Though Search Engine Optimization has been around for a long, a lot has changed. With digital marketing gaining momentum, businesses have started to realize that this is a great marketing tool. Cannabis websites are no different. With an increasing number of Cannabis websites popping up on the internet, staying on top of your game is crucial.

SEO involves improving the quality and quantity of traffic on your page organically. It does not include paid results. Among the several buzzwords in SEO, ‘organic website traffic,’ and ‘website ranking’ are the most common. Both small and big Cannabis businesses should implement tactics that will drive more potential customers to their sites.

Are you confused about how you can increase your website traffic and improve its ranking? Fret not! We’ll break it down for you. Here are eight SEO for cannabis tips to help you!

1)   Use appropriate keywords

It is your keywords and phrases that help people discover your content through search engines. These high-volume words form the foundation of a strong SEO strategy. The best way to find valuable keywords is to think like the client and what they would search for. Studying your competitor’s website content is equally important to get an insight into what you should implement.

If you have just started your Cannabis website, you can optimize long-tail keywords i.e., three to four-word phrases specific to what you are selling. They attract relevant target audiences to your site. There are numerous keyword research tools online that can help you with the same. Don’t forget to analyze the results and change the phrases appropriately.

2)   Link building

If you increase the number of high-quality sites that link to your pages, your ranking will improve significantly. It indicates to Google that your site is credible and worthy of citation. Writing excellent content, utilizing a white-label SEO link-building service and guest blogging are a few ways you can get sites to link you. Remember, the more links to High DA sites, the better are your chances to stay in google’s ranking.

3)   Have a blog

Having a blog on your Cannabis website is indeed a remarkable way to drive traffic. That is because it requires minimal effort and time. It provides a great opportunity to connect directly with your potential customers.

However, you must remember to provide value to your customer. This implies that you must make it a point to write unique and relevant content. Google instantly recognizes duplicate content, which can, in turn, lower your website ranking.

Posting a blog on your website is not enough. Make it a point to promote it on social media pages.

seo tips

4)   Optimize the website speed

Have you ever closed a website just because it took too long to load? If your answer is yes, you might now know the importance of speed optimization. Google has made it quite clear that it is an important ranking factor. It takes the user only a few seconds to judge your Cannabis website and decide whether you are trustworthy.

The loading speed of a website depends upon several factors. Some of the most common ones are the size of images, hosting servers, and website design. Large images take a long time to load.

5)   Optimize Google voice searches

Today, everyone wants instant results while searching for something online. Voice search, being faster and easier, is on the rise. Hence, businesses must optimize that. You might have to restructure your content and use simple conversational language for this. Apart from that, using long-tail keywords may also help.

6)   User-friendly website design

The simpler it is for the user to navigate your website, the better ranking you will have. People often undermine the benefits of a simple, eye-pleasing website. They add more elements to make it attractive, not realizing that a minimal design can work wonders for them.

Having enough whitespace allows the design to breathe, creating harmony and balance. Besides that, ensure that you create visual hierarchies and divide the content into sections to make it easily readable. Such intuitive designs will help the user focus on what’s important.

7)   Include testimonials and reviews

Most people are skeptical when they venture into a new website. Customer reviews help increase your credibility and build trust with potential clients.

Along with the reviews, the rating shows how your products or services are trustworthy and valuable. These unbiased, positive comments remove any ambiguity regarding the quality of your products and give the users a reason to buy them.

Make sure that you include your client’s credentials while putting the review for users to believe it.

8)   Appealing calls to action

Clear and concise calls to action (CTA) create a sense of urgency that usually prompts the user to take the desired action. These fundamental elements have the power not only to increase your website traffic and boost ranking but also to increase the conversion rate. Here are a few tips on how your CTA’s must be:

  • Use a powerful command verb at the start
  • Give your visitors a good reason to click the button
  • Keep the CTA’s appealing to provoke enthusiasm from the user
  • Make use of numbers whenever possible

Some of the most common CTA examples would be ‘Register now’, ‘Shop today for a 20% discount’, ‘Click here’, etc.

Final thoughts:

 This multibillion-dollar Cannabis industry is exploding with new products in a plethora of fields. Only those businesses that realize the importance of digital marketing and SEO would survive in this cut-throat competition.

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