Top 10 cities in India you have to visit

India boasts with far-reaching stretches of picturesque views and magnificent historical structures. The country houses the most colorful cultural and traditional history. Hence, Mark Twain described the country as the “great grandmother of tradition.”

The seventh-largest country in the world is the home of fascinating cities filled with engrossing heritage, quaint lifestyle, and scenic cityscape. With that said, we list down the top 10 cities in India.

  1. Pondicherry

There’s a reason why Pondicherry is one of the highly favored travel destinations by tourists around the world in India. The city offers luxury in calmness, comfort, and relaxation, as it boosts with quintessential spots, breathtaking landscapes, and delightful architecture.

Pondicherry offers an array of interesting beaches, museums, botanical gardens, shopping centers, and entertainment districts. You can enjoy the sunset in “Promenade Beach,” explore and take a heritage walk in “White Town,” experience the beautiful sunrise in “Mahe Beach,” and bask in the lovely sanctuary of “Pondicherry Botanical Garden” that also offers a majestic fountain show.

  1. Thiruvananthapuram

Another exciting city in India is Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum. Its distinct architectural designs from the British colony are all magnificent to view. Lovers of the art and exquisite distinct pieces should visit Trivandrum. The city offers impressively striking art galleries, antique shops, and carpet sellers. Be ready to get captivated by the stunning display collections in the grandiose palaces or have some fun and adventure in the zoo and coastlines.

One of their world-renowned tourist spots is the “Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple,” which will leave you baffled with its magnificent grandeur. In 2015, Forbes revealed its trillion dollars hidden treasure. Looking at the southern-eastern side of the Lord Vishnu’s temple is the “Kuthira Malika” palace, well-decorated by little carved horses. Hence, the nickname “Mansion of horses.”

  1. Kochi

Beautiful cities of india

Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi proudly flaunts its many enthralling attractions and riveting historical spots. You shouldn’t miss out visiting the pleasantly old-fashioned “Jew Town,” especially if you are a lover of spicy food. The sweet town is the heart of spices in the city that made Kochi too the world spice trade center for more than a hundred years.

While you are in the area of Mattancherry, stroll around the colorful and dainty multicultural old village because there are a lot of quaint colonial buildings within the neighborhood. You can also take a side trip with the city’s popular sunset cruise, or you can join the locals in their ferry ride and take refuge in the quiet and serene Cherai beach.

  1. Chennai

Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai is another promising city as it is the dwelling place of the “Fort St. George” museum, which showcases the history of British military detachment in the area. The city also houses various religious sites and relics from Hinduism to Catholicism.

Be held captive by the beautiful architectural design and peace of “Santhome Cathedral Basilica” or “St. Andrew’s Church.” Art and archaeological pieces lovers would find a home in the city with its marvelous government museums that offer such. Fauna and flora enthusiasts can take comfort in “Guindy National Park” and “Arignar Anna Zoological Park.”

  1. Bengaluru

Best known as Bangalore, the city is the center of the country when it comes to advanced technology. Glorious palaces and breathtaking botanical gardens are just a few of the things that the city boasts. Bengaluru holds the most enchanting natural parks and mind-blowing gorgeous palaces. Calm-loving people can find a place in the city.

You can roam around and enjoy the refreshing scent of the beautiful blooms and greens in “Cubbon Park,” “Bannerghatta National Park,” and “Lalbagh Botanical Garden.” For palatial splendor, one can look for it in “Bangalore Palace.” The place is extremely massive and luxurious. Apart from the magnificent architectural structure of the palace, colorful and heavenly garden designs surround the entire area.

  1. Hyderabad

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One of the significant reasons why Hyderabad is among the top cities in India is because the cost of living is low yet offers a wide variety of things to do and charming places. The city is also part of the major areas in the country that settles advanced technological industries. It also takes pride in its fancy restaurants and upscale shopping centers.

Hyderabad also sits the enticing movie-production haven “Ramoji Film City,” which offers a stretched-out area filled with film studios. The attraction provides tours to their studios. You can also have some fun time in their theme park. That is why the city is a desirable place to dwell or visit.

  1. Pune

The second-largest city of Maharashtra is notable for its grandiose “Aga Khan Palace,” where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi dwells. Due to its charm and grandeur, the place is one of the favorite destinations for various photoshoots, such as pre-wedding sessions.

The “Sinhagad Fort” is the place for thrilling adventure seekers. It’s a hill fortress that reflects the beauty of nature and the interesting history of the city thousands of years ago. The city has exciting amusement and waterparks. Botany lovers can find solitude in “Empress Garden.”

  1. Mumbai

Also known as Bombay, Mumbai’s waterfront is the holding place of the remarkably famous “Gateway of India,” which looks imperial with its striking structure. Moreover, a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” resides too in the city called the “Elephanta Caves,” which is a collection of temples to honor Hindu god Shiva. There are more other caves to explore in the city.

Other than that, Mumbai has many more attraction spots, such as monuments, parks, amusements, water parks, gardens, beaches, and entertainment centers for everyone. It is like wherever you look, you can always find something to go or do.

  1. Jaipur

Due to the color of its trademark structure, Jaipur city is also popular for its other name, “Pink City.” In this beautiful city, you can find classic architectural building designs of its “City Palace” complex. Jaipur also has an affluent of attractions to boast, such as museums, gardens, courtyards, and observatories.

Famous tourist spots in the city include “Janta Mantar,” “Hawa Mahal,” “Jaj Mahal,” “Birla Mandir,” and “Sheesh Mahal” to mention a few. There are a lot of out of this world architecture and magnificent view in Jaipur that a day won’t be enough to visit or explore each.

  1. Agra

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It’s the top city in India for a reason. Agra holds a wonderful history, which is evident in its various beauty spots and attractions. That, and not to mention, the world-renowned “Taj Mahal.” Within the area, you can find other significant historical architectures that speak greatly of the colorful culture and tradition of the country.

Aside from the famous “Taj Mahal,” people find it also amusing to take a peek or visit other historical places in the city, such as “Agra Fort,” “Mehtab Bagh,” and “Taj Museum,” among many others. What makes it more interesting is the story behind each of its structure.

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