If you’re looking for constant inspiration when preparing your food, you’ll be familiar with a few food blogs that have great ideas. But sometimes you get to a point where you’re looking for something a bit different.

So here we have identified for you the top 25 food blogs of the following categories:

  1. Top 5 Vegan Food Blogs
  2. Top 5 Vegetarian Food Blogs
  3. Top 5 Middle Eastern Food Blogs
  4. Top 5 European Food Blogs
  5. Top 5 African Food Blogs

Top 5 Vegan Food Blogs you should check:

For good vegan recipes that will refresh your food routine, take a look at some of the following vegan food blogs:

  1. Minimalist Baker (minimalistbaker.com)

It doesn’t really matter how good you are at cooking, Minimalist Baker caters for any and all eaters, but specifically vegans. It offers quick and easy recipes that have 10 or fewer ingredients and takes half an hour or less to prepare. If you only want to use one bowl, follow Minimalist Baker for simple vegan recipes on social media.

  1. Vegan Richa (veganricha.com)

Managed by the award-winning blogger, photographer and recipe developer, Richa Hingle-Garg, the blog boasts with a wide range of simple recipes with step-by-step photos to simplify your cooking experience. She’s been featured on a variety of other blogs which includes Oprah’s, Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan, so you can be sure that this blog will have you conjuring up mouth-watering meals in no time!

  1. The Post Punk Kitchen (theppk.com)

What began as a cooking show 20 years ago has evolved into a community-based recipe-sharing resource and now it features primarily vegan recipes by self-taught chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She has more than 30 years of experience and has a heart for the social aspect of cooking. For simple recipes that are easy to pull off and have been approved by the community, follow the Post Punk Kitchen for some brilliant ideas!

  1. Healthy Happy Life (healthyhappylife.com)

Managed by Kathy Patalsky, Healthy Happy Life is a lifestyle blog with a bit more to offer than just-food. However, for today, we’re focusing on the recipe section of the blog, which offers a variety of categorized plant-based vegan recipes. Whether you want to easily access all breakfast recipes or if you’re looking for something more specific like soups or salads, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for on Healthy Happy Life!

  1. The Vegan 8 (thevegan8.com)

If you’re looking for simplicity when it gets to cooking vegan meals, The Vegan 8 has your back! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or an experienced chef, your taste buds will be impressed with some of the decadent desserts the author Brandi conjures up. The Vegan 8 will make sure all your friends are impressed with your cooking — whether they’re vegan or not!

Top 5 Vegetarian Food Blogs

  1. 101 Cookbooks (101cookbooks.com)

When the author, Heidi, realized that she had accumulated nearly 101 cookbooks in her life, she realised that she needs to stop buying recipes and start cooking. The site focuses mostly on natural, whole foods and all recipes are vegetarian, many are vegan and many are whole foods plant-based.

The blog has been featured in many newspapers and has even won some awards. Tantalize your taste buds by cooking with 101 Cookbooks.

  1. Archana’s Kitchen (archanaskitchen.com)

Archana’s kitchen was founded by its author, Archana Doshi in 2007 and after 13 years it is one of the leading recipe and food discovery websites available. Besides for some amazing vegetarian recipes, the site offers more to its visitors like meals plans and specials diets for diabetics, lunch boxes and dinner ideas and party menus. Head over to Archana’s kitchen today for your fill of healthy vegetarian recipes!

  1. Veg Recipes of India (vegrecipesofindia.com/)

Veg Recipes of India is exactly what its name implies, purely vegetarian recipes that are of (mostly) Indian descent, although there are some World Cuisine Recipes available too. The recipes are relatable, easy to understand and simplified with step-by-step pictures and sometimes even videos.

The blog is managed by the couple Amit and Dassana, who tests all recipes in their own kitchen first. Hop over the Veg Recipes of India for some spicy new ideas!

  1. Easy Cheesy Vegetarian (easycheesyvegetarian.com)

Author Becca tries to cater to a variety of people, so if you’re a new vegetarian looking for some easy recipes; a long-time vegetarian looking for inspiration or a meat-eater who either wants to cut down on your meat intake or is already doing so, Easy Cheesy Vegetarian can help you out. For simple recipes that aren’t too challenging, with ingredients that aren’t hard to find, follow Easy Cheesy Vegetarian today!

  1. Cook Republic (cookrepublic.com)

Cook Republic’s author Sneh lives in Australia and created by blog over the course of the last 15 years. The site offers a fresh collection of weekly recipes that are almost exclusively vegetarian and most of them gluten-free too.

Because of her love for Mediterranean food, she sneaks in a seafood recipe here and there. However, the recipes are focused around family gatherings, work lunches and weeknight dinners, offering you easy to make vegetarian recipes of your choosing.

Top 5 Middle Eastern Food Blogs

  1. Sweet Pillar Food (sweetpillarfood.com)

Boasting a collaboration between Nadia and Deana, Sweet Pillar Food offers simple Mediterranean recipes with a strong Syrian influence. Categorized into various categories like Baby Food, Entrées, From Scratch and Weekly Menu, the blog is sure to provide you with just what you need. Follow Sweet Pillar Food for authentic Mediterranean meals!

  1. Arabic Food (arabic-food.blogspot.com)

Enjoy authentic Middle Eastern / Arabic food recipes that include influences from Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan and Palestine. For a variety of main dishes, soups, pastries, salads, desserts and more, make sure to follow Arabic Food for endless options!

  1. Feast in the Middle East (feastinthemiddleeast.wordpress.com)

In 2010 Blanche Shaheen, an Arab-American television host and reporter switched to hosting her own cooking show where she shared ancient recipes that were preserved by her forefathers. These heirloom recipes were carried over from one generation to the next orally until Blanche decided to document the recipes first in a cookbook and then a blog. For truly authentic Middle Eastern recipes that vibrate with history, follow Feast in the Middle East!

  1. Zaatar and Zaytoun (zaatarandzaytoun.com)

Not for the faint-hearted, Zaatar and Zaytoun are all about maintaining good food standards and achieving goals. This site avoids cutting corners but still values simplicity, meaning that there’s no unnecessary fuss to be found. Most recipes require slow cooking and some complicated cooking.

Zaatar and Zaytoun have extensive experience between the two of them, which makes this site perfect for the more experienced and accomplished Middle Eastern cook.

  1. Chef in Disguise (chefindisguise.com)

Authored by Sawsan, an orthodontist by day and passionate food explorer by night, Chef in Disguise boasts with rich, healthy recipes focusing on fruits and vegetables that make use of seasonal and fresh ingredients.

The site offers authentic Middle Eastern, Levantine and Arabic recipes, some traditional and some reworked with a bit of modern flair. For experimental, but tasty Middle Eastern cuisine, follow Chef in Disguise today!

Top 5 European Food Blogs

  1. Sugar Pink Food (latoyah.co.uk)

The award-winning food blog Sugar Pink Food is created by Latoyah and is well-known for its food, drink and lifestyle blog. The blog shares easy recipes that are healthy and perfect for cooking at home with the family.

Latoyah likes offering her readers more than just recipes, so she categorizes her recipes in life-improving categories such as “Slimming Recipes” featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, with snacks, sandwiches and even instant pot recipes; and “Meal Plans” that help you prepare your food in line with your workout programme. For healthy, European meals that are easy to make in your own home, follow Sugar Pink Food.

  1. Italian Kiwi (italiankiwi.com)

Author Lisa says her passion for Italian food started 20 years ago in a small restaurant in Italy and this experience opened up a whole new world of food. She grew up on a sheep farm, which taught her how to use fresh produce off the farm and cook from scratch.

Her recipes are filled to the brim with enthusiasm and excitement and she loves to experiment with new flavours and cuisines, characterised by an unmistakable Italian influence.

  1. Baking Queen 74 (bakingqueen74.co.uk)

To create time in a busy schedule of a working mom’s day, Lucy decided to start blogging her slow cooking recipes to help other moms out there create delicious meals without taking time away from their families.

The blog is filled to the brim with baking recipes and slow cooker meals, including cake recipes and family dinners. Categorised for easy access, the Baking Queen 74 will have you sorting dinner in no time so that you can get back to doing what really matters!

  1. Deliciously Ella (deliciouslyella.com)

After being diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, author Ella found herself having to make numerous changes to her diet for the benefit of her health. This saw the birth of Deliciously Ella, a lifestyle blog focused on helping you live better.

The blog boasts with healthy plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert with a strong emphasis on vegetables. For healthy alternatives that give your immune system a bit of a boost, follow Deliciously Ella today.

  1. Eat Like a Girl (eatlikeagirl.com)

Niamh is the Irish author of the food blog Eat Like a Girl and although she also frequently visits up class restaurants for new inspiration, most of the recipes on the blog are her own creations with heavy British influences.

If you love cooking at home, you’ll be happy to hear that Eat Like a Girl offers a wide variety of recipes ranging from breakfast, to lunch boxes to dinner and including snacks and desserts. Some dishes are even gluten-free, which testifies of the health consciousness of the blog.

Top 5 African Food Blogs

  1. 9ja Foodie (9jafoodie.com)

The author Ronke Edoho is of Nigerian descent and her recipes are firmly rooted in deep African traditions, although she has added a modern flair to them. Although many traditional African recipes can appear complicated, Ronke tries to simplify the recipes and improve the well-being of her readers by publishing simple recipes that are wholesome and offer better nutrition. For a strong African influence in your healthy diet, follow 9ja Foodie today!

  1. Drizzle and Drip (drizzleanddip.com)

Sam Linsell is a passionate cook from Cape Town, South Africa who quit the corporate lifestyle a decade ago and rebuilt her life around food creativity. She is now a professional food stylist and photographer and recipe developer, seeing as cooking and baking have always been her favourites.

Her recipes smack of South African goodness and incorporate various taste influences typical from the region. For a modern South African food experience, follow Drizzle and Drip today!

  1. Nigerian Lazy Chef (nigerianlazychef.com)

With an unconventional name like that you can imagine that the author, Nma is a quirky person. She’s apparently been pretty lazy since she was a child and has incorporated this laziness into some African cooking recipes shared by her mother.

With a strong Nigerian influence, the site celebrates food, Africa and yes, laziness. So, if you’re looking for easy and simple African recipes that will still make a good impression as an end-product, follow the Lazy Nigerian Chef today.

  1. The Food Fox (thefoodfox.com)

Ilse van der Merwe, the author of the Food Fox is from South Africa and has her fingers in a few pies, so to speak. Dabbling between cooking, writing and music management, she always finds herself coming back to food.

She shares some typical South African recipes with a modern twist that speaks volumes of the culture and heritage of the Afrikaans people of Southern Africa. Follow The Food Fox today for a typical African Afrikaans food experience!

  1. Anina’s Recipes (aninas-recipes.com)

This particular food blog describes itself as a recipe portal and Anina Meyer from Cape Town, South Africa, shares all her recipes on cooking from scratch. Making use of the fresh produce the mother city offers, she combines quality ingredients to create the most tasteful flavours and aromas typical to the region.

The recipes are all simple and easy to make, seeing as she prepares them herself in her own home.

If you are still looking for more food blog, Fonsly or Fominy are two amazing food bloggers.

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