When travelling abroad, there are certain things you must consider to make sure your health remains in tip-top condition. From sun protection to sexual health and financial protection and everything in between. Read below for the best general medical advice to consider when travelling. 

Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance 

Health coverage is extremely important when travelling. It won’t prevent you from getting sick or getting injured, but it will protect you financially. If you need medical assistance abroad, this can be very expensive, and if you can’t pay, you face being arrested by local authorities. It’s important to do your research and find the best travel insurance for you.  

Always Take Sun protection

No matter where you travel, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time outside; especially if travelling in a hot country. It’s important to always carry sun protection with you to protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Even if you’re travelling through cold countries, the sun can still reach you. A common mistake with those who go skiing is that they won’t need sun protection.

However, as the sun reflects off the bright white snow it is directed straight into your face causing you to burn. So, no matter where you are travelling, make sure you have the correct sun protection with you. 

Research Your Destination For Health Risks 

Every destination is different and comes with its own health risks. If you research any risks, you can be prepared to make informed choices if need be.

Read travel guides, and official travel advice and talk to people who’ve been there before to find out about any infectious diseases, any other health risks like altitude sickness, any disability access issues and local attitudes around mental health and support. Research can leave you prepared and informed about any risks you may face when travelling.

Get Your Vaccinations 

Prevention is better than cure, and with certain destinations come certain vaccinations or boosters that you may need to enter the country. Speak to your doctor when booking your travels to find out any immunisations that you may need for that country that may prevent you from contracting certain illnesses and infectious diseases.

You can also read travel guides to be advised on exactly what vaccinations or boosters you need. Other preventative measures may also be advised such as mosquito nets, repellents and medications to take with you.  

Make Smart Decisions 

When travelling, it’s important that you always put the health of yourself and those you are with first. For example, if getting romantic with someone during your travels, be sure to wear a condom.

If you’re partying, be careful not to drink too much as it could cause serious health risks. If riding a motorbike or scooter, be sure to wear a helmet to prevent any injuries. Whatever activity you do, make sure to risk assess and take precautions to ensure your health.  

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