Hit the Road! 4 Useful Apps for Those Who Travel by Car

Do you often travel by car? Yes, it’s a great way to get around the area. While buses, trains, and subways are quite crowded, the car allows you to travel in comfort wherever you go. However, along with the benefits, you get some small difficulties.

First, you need to choose the right route and then find parking when you arrive. Secondly, you need to hire a car if you are travelling away from home.

Fortunately, modern technology makes a road trip experience much easier. Today, your smartphone is your best travel assistant. Install the following apps on it and turn your trip into a hassle-free adventure!

Google Maps

As one of the best navigation apps, Google Maps makes it much easier for you to get around the world. The developers have added more than 220 countries and territories, millions of facilities, and attractions. On the maps, you can find out information about transport and traffic congestion.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in – it will be easy for you to find cafes, restaurants, interesting places even offline. The main thing is to download the map of the desired region in advance.

A convenient navigation system calculates the arrival time and takes into account the current traffic situation. If there’s hard traffic ahead, Google Maps will suggest a more convenient route in order to save time.


Rental24h will come in handy for those who often travel by hire car. It works with either proven international car hire companies or well-established local agencies.

Looking to pick up a Firefly car hire Alicante Airport? No problem. Rental24h offers cars in 40,000 locations in 130 countries around the world. All you need to do is download the program and fill out the search form.

The search engine allows you to sort offers by price or car group, and add the necessary options to the reservation. These include an additional driver, a child seat, a GPS navigator, etc. You can also sort deals by rating, thus speeding up the selection of the best car hire.


Finding a car park in a big city can be a challenge, especially if we are talking about large metropolitan areas such as London or Manchester. However, it will be much easier for you to find a car park if you use Parkopedia. This is one of the greatest parking apps for Android and iOS.

Its database includes over 70 million car parks in 89 countries around the world. If there are no parking spots nearby, you can add a new one yourself. You should only upload a photo of a parking sign with information about hours, prices, etc.

Parkopedia’s key features:

  • Searching by address or location.
  • Getting directions right to the entrance to the car park.
  • Showing information about the number of currently available car parks.
  • Searching for information about hours, current prices, payment methods, etc.
  • Using various filters to find the desired spot.


This application will be very helpful for those who often drive at night. An ordinary GPS navigator is blinding and distracting in the dark, while Hudway makes it possible to see your route on the windshield.

You need to add brightness to the phone’s display, put it on the dashboard, and the picture will be reflected in the windshield. Plus, the application’s voice assistant will warn you about road junctions, and dangerous bends.

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