The government of Canada has made a big move today regarding the coronavirus COVID-19. The minister of education will close any school that has been caught with a case of coronavirus in their establishment.

This is a huge move from the government since it’s a sign that coronavirus might strike hard Canada and North America. Many schools have announced their willingness to close their door, even if no cases were found to make sure that the children and teenagers will be safe.

Many schools from around Quebec will be closed for the next few days and weeks. Montreal, Monteregie, Quebec City, Estrie, Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentians, Ontario and many more.

Currently, all the schools in Ontario will remain closed until April 5. No other update has been given by the government of Canada.

Many people here in Canada are getting scared and package all the food they can find in stores. Many videos and pictures are already on the internet about how empty store shelf is getting everywhere in the country.

This shows the impact this virus could be on our lives. We are currently waiting for more information from the Canadian government for updates. You can check at this link to see if the school of your children will be closed in Quebec or Ontario.

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