A Guide On Beach Fashion For Summers

Summer = Beaches. We would love nothing more than to slip into a cute swimsuit, splash on a tonne of sunscreen, grab that crocheted hat, step in the calm blue waters, and have the sound of waves playing in our ears. We love the sound of this sentence itself.

Sounds so ASMR, doesn’t it? With glossy lush green lawns, many palm trees scattered around, and glittering waves mimicking sun rays, beaches can seem ethereal and opulent to the eyes.

All The Lessons You Want For A Perfect Beach Summer Wardrobe!

Even more interesting is that the best part of our holidays always includes random trips to the beach. However stressful our schedule might be, we are never ready to say goodbye to beaches. If you are looking for an beach alternative to get tan then I suggest checking out Tan Physics

With this, it is mandatory; you do it with perfection whenever you make your presence known! Here’s a definitive guide to getting things shaking!

What To Wear This Summer?

You may want to run along with those hot chicks in halter necks or even slay in that wrap skirt. A beach vacay is purely for fun, so you don’t have to worry about creating a statement look or poise! Breezy shorts that allow free movement of air in and out are always a yes, as you tend to be super comfy in them.

Sarongs or wrap skirts are a must-have as they keep the look minimal yet fun, perfect for hitting the beach. They flatter your silhouette way too much, so you may go with ruffles or classy flares; it is up to you.

Let’s not forget tie-back maxi dresses that have created waves on the internet. Celebs opt for pastel floral prints and monochrome to create a fun ensemble. Are you fantasizing about some mesh moments? Crochet tops and dresses are other super-hawt options if you are too lazy for anything else.

This year, these are trending big and perfect if you believe in a little revealing game yourself! Still can’t find your spirit? Go and grab that color-blocked bikini now! There is no drama; you have to get yourself a coconut with a flower in your hair and look pretty!

The Right Way To Accessorize?

Accessories have to be your best friend. If you rely upon big straw hats, chunky sandals, shell necklaces, and some oversized shades, you have got your game down to a T! Lacy shrugs will also do the trick for the perfect day out in the sun. When it comes to beaches, that boho girl sits inside us! Beach essentials call for enormous bags.

The bigger, the better is the mantra here so that you can stuff in all your cuties there. Take the opportunity to go for raffia totes as they are undeniably stylish and in Vogue! You can also go for oversized hobo bags in strong-solid colors that pop out in the shiny sand.

We love silk scrunchies as they protect your wavy tresses way better than regular hair ties. Also, don’t forget to go big on sunscreen!

When deciding upon the footwear, prefer keeping your toes out, as they have wanted to be unlocked all year! Flip flops and sliders keep it easy as you don’t want to be embarrassed and uncomfortable walking in gladiator or wedges, with clumps of sand entering in and out constantly. Now necklaces, we love layering.

Tiny beads running neatly in multiple strings, with occasional crystals, shells, and colored stones making an appearance here and there, is what excites us the most. FYI, uber-chic hair clips with starfishes, pearls, and bronze oysters have entered the fashion world with pomp and show.

We don’t know about you, but we like our sunglasses and hats, big! Cool and big shades shield your eyes against the heat nicely. There is a hat for every mood depending upon how bright the sun is shining.

Straw hats have officially stolen the nod of approval this season, along with some cheesy quotes like, do not disturb! Remember to throw all these into that bag, and you are ready!

How To Style Your Hair?

Easy, braid it! We all know the damage beach winds can do to our precious locks. They make our hair messy, but they also damage them in invisible ways. Make sure you apply your favorite serum before you step out. There are other sweet options, too, if a beach hairstyle is your dilemma! Tame your mane with scarf ponytails, as they promise to protect your locks by keeping them intact.

Many influencers and beauty enthusiasts embrace this updo by adorning their hair with paisley print scarfs to up that boho feel. You can also go with bright or metallic shades to make your hair stand out! Double dutch pigtails and bubble braids are another shoreside preference for your flawless Instagram feed!

Tied-up buns can never harm anyone and help make your neckline look elongated. You can switch to long goddess braids, too, if you don’t want to spend all your time later detangling those stubborn knots! The options for you are endless. People with eye-grabbing balayage hair can turn up the heat by making fishtail braids that add an extra oomph factor, showing off fifty shades of their color!

If you are having a bad day, put on that sun-hat, or if you are wild like us, leave it open! Let the sea speak to your waves!

Picking All The Right Colors And Prints

Escaping to the beach? Here are some lessons you will be thankful to us for sharing. Effortless floral prints can add life to your outfit, whether an airy kaftan or a puff-sleeved dress. When deciding upon colors, remember to pick bright ones. Think of your swimsuit with a floor-length cape drenched in blue roses. Enough to inspire a Pinterest board. Charge up your look with some trustworthy color blocks and neons.

As more and more days unfold, the staying power of color blocks has proven monumental. Be it a fuchsia bikini, or a simple slip-on dress with a showy cutout in the front, color-block prints can create magic in absolutely anything. Play with teal, orange, pink, and green shades to stand out from the crowd. Experiment with a little mix and match your top and bottom by choosing the proper contrast.

You can also opt for polka dots or loud monochrome two pieces as they reignite a feeling of playfulness, adding to the perfect vibes of a beach! Also, does everything look good in tie-dye or what? Loose tie-dye tank tops, finishing just above that belly button, with a good pair of wide pants below, definitely are making us visit the ocean this week!

Seven Magical Tips That Scream Beach-Please!

Holidays call for beaches. And we call for all the hot scoops in fashion before we hit them! Here’s an edit of the best tips you need to put your minds into!

  • Supercharge your skin with a truckload of sunscreen over SPF 30 if you are all set on traveling to the beach. Sunscreens help mask your body against harmful rays of the blaring sun and prevent sunburns. They also have other benefits, so make sure to pack this baby!
  • Don’t like your bangs disturbing you? Mermaid accessories are just for you! Starfish clips, headbands etched with pearls, and seashell tiaras can dazzle away your hairdo anytime you want. These classic fairytale pieces make you look like you came straight out of the sea!
  • As warmer days increase, our tolerance for heat decreases. Remember, cotton is your friend! Cotton clothes feel very snug and breathable, allowing you to be calm. Also, the size of our swimsuits is decreasing with the temperature steaming up. So, when in a bikini, make sure beforehand that it’s well-fitting. You don’t want that extra cupcake fat to bulge outright?
  • We know you have bookmarked thousands of how-to tie scarf videos. It’s finally time to put them to good use! Opt for silk scarves as they create a much more aesthetic look and are gentle on your skin. You can wear them around your neck, hair, or even as a sleek top, as you like it. Also, we love silk bandanas!
  • Be an early bird! Yes, it would help to visit the sand early in the morning. This way, you can get yourself a sweet spot and enjoy breathtaking views throughout your stay. The glittering waves will quench any heart with their irresistible charm!
  • Pack a tiffin with fresh raspberries, goji, blueberries, and nuts. This keeps you healthy, but you can keep munching on to pass the time. Ohh, and water! We know there’s a lot of water, but drink from the sea! HAHA!
  • Your favorite book needs to be in your hands on this day as you enjoy a margarita under the shade. Bring your ear pods to stop chasing your thoughts and unwind in good music!


My heart is in Havana. Are you craving a guide on beach fashion for summers? We are sure you must be thrilled by now! With style expanding more and more every day, people are chasing sophisticated beach looks. Some can’t get enough of flirty crochet dresses, while others are still stuck on kaftan switch intricate detailing.

A day at a beach is all about making memories, so you should be careful that you make only good ones! You don’t want to encounter any mishaps like a broken shoe or torn-up top, so you must carry an extra of everything! As for us, we are on a week weekend each, should we count you in?

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