Six Things You Can Do To Make Someone Happy

Six Things You Can Do To Make Someone Happy

Across the globe, different individuals carry out numerous activities or experience various events that could be positive or negative. Some need a little love, a little kindness, or some help, while others just need to feel that they are not alone. M It does not have to be a big help or an inconvenience to try and put a smile on someone’s face. There are little things you can do sincerely to light up other individuals.

  1. A Word Of Encouragement

Encouraging others tells them that you see them and are not alone in anything they are going through. A simple word of encouragement or mindful cards for adults who are probably going through a breakup or have a loved one admitted to the hospital can go a long way to lift their spirit and make them hopeful. Encouragement gives hope to the hopeless or broken, alongside someone stressed out.

  1. A Genuine Compliment

Sometimes, individuals need to hear a good compliment, especially when it is something they put some effort into. For instance, if Miss B got her hair done and it looks good with her outfit, you can simply tell her how much you love her hair or how she looks beautiful. Or you can ask her where she got her outfit. A sincere compliment about someone’s effort goes a long way to boost that person’s confidence.

  1. Give A Positive Suggestion Or Good Advice

If a friend is indecisive and is struggling with a mental battle or the decision to take, whether it is a big issue that is life-threatening or a simple one like an outfit to go on a date, try to be as genuine as possible. Even if they are leaning towards a bad decision, give them good reasons to look at other options.

  1. A Simple Hug

Believe it or not, a simple hug can make someone or help them feel better. If you find your co-worker secretly crying in her area, or you find a stranger sitting sadly in a corner, you could walk up to that person and give a hug. It also shows that you see them and hope they feel better.

  1. Listen

This is very important as many people are looking for a way to let out pent-up anger, pain, and frustration. They need a person that would let them vent without interrupting or trying to fix things. Sitting to listen to someone share a burden can make them feel better and relieved.

  1. Share A Funny Story Or An Inspirational Post

You can send a funny story to your friends on WhatsApp to give them a good laugh or share an inspirational post on your social media for individuals worldwide to see and be positive.


A person does not have to do extraordinary things to show kindness. Little actions that show your good intention are enough to bring a smile to someone’s face. You can smile at the waitress in a restaurant or start a small conversation with a guy who feels alone. It will go a long way.

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