There is an opportunity to buy a YouTube channel to get instant success but when it comes to creative content pieces, you need to make an impressive entry and go out with a bang.

For the latter, you need the software to build the YouTube outro that helps you leave behind a lasting impression. With a plethora of options readily available, it can be challenging to make a choice. However, this post contains ten outro makers that will give your video content a whole new look.

What is an Outro? Where is it Used?

Typically, an outro is any visual art or musical piece at plays at the end of your movie, video, or song. It builds an emotional connection with the audience and leaves behind the lingering residue of a feeling that you want them to have.

Of course, the outro and its format largely depend on the content’s overall genre or theme. It should successfully announce the end of the video and eases the viewer into this fact rather than going to an abrupt halt.

Top 10 YouTube Outro Makers

Now that you know what an outro is and why it is important, it is time to look at ten of the best YouTube Movie Maker available in the market:


InVideo is one of the best tools that help add professional-looking outros to your content. Users get access to an assortment of outro templates that are sorted by their type (specific to social media) or aspect ratios. Pair the outro template with a fitting CTA, and you will have your recipe for success!

The free-to-use online tool can power and refine your videos in a mere five minutes. Yes, InVideo is not just for intro/outro creation, but the powerful tool meets end-to-end video editing needs.

It comes equipped with a rich video library, intelligent frames, voiceover automation, power transitions, multilingual videos, multi-layer composition, and more!

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora comes in second place on the list of popular outro creators. Like InVideo, Wondershare Filmora is also a complete video editing tool.

The application content is easy to understand and even easier to operate. Choose from the wide range of readily available options, and you will have your outro ready in no time!

Intro Outro Expert

This software tool’s name, by itself, explains it all. The application claims to be an expert in creating intros and outros that lend a professional-looking touch to your video.

You do not require any tutorial or guide to learn how to operate this software. It sports an easy and user-friendly drag-and-drop UI, as most video editors do, and comes with a well-stocked library of templates to inspire you or make your work quicker.

Since the video templates are directly embedded into the app, it becomes extremely easy to create an outro.


Even though the app claims to be an intro maker, you can use it effectively to make YouTube outros as well. The snippets are sorted by easily navigable categories. Just follow the simple few steps, and your outro will be ready in no time!

The IntroMaker comes with a URL integration where you can include design elements from content using its URL to make your outro even more interesting. Tweak up your outro, preview it, and save or download it on your computer after you are absolutely satisfied – it is that easy!


Panzoid allows you to end your video on a highly emotional note. It makes the perfect use of visual cues in the form of color or typography, along with the background score that is bound to touch a chord with every user. You can easily create professional-looking video outros using Panzoid. 

The application is highly intuitive with a vast and extensive library of outro templates and design elements that will help you build something truly unique. In addition to the standard outro elements, Panzoid also offers a powerful 3D animation tool that lets you add three-dimensional effects to make your outro even more interesting!


BeFunky is a robust intro/outro maker and an equally competent photo editing and graphic designing tool. As a result, you do not have to depend on third-party photo editors to create the imagery that you will use in your videos and create the photos directly on the app. 

Since everything is fully integrated into this app, it allows you to create highly engaging and seamlessly put-together outros that play with perfection and without a single hitch. One of the most notable aspects of the program is that it undergoes frequent updates, which ensures that you only get the best and the latest!

AVS Video Editor

Even though it is a holistic video creator, you can use it to create engaging intros and outros for your video. Apart from the existing templates, the tool offers absolute customizability in choosing how your video ends. Every function on the app is self-explanatory and easy to execute. The tool supports a variety of formats.MKV to.MOB or .3GP. With the integrated caching technology, video creation and edition become fast and painless.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a well-known name in the field of photo and video editing. This elite software comes with top-notch programmable tools that help execute even the most advanced video effects from scratch. Adobe Premiere Pro makes your video editing skills limitless and saves everything on the cloud. However, the pricing can be somewhat of a limitation if you are looking for a pocket-friendly fix.

MAGIX Vegas Pro

Just like Adobe Premiere Pro, the high pricing of this application can discourage the use of this video editor.

However, if you have the budget, it is totally worth the investment as you can enjoy a wide range of integrated tools and services. In fact, the MAGIX Vegas Pro is an extremely popular tool that enjoys usage even in Hollywood! It walks you through the entire outro-making process and lends support in creating something as complex as nested outros.


This outro creator is compatible with all operating systems. While it does not have templates, it offers absolute customizability as you can build it from scratch. The easy timeline-based UI is reminiscent of tools like Windows Film Maker.

Amongst the many tools shared above, InVideo appears to dominate them all. It has an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface and operates on multiple browsers, making it platform-agnostic. All in all, whether you go for the paid version or the free version, it offers a bang for your buck!

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