think so! While decoding the perfect sunscreen may seem like a Herculean task, you must act wisely to avoid a sunburnt fate.


Like it or not, sunscreens are an evil necessity that your face shouldn’t have to live without. Investing in good sunscreens paves a golden way to get that revitalized skin back and glowing! Rain, or shine, your beauty shelves should be stocked up with this weapon. So before your tube gets over, remember to get yourself a brand new bottle, for you’ll be needing it!

The Importance of Sunscreens

According to Blushastic, sunscreens are quite the unicorns of our makeup vanity. It would be best if you allowed the importance of the screen to set in your daily lives, whether you are going out or staying in. Be it summer, frostbite, or whether it’s raining cats and dogs; our skin needs sunscreen to support a healthy appearance.


Surviving the sun is not so easy, so we all need some excellent SPFs to save us from the misery of disastrous effects like speeding up premature aging and giving rise to skin allergies.


Also, it increases the chances of skin cancer and hyperpigmentation and aggravates your breakouts, which are caused due to harmful UV rays. Sun exposure also shakes your DNA from within. All these can be remedied if you stay loyal to your favorite sunscreen formulas.


A good and honest sunscreen is very forgiving on the skin and takes care of your health by blocking sun rays from touching your skin. If your beautiful skin means everything to you, you will be head over heels over this!

How To Apply Sunscreen To Get The Most Out Of It?

Are you applying your sunscreen like you are supposed to? Here are juicy tips straight from the beauty editors desk that will help you ace this art! For all the times you think you haven’t been able to reap all the spicy benefits of applying your sunscreen, you have been using it the wrong way! Here’s a chance to make it right!


  • Shake well to remove any clumps formed within.
  • The thumb rule demands two tablespoons on the face and two more to cover your decolletage. The application goes beyond just your face area, as every inch of our body requires protection.
  • Cover your ears, knees, toes, feet, lips, eyelids, bum, and even scalp. You can use dry sunscreen for your scalp area.
  • Apply a thick, nutritious layer and leave it for 15-20 minutes until it is completely soaked.
  • Massage gently in a circular motion to remove any white film or residue left behind and even them out.
  • Wait for 20 minutes before you step out of your house.
  • Make sure to reapply every two hours!

How To Choose The Perfect Sunscreen?

Basics first. Do perfect sunscreens exist? Yes, they do, and hunting them has become the pure aim of every makeup enthusiast. You must know sunscreen basics before diving into the sea of endless options waiting eagerly to confuse you.


We all need a guide to show us the right path of choosing a good sunscreen that will stand by us, be it the paradise of heaven or the fire of hell. This concerns you, so we want to leave no stone unturned. Here are some quick tips you want to remember before making your decision.


All about SPF – Why does every woman I know keep blabbering this term? The Sun Protection Factor or SPF is your ultimate weapon to beat the heat. It denotes the ability of your sunscreen to filter out and block the harsh UV rays which damage your skin severely. Remember, the more, the merrier. The higher your SPF, the more time it will take to cause a sunburn.


So it is recommended by dermatologists that you wear an SPF 30. This will take your skin 30 times more to get baked than without sunscreen. People are raving about the new trend, SPF 50, which will help you combat sun exposure every day like a queen!


Broad-spectrum protection – Sun damages your skin in innovative ways through UVA and UVB rays. While the former speeds up premature aging, the latter can burn your skin. These rays can often lead to other horrors like skin cancer. Look for the label of these three magical words, ‘Broad-spectrum protection,’ to ensure it has got you covered in both.


Water-resistant – You are not the only one who likes to have a good splash, which is why waterproof sunscreens are the new bling! A water-resistant sunblock is extremely helpful and protects your skin 40 to 80 minutes after getting wet. Be it swimming or sweating; you will have to reapply your miracle cream after the time is over.


Your skin type – Moisturising ingredients steal all the limelight when choosing the best sunscreen for your skin. If you are someone with a dry to normal skin tone, hydration should be your aim. Elements like hyaluronic acid and glycerin fuel up your skin tissues with moisture and help nourish them. Talk of oily or combination skin, you must buy non-comedogenic formulas, as they will not clog their pores.


If you are tired of all that oil sitting o your face, go for some lightweight sunscreen that will blend onto your skin with the speed of lightning and soaks up uninvited moisture. This won’t make you look glossy anymore.


Sensitivity – We believe you are delicate and must be handled with care, which is why physical sunscreens can save your day. Also known as mineral sunscreens, these are active ingredients like zinc and titanium oxide present in them that will mend all your skin irritation worries. Also, remember to ditch fragrances and other chemical substances that may harm your fragile layers.


Exposure – The time you spend outside is what your skin will be accountable for. Sun rays are the most dangerous between 10 am to 4 pm, when they can fry your unprotected skin. You can have an SPF 30 or more if you love being outdoors, suitable to your complexion. While on regularly shouldn’t settle for anything less than an SPF 15!


The Formula game – There are sprays, lotions, and sticks that will do the job effectively. It is up to your personal preference. Sprays can reach where your hands can’t, so it is always good to have them around.


You can also rely upon sunscreen sticks as they are travel-friendly and involve no drama of leaking. Otherwise, if you want to get that nourishing feel while bathing your body with SPF, lotions will trick you!

Windfalls Of Sunscreens

Reducing the risk of skin cancer – Now, it’s public knowledge that prolonged hours of exposure to the sun can increase your chances of skin cancer. Every one out of five Americans can suffer from this disease by 70.


To reduce such life-threatening risks, it is advised to use an SPF 30 throughout your day. You can also up your SPF for more protection.


Aging and allergies – Worried that those wrinkles are increasing day by day? It’s probably true if you miss out on sunscreen from your skincare regime. Constant brushing up with sunlight hampers our collagen levels and elastin, making our skin loose and lifeless.


This also invites fine lines and creases that steal away your youthful charm. Coating your skin with a fluffy layer of sunscreen promises to avoid these circumstances to look your best!


Fight HyperpigmentationMan, or woman with uneven skin tone, is not attractive. Sunlight often leaves us hanging witch, our texture, hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, and patches. Minimal scarring of the face can also happen if you have ignored the benefits of sunscreen for the face.


Sun exposure also causes many dark spots, freckles, and age spots, to bloom on your face without an invitation, so it is essential to wear sunscreen every hour you are awake!


Prevents DNA Damage – According to science, constant exposure to sun rays deteriorates human health in remarkable ways. It can disrupt your DNA cells and trigger skin carcinogenesis, a condition that results in tumors. Sometimes these go undetected before they become irreversible. Applying sunblock changes all that!


Acne control – While most of us may feel that putting sunscreen on acne-prone skin will make things worse, it’s time we make you believe otherwise. Sunscreens have successfully debunked the myth and made things crystal clear. When we go without a layer of protection on our face, harmful rays cause sunburn.


This causes an imbalance in the dermal layers and ultimately results in inflammation, which excites redness. Putting sunscreen creates a healthy barrier and keeps your skin out of harm’s way. Just make sure to pat on some non-comedogenic lotion, as you don’t want to suffocate your pores!


Tanning and sunburn – We know you love tan booths, but going there without sunscreen? Not a wise choice! Sunburns are your skin’s worst nightmare and can result in blisters, early aging, and cancer. Did you know that tanning is our body’s defense mechanism? Same!


While many of us don’t know that while we tan, the melanin content in our body elevates because of continuous exposure to the sun, it protects our skin cells against UV rays.


Especially with ozone layer depletion, ultraviolet rays get an easy path to enter our planet’s atmosphere, thereby hampering our bodies. A good sunscreen can help you get through all of this without any fuss. You have to keep on reapplying!


Applying sunscreen may seem like a hectic job, but stop sulking already! To reveal all the benefits sunscreens offer, you must wear them every day and with pride. While these are effective like they tell us, you should always have big hats and shades on your person to give you company in the sun.


Many options in the market will shield and defend your skin without hurting your budget. We are going on a sunscreen shopping spree. Are you coming?


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