Prime Minister of Canada Close the Canadian Border – Coronavirus covid-19 updates

Today March 16, 2020, the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has announced that all travellers that don’t have their Canadian citizenship or permanent resident will be refused to enter Canada.

This measure is one of the many ones that have been taken recently to counter the epidemic of Coronavirus that threat the earth at this moment. Canada has not been saved from the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 over the past week. These steps will be a major one for the business and commerce all around Canada.

Trudeau said that transports of goods will not be affected yet. Canada will still accept goods to make sure every Canadian will have everything they need. The virus has greatly frightened Canadians over the past months. Several thousand people strip the groceries store hoping to make provisions for the hard times.

Currently, there’s no update if Canadian will be able to enter the country over the next week, but this is probably the next step. Trudeau asked a few times in the past to every Canadian to come back to the country.

Everybody that has a sign of coronavirus will also be refused to enter Canada. This step is the most important step after closing the school and activities centre all around Canada.

The worker at the airport and in the planes will take some measure to see any sign of infection based on the information from the Canadian government. The crews will inspect and check the people that have signs of infection and take the necessary action.

The government of Canada will pay the costs of staying abroad while the epidemic stops. The government will help any Canadian traveller to come back now with providing financial assistance to help them with the travel costs or the fee for staying outside the country.

Trudeau has been clear that Canada will do everything they can to keep their resident and people inside Canada safe. The government will help any Canadian that need help with costs to stay outside Canada until their symptoms are gone.

At March 18, 2020, only 4 airports will accept travellers from outside the country. Those airports are at Pearson in Toronto, Pierre Elliott Trudeau at Montreal, International Airport of Calgary and Vancouver International Airport.

Other airports will be closed to any traveller until other updates.

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