Every woman wants to have a toned and slim body. Unfortunately, women tend to gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it. The reason is their fluctuating hormones, which tend to affect their weight. But it is not impossible to lose weight. If you are worried about the extra fat around your belly or thighs, a proper diet, workout, and reducing stress can help you achieve it.

To get a toned body, ensure you work out at least five days per week for an hour. It can be any workout you find fun, and you can also mix it up. Another thing to remember is to eat healthy. Without proper nutrients and a healthy gut, losing weight is impossible. Lastly, switch to better lifestyle habits to lose weight, maintain it, and stay healthy. Here are a few effective ways to lose weight for women:

Try to walk everywhere.

The easiest way to start your fitness journey is to go on walks. People tend to think walking is an ineffective workout. But it is far from the truth. Walking is the best way to keep yourself active and your body moving. Most people enjoy it, and it adds little stress to your body. Thus helping in a higher fat-burn ratio. Walking is a low-intensity workout focusing on fat reserves, helping our body release the fat. So, try to walk everywhere. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Go grocery shopping at a nearby store where you can walk. While talking on the phone, walking, and so on.

Eat right


To lose weight, 80% of the focus should be on diet. No, you do not have to starve yourself or eat less. Simply focus on eating nutrient-dense food that does not exceed the calories you need daily. A balanced diet has good protein, healthy carbs, fats, and other nutrients. Also, focus on protein more. It helps keep you full, so you do not snack in between, which is perfect for losing weight.

Join Pilates


Pilates is an excellent form of workout that focuses on the core muscles. It can help you get toned and slim down effectively. Pilates is an ideal home workout, as you can perform without equipment. Online Pilates classes for beginners are perfect as they help with learning the proper techniques; if you do it yourself, you risk injuries.

Stay hydrated


To lose weight and tone down, staying hydrated is essential. Without proper water intake, your body loses muscles, and you do not want that. Also, it can lead to bloating, headaches, digestive issues, and more. But don’t overdo the hydration. Listen to your body and hydrate it using coconut water, lemon water, or water with added minerals.

Start with 20 minutes.


Do you have a hard time working out? Start with just 20 minutes. Committing to an hour of exercise can be challenging for everyone, especially women with work, kids, and other chores. But start with only 20 minutes of Tabata or any other HIIT exercise. It will pump your heart heavily and fill your body with endorphins. Gradually, once you start liking it, you can increase the time.

Strength training is necessary.

Cardio is not enough to lose weight and get toned. You also need to include strength training in your workout routine. And don’t worry; you will not bulk up if you perform strength training twice or thrice a week. Try these strength training workouts at home to get a toned body.

Reduce stress


A higher cortisol level in your body will always interfere with losing weight. It also invites multiple health issues. So, knowing and reducing stress levels are super important. You can try meditation or pranayama, which helps regulate breathing. It, in turn, helps reduce stress. Journaling, performing yoga poses, dancing, or listening to music can help reduce stress.

Punching or kickboxing


It helps you tone your upper body while releasing pent-up energy or stress.

To lose weight, first, change your ideology. Do not chase after a number on the scale. Instead, focus on becoming healthier and stronger. If you are consistent, weight loss will follow. To lose weight and maintain it, quick fixes do not work; it is a lifestyle change.

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